List of photographs in the Review of the Guernsey Society 1974-1976

8th March 2024



Spring 1974. Vol. XXX (1) Fig. 1. The late Sir William Arnold, Bailiff of Guernsey 1960-1973. (Reproduced by kind permission of the Guernsey Press Company.) See Vol. XXIX, p. 68.

Fig. 2. The weighbridge, St Peter Port, after the German raid, June 28, 1940. See Vol. XXIX, p. 80.

Fig. 3. The Reverend Daniel Alfred Moullin, 1819-1889. (From a photgraph kindly lent by Mrs D Davies). See Vol. XXIX, p. 71.

Fig. 4. John MacCulloch, MD, FRS, 1773-1835. Photo kindly lent by Captain Johnston-Saint of the painting by B R Faulkner in the possession of the Royal Society. See Vol. XXIX, p. 74.

Fig. 5. Mr Jean Regnier, in his 80s. See p. 16. From a photograph kindly lent by Mrs Duchemin.

Fig. 6. Le Moulin de Haut, Castel. The house where Mr and MRs H W Fowler lived for a few years. From a photograph kindly lent by Mr and Mrs D Williams, the present owners.

Fig. 7. In Candie Gardens. From a photograph by Mr R W Payne.

Fig. 8. A thatched cottage in Pleinheaume, Vale. From a photogrpah taken by Mr S M Henry in 1954.

Summer 1974. Vol. XXX (2). Fig. 9. St Sampson;s HArbour, from a photograph taken by Miss E L Wood a few years ago.

Fig. 10. Our youngest member. Timothy James De Lisle Searle, born 26 March, 1974, with his mother. Mrs Janet Searle, nee Le Tissier.

Fig. 11. The Irish stall held at a bazaar in Saumarez Park in 1907. Miss Vera Carey can be seen, wearing a hat, fourth from the left. From a photogrpah kindly lent by Mr T  F Priaulx.

Fig. 12. The escape from Castle Cornet by John Brehaut. See p. 51.

Winter 1974. Vol. XXX (3). Fig. 13. Guernsey elms in a hedgerow, St Saviour. This tree increases by suckering. Photo: Carel Toms.

Fig. 14. Magnolia campbellii at Caledonia Nursery, Guernsey. Photo: Carel Toms.

Fig. 15. A sketch by John Brehaut in 1989 of Mrs C Renault at the top of the steps to the ARcade, ST Peter Port. From a photograph kindly lent by Miss E L Wood.

Fig. 16. Frederick Corbin Lukis, 1788-1871. Photograph by Grut from a daguerrotype belonging to Eric Lukis.


Spring, 1975. Vol. XXXI (1). Fig. 1. An excursion car about 1890. The young man on the front seat is John Ferdinand Wolfe. Perhaps readers may recognise their own relatives. From a photograph kindly lent by Mrs W Collins.

Fig. 2. Cottages near Port du Moullin, Sark. A sketch made in 1841 about the time that R J Spiers would have seen the island.

Fig. 3. Coming up from the harbour at Sark, probably in the 1930s.

Fig. 4. Fishermen's shed, Saints Bay. From a sketch by John Brehaut in 1890.

Summer 1975. Vol. XXXI (2). Fig. 5. Old Torteval Church in 1793. From a painting by Joshua Gosselin kindly lent by Geoffrey Gosselin, who regrets that the delicate colouring of the original is lost in black and white. The present church had its foundation stone laid by Sir John Doyle in 1816.

Fig. 6. Theatricals in Elizabeth College in 1893. The young ladies are named as Miss Boston, Miss Connie Hawtrey, Miss de Havilland, Mary Carey, Miss Metcalfe. From a photgrpah kindly lent by Mrs Ingham, nee Tupper-Carey.

Fig. 7. William Henry Balliol Moullin as an undergraduate at Oxford about 1864.

Fig. 8. Mr Ian Scott-Hill, Director of British Airways-Channel presents the Bailiff with a model of the Sea Eagle flying baot. This flying boat was first used for commercial flights to Guernsey in 1924.

Winter 1975. Vol. XXXI (3). Fig. 9. One of the satinwood elbow chairs made for Daniel Tupper of Hauteville House at hte end of the 18th century (see p. 83) and now in teh Victoria and Albert Musuem. (c) V & A 

Fig. 10. Bonamy House, St James Street. St Peter Port befor ethe room over hte proch was enlarged and a ;larger rounded window was added. From a photogrpah kindly lent by Miss M G MBonamy Collings (see p. 80).

Fig. 11. The drawing room at Bonamy House before the last war, showing the smaller room usually shut off by folding doors. The mirror reflects part of th e greenhouse. From a photogrpah kindly lent by Miss M G MBonamy Collings. (See p. 80).

Fig. 12. The Duke of Edinburgh at the British Embassy in Costa Rica in March 1975, speaking to Miss Laura Lyon. Lord Rupert Neville holds the watercolour picture of the red amaryllis which Miss Lyon presented to the Duke.


Spring 1976. Vol. XXXII (1). Fig. 1. Ploughing contest at Vimeira. Two shires pulling a modern plough.

Fig. 2. La Grande Tchene. Note the oxen nearest the plough.

Fig. 3. La Tchérue guernesiaise (diagram).

Fig. 4. An unfinished sketch of Rozel in Mount Durand done from Havelet in the early years of the 19th century by Thomas Carey (1780-1853), who built the house in 1804, shortly after his marriage to Mary, daughter of Peter Le Mesurier of Alderney. There is a Moss print of Rozel done of a number of years later when the trees had grown up. There is now a verandah on the side shown. The house is now owned by the Dowager Lady Wimborne, who has made a bautiful garden round it. The sketch was kindly lent by Mrs Ingham, nee Tupper-Carey.