List of residents of Alderney who sheltered French priests 1792-3

The names of the Alderney people have been extracted and normalised.

From lists drawn up by Pierre-Bernard Lefebvre in his Memoirs of his seeking refuge in Alderney.

Grande-Rue: Lorani, [Nicolas] Le Cocq, Jean Ollivier, the widow Gaudion, the widow Le Masson

Rue Bourgage: Jean Gauvain, Simon Gauvain, Pierre Le Sauvage, Pierre Pezet

Au bas de la Grande-Rue: Michel Gaudin

Petite-Rue: Jean Le Barbenson, Le Cocq, Laurent Bot, Lucas Houguette, Every, Pierre Le Barbenchon [Barbenson], Jean Audoire, Betté Herivel 'chez Betty',

Le Coin: Thomas Ollivier, also Le Coin des Eca[i]lles: Nicolas Ollivier, Madame the widow Ollivier, 'la mère des prêtres'. Thomas Ollivier first ran his house as an inn, but it became known as the 'English Church' to the British inhabitants, and le meeting to the Auregnais; it was here that services in English were conducted (when someone English could be found to read the prayers out) until 1789, when the ceiling of the salle fell in, and forced the congregation to move to the newly-constructed Methodist chapel.

Opposite the Rectory: Mr Gauvain

Opposite Government House, or mare de Bordeaux: Mr Robin

Le Hurel or Petit-Rue: Captain François Bot, Jacques Ollivier, Thomas Le Cocq

La Venelle-aux-Simons: Edward Simon

La Trigale: Thomas Simon, Samuel Le Cocq, the Misses Ollivier, Jacques Gaudion, Pierre Gauvain

Rue Hauteville: Madame Gosselin, Edward Gauvain

Rue Saint-Martin: Jean Audry, Nicolas Le Lièvre, the widow Langlois, Henry Le Barbenson, Jean Pezet, Mathurin Blondel, carpenter

Mare Jean-Bot: Samuël Smith, Samuël Bot, Margueritte Hougette

Rue de Gros-Nez: Jean Nicole, carpenter, Henry Regnault, barber

Rue Sauche[t]: Le Marquand, Pierre Le Cocq

Venelle Colin Le Ber: Marie Duplain, widow Rivel

La Venelle Jeanette: Jean Tourtelle

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