Manuscripts 1309-1464

15th September 2015

List of the contents of the bound volume entitled only MSS 1309-1464. The transcriptions are by various hands, and mostly appear to be late 17th century. The individual documents are in Latin or French and most have been published elsewhere.

p. 1 = (M 9 d Ass. Rolls 1309 p. 69) with a commentary at end concerning differences between Jersey & Guernsey, and details concerning legal process of abjuration of islands.

pp. 5-6 Robert de Scardeburgh, Jersey, concerning the jurats (1331). (See Second Report of Commissioners, 1848, p. 300.)

p. 7 = pp. 63 ff. of Ass. Rolls 1309. Robert, Bishop of Coutances, 'The King sues,' &c. There is an extra section, p. 8 in MSS book, then begins (M 8 d Ass. Rolls) 'Et Willelmus dicit.' Dates are added (relevant years).

p. 10. William Dumaresq for King, v. Bishop of Coutances re Sark; v. Abbot of Blanchelande re St Martin's Guernsey; v. Abbot of Blanchelande re St Lawrence; v. Bishop of Coutances, whether islands used to be diocese of Exeter. (See Ass. Rolls for para. 1, p.11; for para. 2, p. 76; for para. 3, p. 11; for para. 4, p. 52; for para. 5, pp. 63 and 79.)

p. 11. Ordinationes et praecepta, c. 1324. Henry Spigournel and William of Denon, justices. Laws for Guernsey, concerning jurats, butchers, millers, taverners, bakers, &c. Mentioned by Ferdinand Brock Tupper in his History, p. 64 (73). See Second Report as above, p. 301.

pp. 17-20. Receuil concernant L'Isle de Guernesey fait par Jean Dittoune et Jean de Frengsinfell, Justiciers, en leur voyage aux Isles sur la recherche & Inspection des anciens Records avec Information des Notaires et Tabillions appostoliques residans en la dite isle. [See Library collection of documents under seal for another (or the same) copy.]

This paper was given me by Mr Charles Andros, Seigneur d'Anneville & was translated from a Latin copy of 12 November 1545 for Thomas Fashion then Seigneur d'Anneville. Fresingfield & Ditton were sent to Guernsey 2nd Ed[ward] 2nd 1309.

p. 23 Deed under seal. Thomas de la Court, Bailiff, under the noble Duke of Gloucester, Lord of the Isles. Olivier le Feyvre, Nicholas de Sausmares, Thomas Blondel and John de Garrys, jurats. John Phillips, receiver. Salaries of the officers and pensioners of the Governor in Guernsey. Other duties &c of the Receiver. 1439. [In margin: 'I have this under seal.']

p. 24. Deed under seal. Denis Le Marchant, Seneschal of the Court of the Priory of St Michel du Valle. Martin Sauvary, as procureur and attorney of the officers of the said Court, against John Philippe. Receiver of the Lord of the Isles (Duke of Gloucester) and of Court de Valle. Rights and duties of Vavassors, chevauchée &c. 9 July 1439.

p. 26. From the collection of Thomas de Soulemont, Jerseyman, made 1533 and 1535.

J Pits (?) p. 733 mentions him as one of the first Geographers and Antiquaries after the beginning of Hen 8./[Note infra] He is called Sulmo or Sulamanus or Soulimotes & saide to be of Guernsey but he was of Jersey where there are yet some of his name. He dyed att London anno dom. 1545.

Anno xii Ed III 1338: Ex antiquis monumentis in Thesaurio et Scriviis Domini Regis Angliae.

Notes on John de Roches; capture of Guernsey by the French in 1338; Otho de Grandison, &c.: 3 x memoranda re capture of Castle Cornet. Re the family of Otto de Grandison. Re the capture of castle in Jersey by Captain Floquet, who died in the undertaking.

p. 27. 

Thomas Soulemont of Jersey in his collections says that he 'received March 11 anno Dom. 1535 from Oliver Franklin Auditor and Receiver for the Countess of Salisbury a Rolle, of which this is the Coppy:'

Accounts of Thomas Guille, Receiver to the Earl of Warwick, Governor of the Isles. 1451/2. [See Rep. and Trans. Soc. Guern. 1923.]

p. 30. Notes on the Channel Islands.

Saxa ingentia in Jerseio vel J[e]rena appelantur Pocklayes et cum nonnulli eas effodissent in terra sub eis reperiunt urnas quasdam fictiles pictas et quibus cineres favillae unde putarim ea fuisse sepultura insignium olim virorum.

'There are huge stones in Jersey and Guernsey called Pocklayes and when people have excavated them they found in the ground beneath them clay urns, some with pictures on them and with ashes inside from which I have conceived the theory that these were the graves of important men in the past.'

p. 31. Discursion on the ancient names of the Channel Islands, relevant part of Antoninus' Itinerary.

p. 23. List of the Governors of Guernsey from 1061. Early part spurious. Ends with Lord Hatton.

p. 49. Orders for Guernsey by Sir Leonard Chamberlain 1554.

p. 55. Extracts from the Chief Pleas of Guernsey. 1581-1631.

p. 109. Approbation des lois.

p. 137. Copy of Order I Council of 11 March 1568, separating Guernsey from see of Coutances and attaching it to that of Winchester.

p. 142. Approbation des lois.

p. 167. Copy of Patent of Queen Elizabeth, granting Sark to Helier de Carteret, 1560.

p. 173. Copy of Letter of Privy Council, dated June 10 1582, to Sir Thomas Leighton re Sark; Letter of Sir Thomas Leighton to Philippe de Carteret re Sark.

p. 174. Orders set down by HM's Attorney general and Solicitor General for the governance of Sark and Ordinance accordingly.

p. 180. Copy of patent of James I to Philip de Carteret of island of Sark, dated 1611.

p. 183. Prohibition of Lord Hatton, dated 1664, to 'Le Juge et Jurés de l'Isle de Serk,' warning them not to do anything contrary to the Royal Letters Patent.

p. 201. Copy of Papal Bull of Sixtus V, 1483, granting neutrality to the Isles. [See also Library Collection of documents under seal, 1484, Rennes, from François I, Duke of Brittany.]

p. 207. Declaration of John Blondel, Bailiff, and Jurats, dated 5 January 1488, of the correctness of the Bull of 1483.

p. 208. Declaration of Clement Le Hardy, Bailiff of Jersey, dated 30 May 1492, re the same.

p. 209. Copy of the Placet de Bretagne.

p. 211. Copy of the Papal Bull of Alexander VI, dated 1496, transferring the islands from the see of Coutances to that of Salisbury. At foot: evidence that the islands, c 1309, were in the see of Exeter.

p. 212. Will of Rev John Ettur, drawn up 20 April 1462, proved 16 May 1462; Jean Cucuel & Clement Hacquebec executors, and copy of memorial inscription in St Martin's church where he was Rector. [Guille Le Carrey, Martin Gaygnon, Nicolas de Moullepy [de Mouilpied] and his wife Colette.]

p. 222. Extract from Philippe de Comines re the Grand Seneschal of Normandy; and concerning the capture of Jersey in 1461.

p. 223. Grant by the Duke of Bedford, Warden of the Isles, dated 1 September 1430, to Jean Lemprière, of the farm of the islands for three years, for 2400 saluts d'or.

Orders by Pierre de Brézé, Comte de Malevrier, (on-and-off Seneschal of Normandy) for Jersey, 3 November 1462.

p. 231. Caesarea, a Discourse by Poingdestre on Jersey. A 17th century copy.