Manuscripts belonging to Captain Le Messurier des Fontaines

11th January 2019

Transcribed by De Guérin in one of his black-bound notebooks (Staff): 'Various MSS 1500-1606.'

[Russell/Rosel family history from Wiffens House.]


I 26 November 1640 Letter under seal. Thomas Compton Bailiff. Nicolas Carey and John Martin jurats.  Pierre Le Prevost son of Pierre (SSav) sold  Thomas Lenfestey son of John (SSav) rents due to Le Prevost through the said Lenfestey’s wife, the daughter of Collas Rauff.

II 2 June 1551. Letter under seal. Baillif Helier Gosselin, jurats Pierre Martin, Nicolas Blondel, Johan Le Febvre. Against Johan Le Jeune (SA) of the contrée de la vyllaze [Villaize] in favour of Thomas Le Marchant son of Nicolas (SPP). Le Jeune to pay Le Marchant annual rent. Item. 20 November 1534 at Chief Pleas, Helier Gosselin Bailiff of their Majesties Philip and Mary, King and Queen of England, Pierre Martin, Johan Le Feyvre and Nicolas Martin, jurats. Against King’s Prevost representing debts of Edmond Effart (SA) in favour of Thomas Le Marchant son of Nicolas (SPP), judged to have the right to take from estate of said Effart annual rent, after Pierre Bonamy and Collas Houyvet (?) failed to provide the guarantee to the Prevost and claimed that they had made the offer by mistake &c

III June 1513. Letter under seal. Initials of James Guille Bailiff. Thomas de la Court and Nicholas de la Court, jurats. John Lenfestey son of Colin (SSav) and James Ozanne son of Lorans [Laurent Ozanne] and Guillot Ozanne son of Guillaume Ozanne and Olivier Le Gersies [Olivier Le Jersiais] (Castel) in right of their mothers, the daughters of the daughter (?might be wife) of John Lenfestey (SSav).

IV 7 January 1597 Letter under seal. Louis Devyck, Bailiff, Nicolas Martin and Pierre Beauvoir, jurats. Collas Filleul and Jean Filleul, brothers, sons of Michel Filleul (T), now of age as confirmed by a document signed by Nicolas Martyn Lieutenant-Bailiff, sold to Collas Vallepy [Valpy, Valpied] son of Collas (SSav) all the land that belonged to them in the island, in the right of their mother, Sussanne [Suzanne], the daughter of Jacquet Amfrey, viz: a courtil called La Paroesse at the end of the Courtil James Rougier to the south. Item two vergees of land in the courtil called Les Longs Bo[-]s, next to the courtil of Jean Le Messurier son of Jean, in the parish of SSav.  &c. Item (5 November 1604) Amice de Carteret, Ecuyer, Bailiff, Leonard Blondel and Helier Le Pelley, jurats.  Collas Vallepy son of Collas (SSav) ceded to James Rougier son of Jean (SSav) the estate he previously bought from the Filleul brothers, i.e. a courtil called La Paroesse bordering James Rougier’s courtil to the south and two verges of land in the courtil called Les Longs  [-] next to the courtil of Jean Le Messurier son of Jean.

V 25 February 1525. Letter under seal. Initials James Guille, Bailiff. James le Feyvre son of Colin and James Le Feyvre son of Nicolle [Note, EC: error, one of the James Le Feyvres was son of John], jurats. James Ossanne son of Laurens [James Ozanne son of Laurent Ozanne] and Guillaume Ozanne son of Guillaume of Le Villoc (Castel) sold to John Lenfestey son of Colin (SSav) (their parcener) all their inheritance from Johan de Moulpy [de Mouilpied] (SS) in right of [a woman] … of Guillaume Le Coffinot and of Andrye his sister &c

 VI 25 April 1517 Letter under seal. James Guille, Bailiff. Thomas  de Sausmares, Guillaume Le Marchant, Dominique Perrin, John de Garis, Nicolas de Rosel [Rozel], James Le Feuvre, Henry Biauvoer [Beauvoir], jurats. John Tourgis (SSav), guardian of his daughter Katherine, daughter of Girette Lenfestey, [Gilette], daughter of Thomas [his wife]. Relatives and neighbours testify that her house is dilapidated, he cannot maintain it, he seeks their kind permission to sell it to some respectable fellow ‘à quelque bonhomme;' the Bailiff then had the witnesses swear that this was for the good of the girl, they all agreed that it was to her great profit, and that it was all one lot, that Thomas Lenfestey, the father of his daughter’s mother, had bought from the wardens of the parish church of St Saviour, who themselves had taken it over when Johan Le Branque [Le Blanc(?)] alias (?) Le Goubey had not been able to pay a debt owing to the church before his death, and that the lot measured no more than 33 perches of land, or thereabouts. Then the Bailiff and jurats, after hearing the testimony of the relatives, neighbours and friends, gave Johan Tourgis permission, while keeping intact the rights of his ward, to sell the 33 perches of the house and three vergees of land lying to the west of it. Item. 6 August 1577. Johan Blondel and Henry Biauver jurats. Following the permission given to John Tourgis to sell the house and land belonging to his daughter and pupil as detailed above, Tourgis sold it at a parish meeting [par audience de paroisse] to Johan Lenfestey son of Colin (SSav) for a bushel of wheat rent payable to his ward &c. Item. Tourgis also sold to Johan Lenfestey three vergees of land, viz. Le Courtil de la Fontaine and Le Courtil de la Commune and Le Hurel de Haut and [Le Hurel] de Bas, assigned rents on Thomas de la Court son of John (SPP) and Pierre Le Prevost (SSav) &c. [Letter sewn on to letter above.] 1 February 1586 [ ?transcribed 1536, must be error]. In the presence of Johan Blondel , Seneschal of Fief de Longues, and Thomas Lohier and Nicolas Mouton, vavasours, Thomas de L’Ereye [Thomas de L'Eree] son of Collas (SSav) in right of his wife Catherine, the daughter of Johan Tourgis, that is, all … as had Johan Tourgis as the guardian of the said Catherine [sold] to Johan Lenfestey son of Colin of the said parish, as per the contents of a letter under seal that Lenfestey has in his possession, and Catherine swears under oath by the Holy Scripture &c. [Signatures]

VII 25 June 1546 Letter under seal. Johan Harivel, Bailiff, Pierre Martin and Johan Martin, jurats. Pierre Le Prevost son of Pierre (SSav) sold rent to Thomas Lenfestey (SSav) … Thomas Lenfestey owes to Pierre Le Prevost in right …. Of the inheritance from Thomas Lenfestey, the uncle of the said Thomas of the aforementioned parish …

VIII 3 November 1549. Letter under seal. Helier Gosselin, Bailiff, Johan Le Febvre and Pierre Henry, jurats. Pierres Le Pastourel and Novel Lyhou [Pierre Le Patourel and Noel Lihou], representing the Confraternity of Notre Dame, founded in the parish church of St Andrew, sold to Thomas Lenfestey son of Johan (SSav) rent from the assignation of Johan Allès, which the said Thomas Lenfestey owed to the Confraternity and thus is cleared. And this sale took place in order to buy guns and other weapons and defences for the guard, for the protection and safety of this island of Guernsey and to keep it loyal to the King of England, which impoverishes the said parish in that the parishioners are forced to seek large sums of money to buy these things, and more than they can provide …

IX 29 June 1613. Letter under seal. Sieurs William Le Marchant and Thomas Beauvoer, jurats. Pierre Lenfestey son of Jean (SSav) sold to his brother Collas Lenfestey (SPB) all his inheritance from his aunt Jouhanne Lenfestey, both land and rents, as follows … all situated …  in SPB, or in Torteval. The land in the hault de layte [Haut de Laitte(?)],which belongs to him. Item. A camp at La Hure Godefroy in the Fief de Beauval. Item. A piece à layte Revel running alongside the land belonging to the heirs of Philippin Gyallyenne [Gallienne] and the Rue Jean Le Gelley. Item. Two camps in an area called Rougevall, one within the land of the heirs of Marie Le Hurrey [Le Huray] and of the said Philippin Gallienne, and the other running alongside the [land of] the heirs of Philippin Gallienne and the heirs of Helier Le Clerck [Le Clerc]. Item. The Camp Traversain of the said Rougeval.

Price MSS in possession of Miss Dara White

I 29 January 1561. Letter under seal. Thomas Compton, Bailiff. Pierre Martin and Nicolas de Lisle, jurats. Johan Lucette son of Johan, freely sold all of a house and land in the Castel that he had bought from Guillaume Le Petit in right of his wife Jamette, the daughter of Collas Simon, to Collas Marquis son of Daniel.. The sale went ahead based on the condition that Jean Lucette had bought it from the said Le Petit and that Collas Simon, Le Petit’s father-in-law, had bought it from Thomas de Vick, son of Thomas, in right of his wife Jehenette, the daughter of Simon Etur, and in right of [Rommayne] Romaine Etur, daughter of the said Simon Etur, according to genuine letters under seal …

II 25 October 1608. Letter under seal. Amis de Carteret Ecuyer, [Bailiff], Jean Andros and Thomas Beauvoir, jurats. Pierre de France, son of Pierre, (SPB) (sic) in right of his wife Marie, Samuel Gagnepain in right of his wife Thomasse, and Jean de Saumarez son of Nicolas of the aforesaid Town of St Peter Port in right of his wife Jeanne, these ladies being the daughters of the late Jean Lucette, explained to us how Jean Lucette had bought from Mr Pierre Careye, son of Nicolas, of the aforesaid Town, a certain garden in SPP to the N of the Rouge Rue, between the house and garden o f Mr William Le Marchant son if Thomas in right of his mother, which used to belong to Nicolas de la Court in right of his wife, and the garden of Etienne Guillemotte son of Nicolas, running up to the Rue Forest, for ¾  wheat rent and 24 gros. Ceded rents to Careye &c. Rents assigned to Philippe Le Lacheur son of Jean (F) by James Le Lacheur son of Henry (F) at present living in SA. Item. On the heirs of Martin Navetell [Martin Naftel] son of Pierre (SA)

III 11 January 1581. Letter under seal. Guillaume de Beauvoir, Bailiff. Nicolas de Sausmares and Henry de Beauvoir, jurats. Martin Belyc [Blicq] son of Collas (SA) … sold to Jean Lucette son of John living in SPP … two courtils in SA of 4 vergees … near the mill-pond (lesclunze ) Corbin to the east, and called the courtil du Petit Foursquabet [Four Cabot?] .... courtil that belonged to …. Bonamy … and the other alongside the Jaonnière of the Feuqueryaulx [Feugriaux]

IV 6 May 1589. Letter under seal, [attached to above]. Louis de Vick, Bailiff. Jean Blondel, Edouard Le Feuvre, Pierre Beauvoir, James Le Feyvre and Pierre Careye, jurats. [Against] James Le Pastourell, guardian of Marie Belic daughter of Collas (SA), in favour of Jean Lucette concerning repurchase of part of estate of Martin Belic that he bought, based on a genuine letter under seal of 11 January 1581 [James Le Patourel]

V 19 June 1583 Letter under seal. Thomas Wygmore, Bailiff. John de la Court, Thomas Le Marchant, jurats. Thomas Prey [Pré] son of Pierre [SS] ceded to Jean Lucette son of John [SPP] … [house or land] that he bought from Collas Ozanne son of James (Castel) of the contrée du Praell &c

VI 27 May 1579. Letter under seal. Guillaume Beauvoir, Bailiff. John Blondel, Nicolas de Saumarez, Nicollas Trohardy and Johan de la Court, jurats. Against Johan de Moullepy [Jean de Mouilpied] in right of his wife, the daughter of Thomas Robert son of Jehannet, in favour of Thomas Robert son of Collas and parceners. De Mouilpied must allow Thomas Robert to enjoy the estate of James Robert in return for rent &c

VII 11 November 1595. Letter under seal of Fief Le Comte. Nicollas Mauger Seneschal, Thomas Agenor and Georges Guille, vavaseurs. Michiel de Gersy [Michel de Jersey] son of Collas (Castel) sold to Thomas Hubert son of James (SM) rent to be taken from the heirs of Collas Tyault the son of Pierre of Cobo (Caubo) in the Castel

IX 13 April 1612. Letter under seal. William Le Marchant and Eléazar Le Marchant, jurats. Samuel Gagnepain son of Nicollas (SPP) in right of his wife Thomasse daughter of Jean Lucette in her right of her mother, the daughter of Thomas --, sold to Guillaume Hubert, the son of the said Thomas (SM) a courtil in SM in an area called La Ville au Petit, alongside La Potellerie of Jean Bonamy son of Helier to the south &c

X 14 November 1607. Letter under Seal. Amis de Cartert Bailiff, William Le Marchant and Leonard Blondel, jurats. Denis Le Roux soon of Thomas, of the isle of Jersey, at the moment resident in [South] Hampton in England, representing his wife Marguerite, the daughter of Nicolas Quarye [Carey] [SPP] sold to Jean Nicolle son of Thomas [SPP] two courtils which have long been called Les Courtils de St Jacques in SPP, in the area known as St Jacques, the cemetery to the south and the courtils of Jean de Rossel [De Rozel] to the north, and coming out on to the Rue […]

 XI 11 June 1562. Letter under seal. Helier Gosselin, Bailiff, Pierre Henry and Richard Devyck [De Vic], jurats.  Johan De Beaugy in right of his wife, the daughter of Thomas Robert, sold to Collas De Bertrand son of Pierre a small courtil called La Mare Denis to the west of Collas Houyvet (SM) in an area called La Mare Denis

XII 9 April 1571. Letter under seal. Thomas Compton, Bailiff. John Blondel and Nicolas Le Mesurier, jurats. Johan Breton, in right of his wife the daughter of Collas Etur (Castel) ceded to Nicollas De Gersy [Nicolas De Jersey] son if Nicolas (SSav)  all right that the said Breton had in right of his wife (via the Chief Pleas of the lower parishes) to a rent from the estate of Etienne Lestournel son of Richard, that Lestournel had bought from James Etur son of Collas (Castel)

XVIII Letter under seal. Amice de Carteret, Bailiff, and André Harris and Eléazar Le Marchant. Thomas Guille son of Nicolas [SPP] owes Samuel Gagnepain son of Nicolas in right of his wife Thomasse, the daughter of Jean Lucette of the said Town. Guille assigns Gagnepain to take the rent from Mr Thomas de Beauvoir son of Pierre in right of his wife Marie, the daughter of Helier de la Court.

XIV Nicolas de Rozel, Lieutenant of James Guille, Bailiff and to the King of England in the Islae of Guernsey, greetings. February 27 (?) 1535. James Le Feivoir [Le Feuvre] and Nicolas de la Court, jurats. James Guille son of Nicollas [SPP], Warden of the Town Church, sold to Sire Johan Durant, priest, native of Normandy, in the presence of the bourgeois et paroissiens of SPP,  an orchard to the south of the Pierre de Livreuse [L’Hyvreuse], which formerly belonged to Thomas Le Gales [Thomas Le Gallez] of about a vergee, on condition that within a period of five years Durant builds a small house and will maintain the trees and will not sell it &c

XV 5 November 1605. Letter under seal. Inerticance court of lower parishes of 5 November 1605. William Le Marchant, Lieutenant of Amys de Carteret, Bailiff.  George Guille. Pierre Brehault, Nicollas Careye, jurats. Against Samuel Gagnepain, purchaser of [rent] from Collas Etur son of James, and this in right of his mother, Michelle Le Lorreur, and his parceners, in favour of Jean Devyck, attorney to Mr Thomas Foachinf d’Enneville; retraite on Samuel’s purchase from Collas Etur

XVI 8 April 1603. Letter under seal. Amys de Carteret, Bailiff, William Le Marchant and Nicolas Mrtin, jurats. Helier Le Pelley, son of Pierre (SPP) sold to Henry Macham of England at present residing in Guernsey, a pièce of land in SPP in an area known as the Pan des Maresqs to the south of the Chateau des Maresqs] [Chateau des Marais] and to the east of the land that belonged to  Guille du Port. The pièce contains 30 perches and used to belong to Jenette Le Hurey [Le Huray]. Rent partly assigned by Le Pelley to Macham to pay to Louis Devick son of Laurens (SPP) &c

XVII Letter under seal. Thomas Compton, Bailiff. 24 February 1531. [Note on MSS: TC did not become Bailiff untl 1538]. Henry Beauvoir and Nicolas De la Court, jurats. Thomas Conelle (?) son of Richard of the parish of St Michel de dehors la Valle owes James Gagnepain, son of James (SPP), … rent on a courtil near the Mare de Carteret next to a courtil called the courtil Des Gossez, a road running alongside it going to the said Mare to the west

XIX Letter under seal. Amice Andros, Ec., Seigneur de Saumarez and Bailiff, Jean and Elizée de Saumarez, jurats. A letter was put before the Court , of which the tenor was (1 August 1651): Henry King, from England, and his wife Marie, the daughter of the late Samuel Gagnepain of SPP, sold to Samuel Gagnepain, the brother of the said Marie, a garden in the area of L’Ivreuze to the south of a pièce belonging to Sieur Pierre Gosselin near to L’Hyvreuse mill and [to] the east of a certain garden belonging to the said purchaser, who had previously bought it from the late Mr Jean De Quetteville in right of Dame Colette Effart his wife, and to the west of the courtil belonging to the heirsof the late Edward Gagnepain … rent assigned to be taken by the couple from Thomas Henry son of Pierre (V)

XX Letter under seal. 2 February 1603. Amice De Carteret, Ec., Bailiff. George Guille, Leonard Blondel and Nicolas Le Feyvre, jurats. Nicolas Hubert son of Thomas (SPP) sold rent to Samuel Gagnepain son of Nicolas (SPP). Nicolas Hubert assigned Samuel Gagnepain to take the rent from  Georgette Tyault, the daughter of Collas (Castel) at present living in SS at the Landes du Marché …

[XXI] 25 November 1620. Letter under seal of the court of Fief St Michel. Mr Pierre Careye Seneschal, Pierre La Perre and Jean Tirel, vavasours. Jean Bailleul, son of James (Castel) sold to Collas Martin son of Pierre (Castel) a courtil in the area called Les Landes du Marché, called Le Long Courtil, running up from the west to the land of Collas Martin and sharing a border with the furze brake of Guillemine Ozanne, the daughter of Pierre Ozanne of the Villoc, towards the north .. rent assigned by Martin to be taken from first: Jean Henry son of Raulin. Item. [from] Jean Le Pettevin [Le Poidevin] of Les Landes. Item. [from] Jean Girard son of Guillaume &c

XXII Will of Samuel Gagnepain 1688.

XXIII Letter under seal. 13 August 1628. Amice de Carteret, Bailiff. Messieurs Jean Fautrart and Pierre Gosselin, jurats. Samuel Gagnepain son of Samuel (SPP) sold to Michel Guignon son of Thomas (SM) at present resident in SPP, a house, barn, orchards and stackyard which used to belong to James Vaudin, with three courtils, in SPP in the contrée of St Jacques to the west of the Cemetery of St Jacques and to the south of the courtil Jean de Rozel, and running alongside the road which leads to the Rohais. Assigned rent to paid to Nicolas Le Pelley of Mont Durant in right of his late mother Elizabeth de Sausmarez and Mr Nicolas Effart, minister, living in Jersey &c

XXIV Letter under seal. Guillaume Beauvoir, Bailiff. John de la Court and Henry Beauvoir, jurats. Martin Belych [Martin Blicq] son of Collas (SA) sold to Martyn Navetele [Martin Naftel] son of Pierre (SA) a little animal shed with a garden next to it, in the Fief L’Evesque (SA) in the contrée des Bailleuls to the SW of the Fontaine of that contrée,  which escheated from James Noullin son of Vincent &c

XXV 9 October 1544. Letter under seal. Thomas Compton Bailiff, Nicolas Careye and Nicolas de Lisle, jurats. Pierre Du Fro [Du Frocq] son of Jacques (Castel) as he has come of age, with the agreement of Jean Etur, the attorney for the said Pierre, sold to Collas Guillebert [Guilbert] and to Jehanne his wife  a quy plus vyn[d]ra plus tyendra, viz, the house that belonged to Collas Du Fro[cq], the uncle of the said Pierre to the east of the Grand Maresc in the Castel,. Item. The courtil lying to the NW of the said house adjoining the said courtils. Item. The two Courtils de Vacheulx which belonged to Pierre Martell (?) father of the mother of the said Pierre du Fro[cq] to the NW od the said house, to the south of a courtil called Le Dovall which belonged to Philippin Etur .. assigns Collas Guillebert to pay rent. Item. To Collas Le Vylcheulx in right of his mother, daughter of Jean Nicolle, son of Collyn. Item. To the heirs of John Davy (SSav). Item. To the heirs of John Henry. Item. To Dominique Perrin. Item. To the wardens of the Castel Church . Item. To the Confraternity of the said parish. Item. To Guillaume Ozanne of the Preale [Préel]. Item. To Thomasse daughter of Collas De Lisle &c.

XXVI 17 November 1735. Letter under seal. Eléazar Le Marchant Esq. Seigneur du Fief Le Compte, Lieutenant to Josué Le Marchant, Esq., Bailiff of Guernsey … in the presence of Messr Jean Andros and Perre Carey, jurats. Sale by Nicolas Ferbrache and Jeanne Le Fillastre, his wife, to Sieur Thomas Hopin son of Pierre of this parish and Clos du Vale, of a house and garden and a quay situated at Glategny in the parish of SPP, for the sum of 11 quarters 2 bushels of wheat rent, which sum he assigns the said Hopin to pay yearly, to Jean Pallot 7 bushels. Item. To the Wardens of the Church of St Peter Port. Item. To Rachel Naftel daughter of Thomas. Item. To the heirs of Mr Jean Tapper, by the mortgage of Dame Marthe De Quetteville. Item. To Elie Le Page of this Town. Item. To Mr Thomas Le Marchant son of William purchaser of Mr Josue Gosselin son of Pierre [in English]

XXVII Letter under seal. Josué Le Marchant Bailiff. Jean De Havilland and Laurens Fiott jurats. An extract of an Act was taken from the records of which the tenor was as follows: (Chief Pleas d’Heritage 22 February 1742) before Monsieur the Lieutenant-Bailiff, with Messrs Pierre Careye son of Jean. Jean de Havilland, James De Beauvoir, William Le Marchant, and Laurens Fiott. Against Marie Tasker, the sister of the late William Tasker, she confirms the renunciation of the rents of her late brother to Thomas Price &c.

XXVIII 6 November 1751. Extract from the Ecclesiastical Court Registers of Guernsey. In the case of Thomas Allès and Nicolas Thoume, the Treasurers of the Church of St Martin, against Monsieur Julien Guillaume Godefroy, minister of the said parish, asking that he should explain why he took possession of a pew next to the pulpit of the said church, and thus prevented the public from sitting there as they had long done, against the rights of the residents of the said parish, and why he was heard by one of them to say that he would in future arrange to lock the said pew and prevent the public from sitting in it, when by an Act of 20 April last this case had been designated to be decided at a time when the parties could arrange to bring the witnesses they judged relevant and would pay their expenses.

XIX 18 February 1618. Amice de Carteret, Bailiff, Thomas de Beauvoir and Jean Bonamy, jurats. Zacharie Gagnepain son of Nicolas (SPP), seized of the estate of James Vaudin son of Charles because of unpaid rents due to him by right of the dowry of his wife, the dowager of Nicolas Mauger son of Thomas, which were due through inheritance to Mr Jean Perchard in right of his wife Anne, the daughter of the said Nicolas Mauger,  sold to his brother Samuel Gagnepain a house, barn, garden in SPP in the contrée of St Jacques. Zachary Gagnepain assigned his brother to pay the rents to Elizabeth, the daughter of the late Mr Nicolas de Sausmares.  Item. To Mr Thomas Beauvoir son of Pierre. Item. To Mr Nicolas Effart &c

XXX Letter under seal. 30 January 1569. Thomas Compton, Bailiff. Guillaume Beauvoir and Nicolas Martin, jurats. Pierre Hugues son of Collin (SM) sold to Denis Le Roulx son of Thomas resident of SPP a rent … on the whole inheritance of the said Pierre.

XXXI Jean de Quetteville, Bailiff. Sieurs Jean Bonamy and Jean Brehault [Jean Brehaut], jurats. Michel de Rozel, the son of Thomas (SPP) sold to Pierre Le Page son of Jean (F) resident in the Castel, a courtil in the Fief du Groignet in the Castel parish to the (east?) of the land of Nicolas Ozanne, the road between them, and to the west of the courtil of Colas Henry son of Pierre, the douit of the mill flowing between them and to the north of the mill pond of the Moulin de Haut.

XXXII 15 May 1582. Letter under seal of the Court of Fief Le Comte. John de Sausmares, Seneschal. Nicolas Le Feyvre and Cardin Fautrart vavasours. Colas Ozanne son of James (Castel) of the contrée of the Prael sold to Thomas Prey son of Pierre (SS) &c.

XXXIII Letter under seal of Guernsey. Amice de Carteret, Ecuyer, Bailiff. André Henrys [Andrew Harris] and Jean Andros, jurats. Samuel Gagnepain son of Nicolas (SPP) sold to Jean Mayndonall son of Jean (SPP) in the contrée de Havilland, a courtil called Le Courtil Des Rocquettes in the said parish in the contrée to the north of the Courtil of Collet Peset running along the alley &c.

XXXIV Letter under seal. Thomas Wigmore, Bailiff. John de la Court and Thomas Blondel, jurats. Thomas Le Vavasseur alias De Bois son of Collas (of Jersey) resident of SPP, sold to Robert Allez son of Pierre (Castel) the whole of the purchase made by the said Thomas from Collas Ozanne son of James of the contrée du Prael, according to a letter under seal of November 1581 &c.

XXXV 6 October 1703. Eleazar Le Marchant, Lieutenant of Messire Sir Edmond Andros, Seigneur de Saumarez, Bailiff. Thomas De Lisle and Jean Renouf, jurats. William Le Marchant, main heir of the late Mr William Le Marchant Senior, his grandfather. The inheritance of the said Mr Le Marchant, in as much as he was seized of Michel Guignon’s estate, owes Sieur Samuel Gagnepain [rent] … as heir of his aunt Anne Effard, on her garden of Livreuse [L’Hyvreuse].

XXXVI 15 December 1556. Letter under seal. Helier Gosselin, Bailiff. Thomas De Vyc and Pierre Bonamy jurats. Noel Lihou and Collas Belic guardians of Andrine [?] and Guillemine, the daughters of Thomas Belic of the Fossse de St Andry; these guardians confirmed that they sold to Collenette Salmon, the daughter of Collas, an independent woman following the death of her husband, Jean Queripel Junior, a certain courtil called the Courtil de la Salle, running the length of the Courtil Andry. Item [and also] the land outside. The said sale for the price of 15 bushels and a cabotel of wheat rent, of which sum the said tutors required the said Collenette to pay: First, to James Coquerell of SPP (4 bushels). Item to the treasurers and wardens of St Andrew's [Church] (3 bushels). And said Collenette assigned the said guardians to take a bushel in rent from the heirs of Thomas Le Marquant (SA). Item A bushel from Benoist Le Sauvage in right of his wife, the daughter of Massy Gallienne.

XXXVII 16 October 1536. Letter under Guernsey seal. James Guille, Bailiff. Pierre Martin and Nicolas Careye jurats. Thomas Costill son of Pierre of SPP confirmed he had sold to Gervaes Sohier [Gervaise Sohier] son of Philippin of SPP a pièce of land at La Varde at the dolmen called the Pierre de la Varde on the western edge, and to the south of the land that belonged to Guillaume de Rosel, and to the north of the land of Nicolas Careye, for a price of 4 gros in cash.

XXXVIII 13 March 1675. Letter under Guernsey seal. Charles Andros, Seigneur d'Anneville, Lieutenant of Edmond Andros Esq., Seigneur de Sausmares, Lieutenant Governor for his Royal Highness the Duke of York of the Province of New York and dependencies in America, and Bailiff of the Island of Guernsey, for our Sire Charles II; Mr Jean Bonamy and William Andros, jurats. Against Jean Renouf, seller of the estate of Thomas de France, in favour of Samuel Gagnepain, must pay Gagnepain two bushels and four denerels of wheat rent in arrears etc.

XXXIX 20 July 1559. Letter under signe de Justice of Guernsey (copy). Thomas Compton, Bailiff. Nicolas Martin and Nicolas Pageot, jurats. Collas Tyault son of Pierre de Cobo in the ... Castel confirmed he sold [the following] to Gullaume Le Roy son of Pierre and Johanne his wife, the daughter of Denys Martin (C), viz, two houses in the said parish in the area of Cobo. Item in addtion , a meadow [pré] adjoining the said farm ... Item also two courtils at Cobo called Les Bordages to the north of the said house ... Signed Wm Marchant, Thomas Beauvoir, copied from the original.

XL Letter under Guernsey seal. 15 May 1618. Louis Devyck, Bailiff, Georges Guille and Nicolas Le Feyvre, jurats. Johan Lucette son of Johan (SPP) (through his being seized of the legacy of Martin Belych [Martin Blicq] son of Collas (SA)) confirmed he sold to Johan Querypel son of Pierre (SA) a certain furze-brake which used to belong to Collas Belich, called the Jaonnière du Feugerels (sic), in the same parish on the Fief of the Rue Frairie along the road that takes you to Louis Brehaut's old house and running up to the courtils of Johan Le Pastourel [Jean le Patourel] son of Johan on the south, for a price of 13 and a half denerals of wheat rent. The said Lucette assigned the said Queripel to pay the rent to Massy de la Rue in right of his wife, the daughter of Denys Robert ...