May 1813

From Le Miroir Politique.

1 May 1813

ARRIVALS. The following vessels arrived in the Island between 23rd and 30th April:

The Sally, Capt. Haven; the General Doyle, Capt. Le Masurier; the Francis Freeling, Capt. Pipon; the Queen Charlotte, Lieut.Thomas; the Interprize, Capt. Brigham; the Peggy, Capt. Perchard; the Britannia, Capt. Goodhall; the Sylph, Capt. Domaille; the Delight, Capt. Mundon; the Three Brothers, Capt. Ratcliffe, and the Experience, Capt. Vibert, from Jersey. The Prosperity, Capt. Oliver; the Friendship, capt. Sheen; the Britannia, Capt. Goodhall; the Intelligent, Lieut. Tucker, and the Hinchinbrook, Capt. Quirk, from Weymouth. The Walker, Capt. Speck, and the Bellona, Capt. Wilson, from Sunderland. The Thomas and Susanna, Capt. Deaker, and the Two Brothers, Capt. King, from Brixham. The Venus, Capt.Eames; the Four Brothers, Capt. Brunker, and the Actaeon, Captain Pellet, from Woolwich. HMS Spitfire, Capt. Ellis, and HMS Mistletoe, Lieutenant Young, from Portsmouth. The Prosperity, Capt. Oliver, and the Pultney, Capt. Cooke, from Alderney. The Dispatch, Capt. Hart, from Feversham. The George, Captain George, from Cork. The Pallas, Capt. Mattest, from Plymouth. The Good Intent, Captain Carter, from Lyme. The Diligent, Capt,. Grut, from Southampton. The Vesta, Capt. Vonpein, from Havre-de-Grâce. the Surley, Lieut. Walsh, and the Lion, Capt. Thorben, from a cruise.

Admiral Harwood has arrived to take charge of the station.

We regret to announce that three fishing boats which were at sea during last Friday's storm, have not returned; there is great concern as to what has become of them.

Last Wednesday, a young man named Davison met a dreadful death. It seems that workmen were being employed to take apart the prow of the ship Flora on the Gallé at Glategny. A large part of it fell and this unfortunate lad, being unable to get out of the way quickly enough, was killed instantly. His death has been ruled accidental.

A shop to rent in M Bertrand's house, Fountain-street, apply H H Le Lacheur at his residence, Fountain-street.

The house belonging to Anthony Heathfield, Esq., in Cornet-street, is for rent; apply to M. the Bailiff.

F C Du Jardin has rooms and a kitchen, and a whole house and garden, to rent, immediate occupancy, furnished or non-furnished.

SEEDS: parsnip, clover, and gorse, at J Mourant's, the Pollet.

Messrs Edward and Pierre Le Cocq will let by auction on the 6th of this month, two pieces of land [pièces de Terres] one called the Hougue Gros, the other, la Hougue de Pontinfer [sic]. The auction will take place at Blancs-bois house, at ten a.m.

Sieur Jean Neal will auction today at 11 a.m. at the Grand Carrefour, two quarters of wheat rent, payable by M. [John] Stevens.

Anne Mignoc [Mignot] has building stone for sale. Apply to her at the Pont Renier.

To sell, a steer three years old, fit to kill, at John de Garis, of the Islets, in the parish of St Peter's.

To be sold or given to rent, the Estate called la Porte, situated near the King's Mills, in the Cattle parish, and bordering the New Road, leading from Town to Vazon-bay; for particulars, enquire of James Ozanne, at the said place.

For sale, (by private contract) that Large and commodious House, eligibly situated for trade, No. 231 High Street. Application to be made of John Oxenham, the proprietor, who is about to quit the Island.

LIBRARY, MARKET-PLACE. Two doors above the Dean's.

Mrs Seager begs to inform those Ladies and Gentlemen who have been pleased to enquire when the Books will be ready to be given out, and the public generally, that the Catalogues will be ready on Tuesday next, at 9 o'clock, when any Books may be had. He trusts the selection is such as to give general satisfaction. Stationary, &c, for sale.

Attendance every day from 9 o'clock in the morning till 7 in the evening.

Mansell and Price have for sale, at their Distillery, Glatney: Brandy. Gin. Sugar or Neutral Spirit. &c.

To be let, immediately, a large Parlour, two Bed Rooms, and a Kitchen, in the House belonging to madame Guerin, No 350, Bordage Street, now in the occupation of James Berry, to whom apply for particulars.

To be let, or exchanged, for a small house and garden in the country, the house No 22, situated in High Street. For particulars apply to S M Taylor, apothecary.

Mrs de Putron, widow of the late John de Putron, gives notice, that she has genteel apartments to let in her house, Hauteville. [Elizabeth Falla, widow of Sieur John de Putron, à la Falue.]

Wanted, an apprentice to a cabinet-maker. Apply Thomas Dews, cabinet-maker, Fountain-street.

Wanted immediately, a young lad of good connections [aged 14-15] as an Apprentice to the Printing Business. For particulars apply to the MIRROR-OFFICE, Pollet-street.

To be given to rent, Mrs Limann's House, situate at the top of Fountain-street, and bordering on one side on Market-street. For particulars, apply to the said Mrs Limann, at Mr Nicholas Le Mottée, No 62, High-street.

Messrs Edward Thomas Le Cocq and Pierre le Cocq, inform the public that on Friday 6 May they will be offering to public auction at the Blancbois a quantity of wood suitable for construction, and firewood; old sails; empty barrels; old rope and other similar. The sale to begin at 10 a.m.

Henry Gore has two rooms and a small kitchen in his house at Haute-Ville to rent, for immediate occupancy.

A store and attic room, to rent in the Truchot. Apply Miss Elizabeth Dobrée and Madame Marie Le Mesurier, New-Town.

8 May, 1813.

One of the fishing boats we reported as lost in our previous number has arrived in port, but we regret that the other two remain missing.

We have received the following lines from one of our unknown Correspondents, and as we have no doubt they will afford some amusement to our readers, we readily give them place, and invite him to receive our most grateful acknowledgements.

Adieu! dear ISLE, at loveliest time of year,
We pay the tribute of a parting tear;
When opening flowers perfume the scented skies,
And struggling winter heaves a sigh and dies:
When that the frozen current of the blood
Melts round the heart, and pours a generous flood;
And all the griefs and cares that life annoy,
Pass like thin mists and leave the soul to joy;
Soft notes of linnets, blackbird's whistling swell
Frequented shades from noon-day's heat, farewell!
Few higher prize such unobtrusive charms
Than SARNIA'S MAIDS, whom genial spirit warms;
Far may we roam—from Ganges to the Rhine,
Nor find more charming Nymphs—nor cheaper wine.