More deserters, January 1810

From the Gazette de Guernsey, January 13th 1810.

See also Desertion, with the court orders against desertion of 1778 and 1779, also quoted here.

Royal Court, 6th January 1810, the Lieutenant Bailiff presiding, in the presence of Jean Carey, Henry Frederick Brock, and Pierre Le Pelley, Ecuyers, jurats.

Based on information given to this Court, that George Wyatt, native of North Berwick, aged 24, pale complexion, grey eyes, brown hair in a ponytail, 5 feet seven tall; James Gibbs, native of Kircaldy, 23, pale and blue-eyed, short ash-blond hair, 5 feet 4 and a half tall; Samuel Hammer, native of Berlin, 28 years of age, darkish complexion, grey eyes, black hair, 5 feet 7 inches in height, all three sailors on board HMS Hussar, as well as James Williams, of North Glamorgan, 35, dark-skinned, dark-eyed, with brown hair, 5 feet 11 inches tall, Boat's Mate on the same vessel, appear to have deserted on the night of the 1st January 1810, and having also been informed that Thomas Duggan,1 aged 18, 5 feet five inches tall, fresh-faced with short black hair and blond eyebrows, tattoed with the letters 'T.S.' on his right arm, very recently married on this island, seems to have deserted HMS Vulture on the 13th December 1809, wearing a jacket with silver buttons, a red top, sailor's trousers, with a red silk necktie and a leather hat, having every reason to believe that they are hiding on this island of Guernsey, order their arrest and forbid anyone to offer them passage out of the island. [From the French.]

1 Thomas Duggan, son of Thomas Duggan of Fisherton, near Salisbury, did indeed marry Elizabeth Margaret Hue, daughter of Andrew Hue of St Peter Port, on 18th August 1809.