New books 2010

Jersey Law, Guernsey-French stories, Caxton, 19th-century news stories, Medieval Printing, Sailing round the Islands.

Nicolle, Stephanie C., The Origin and Development of Jersey Law, An Outline Guide, 5th Ed., St Helier, Royal Court House: Jersey and Guernsey Law Review Ltd., 2009.

Useful for the local historian.

Tomlinson, Hazel, Histouaires Guernésiaises, Guernsey, 2009.

Factual articles and fictional stories in Guernsey-French with English translations.

Kuskin, William, Symbolic Caxton: Literary Culture and Print Capitalism, Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2008.

To enhance the understanding of our rare book collection, a solid introduction to the subject of printing in England in the fifteenth century, from a literary perspective, focusing on William Caxton and the symbolic nature of printing and its significance in the transformation of manuscript to print.

Ilie, Susan, Telling Tales, St Helier: ELSP, 2009.

Guernsey news, views, ideas, snippets and gossip from the early to mid-1800s, a popular title.

Harris, Leo, Lee Ho! 50 years sailing around the Channel Islands, Jersey: Channel Island Publishing, 2008. Illus. Leo Harris.

Drawn from personal experiences and those of others, the author has included stories of all types, 'from the humorous and light-hearted to the tragic and terrifying,' the majority of which are set in and around Jersey.