Notes from Edward Dobree's MSS

Udney Hall, Teddington. transcriptions of contracts &c., in Guille family file in the Library.

23 April 1513. James Guille guardian of children & heirs of the late Nicolas de la Mare of St Samson, and Nicolas Effart Junior son of Jehanet of St Andrew. Nicolas de la Mare in right of his mother Pauline. Item Thomas Alles in right of Colin Le Mesurier also known as Pryn [Perrin] of the said parish of the Trinity de la Forest.

12 November 1504. John Le Telier son of Symon of St Saviour and Yvon Le Prestre, native of Brittany. (Sale of House). A house and farm which belonged to Guillaume Le Mesurier in the Forest in a contrée called Au Gron lengage faras [Farras]. Item Pierre Le Mesurier.

2nd March 1550 Gaultier Agenor son of Regnouvet of the Vale.

Les Plaids d'heritage of the Lower Parishes, Tuesday March 1st 1523. James Guille Bailiff. Against John Peset son of Nicollas of St Pierre Port in favour of Thomas de Vic in right of his wife Marie daughter of Nicollas de la Maire and it is in right of her mother, the daughter of Nicolas Fouaschin of Saint Pierre Port, their house which formerly belonged to Gervase de Clairemont1 to the west of the Town Church.

John Le Tellier, Renouvet Agenor, John Pezet, Nicholas Fashion. 

1 Bailiff. See Guille of the Rohais and St George, p. 6, for a document of '1464' with his seal. Another MS from Mr Dobrée's Collection, transcribed in Town Church Rentals (Staff) p. 2, dated 1392, with Pierrot Le Marchant, Pierre de Saint Pey [Pey=Pierre in Gascon] and Colin Blondel as his jurats, concerns a suit between Thomas du Castel junior and Richard Nicholas, the Treasurer of the Town Church. The date of the document from the Guille collection should probably read 1404, as Gervaise was active in Guernsey from 1387. The Library's List of Bailiffs &c (Staff) p. 28 has this to say of him: 'Mentioned in numerous Lettres from January 14, 1387/8 to January 16, 1411/12. He was Esquire to the famous soldier Sir Hugh de Calveley. From 1376 to 1393 Sir Hugh was Governor of the Channel Islands and on April 10, Gervaise was granted 'for his service in the wars,' the house in St Peter Port formerly belonging to Bernard de St Jean as well as £30 annually of money current in the island, to be made up from the camparts of the town.' For his seal, see Rybot, N V L, 'Channels Islands Seals,' Report & Trans. Soc. Guern., 1929, p. 462.