Notes from reports of Historical MSS Commission: II. Notes from inquisitions post mortem

Section II from the Notebook (40) XI, Staff, in the Library. MSS transcriptions: inquisitions post mortem. These lists almost certainly predate the publication by the Societe Jersiaise of the islands' royal extentes and rolls etc. in 1902-3. Additions from Edith Carey's Family notes & pedigrees which begins with a transcription of Nicolle's volume.

[Note in text: Now in possession of Mr E T Nicolle, Jersey.] For Section I see Inquisitions post mortem.

1. 1358. No 1357. [Note in text: Years of Edward III begin 20 to 26 January, this date therefore] 24th January. Letter of king to warden of the Islands. Lucas Nicolas now holds in villenage Le Clos de St Sampson in Guernsey &c. Wishes to hold it for 15 deniers per annum free of villein service. [EC dates this 24 August 31 Ed. 3 = 1358]

2. 1358. Saturday 12 March. Return of an Inquest held St Peter Port before Otho de Hollande, Gardien des Isles. Nicholas Toullay [Corley] rector of St Sampson [presented by Letters patent 5 May 1354], Guillaume Bullain [Balan?], Ralph Marques, Pierre Perrin, Pierre Var [Owar],¹ Guillaume Germain,² Pierre de la Fontaine, Guillaume Lucas, John de la Mare, John de St George, Pierre Guillebert [Guilbert], jurats, their opinion that the grant requested above would be prejudicial to the Crown, as part of his land belongs to the bordage called grose teste, which owes service of carrying ladder for hanging thieves &c, repairing mills &c, and [on the other portion of the land the King] has chace des conins [rabbits]. When the land is sown with wheat it owes Camparts and other services, such as repairing mills and the Prior of the Vale and Sir Edmond Chesney have chace des conins on the land. [EC: Dom Nicolas Toulley was priest and chaplain of the Castel as late as 22 May 1405. See deed re right of way to Chapel of St George, Guille-Andros Coll.]

3. 1357. Royal letter to the Warden of the Isles. Lucas Nicholas desires to be granted the windmill in St Peter Port in a place called Lyvereuse near the vill. Robelyn; the windmill in St Sampson's in a place called Vardele or else in a place called la Hougue de Mouster in Guernsey; & a windmill in Alderney in a place where one stood antiquitus [and to pay annually 13/4 for each mill.]. Asks for objections.

4. 1358. Request repeated. Several items concerning Lucas Nicholas and mills: 1357/8, March 12, enquête before Jean Maucovenant, Olivier Le Feyvre, Robert Henry, Thomas Blondel, Pierre de St Martin, Jean Le Gay, Guillaume Caretier, Robert Nicholas, Guillaume Nicholas, Jean Floeres [Fleres], Peter Orengier /Erengur, and Richard Typh[aine], Jurats. Also mentioned: Jean de St George, avocat du roi, Sire Estienne Coquerel [controversial Rector St Peter Port 1354, supporter of the Norman cause], Robert Levesque, and Pierre de St Pierre junior. Jean Le Marchant, Bailiff. Lucas cries Haro against the Warden. [ pp. 26-30].

5. 1357, March 5. Inquest, St Peter Port. Otho de Holland, Warden, Jean Le Marchant, Sire Estienne Coquerel, Rector St Peter Port, Bernard de St John, Pierre de St Pierre junior, Pierre Pegny, Alexandre Lanqueterre [Lanquetil, Tanqueterre?], Pierre Helie, Jean de la Bete otherwise called le Picard, Jean Guillaume, Gieffroy Cincoilles, Pierre Guillebert, Guille Paine[?], Robert Bernard, Colin Rouey [Ruez, Roney, Rognez?], & Jean de L'Escluse, Jurats. Prejudicial to King's interests [and to the Prior of the Vale, Mons. Edmund de Cheny] if Lucas Nicholas builds mills, but King might do it himself with advantage.

[EC: [Letter to chancellor: Lucas Nicolas was imprisoned by the Bailiff and Jurats for attempting to oppose the King's writ.] Letter of Otho de Holland to the Bishop of Winchester, chancellor of England. Have received a letter issued at instance of Lucas Nicolas stating that I or my Lieutenant have refused to obey your commands and enquire as to whether it would damage the King if Nicolas built 3 mills in Guernsey & Alderney. The King's Court was astonished at this. On March 21 I made enquiry in presence of John Maucovenant, Olivier Le Ffeyvre, Robert Henry, Thomas Blondel, Philippe de St Martin, John Le Gay, Guille Caretier, Robert Nich[olas] Guille Nich[olas], John Floeres, Peter Orengier and Richard Typh[aine], the King's Jurats in the island of Guernsey. It was stated by several of the jurats and several others that my Lieutenant wished duly to execute the commands, but the said Nicolas opposed the inquiry being held and did not want to investigate the effect upon the King's income and wanted things to proceed as he wished. I therefore pray to hold me and my lieutenant excused. Herewith I send the return required. I have desired the seal of the Bailiwick of Guernsey to be affixed to the letter together with the seals of John Maucovenant, Robert Henry, Thomas Blondel, jurats, John de Saint George, Avocat du Roy, Sire Estienne Coquerel, Robert Levesque and Pierre de Saint Pey [Pierre] le jeune.]

[EC: Letter of John Le Marchant, Bailiff de le Roy d'Engleterre en l'ile de Guernesey, to the Chancellor of EnglandSets forth the facts in Nicolas Lucas' case. States that March 12 1357 that in his presence and that of the jurats, that John Maucovenant, Robert Henry and Thomas Blondel, jurats, Sire Etienne Coquerel Rector of SPP, Pierre de St Pierre junior and several other respectable men declared, after having made inquiries with the jurats in his presence, that Monsieur Otho's Lieutenant had every intention of holding an inquiry as he had been instructed, but Lucas made strong objection. Lucas then summoned the Lieutenant to London the day after last St Andrew's Day, but could produce no warrant for this when asked. So the Warden summonsed Lucas to court on 16 December last and challenged him to explain on what authority he had sent for the Lieutenant. Lucas claimed he had a warrant from the King and that he would produce it before the Court the next day, but he could not do so then and never did after. Now the Prevost whose duty it is to make arrests was away, and so the Warden himself arrested Lucas intending to keep him until he could ask advice from the jurats and Prevost, but Lucas cria Harou against the Warden because of this arrest. The Warden waited until he could consult the jurats, who decided on 20 March to imprison Lucas.]

6. 1358, April 1. As above, examining propriety of Lucas N. building mill in Alderney. Otto de Hollande, Warden, Johan Nicolle, Johan du Pleyn [Duplain], Johan le Valeys [le Vallée], Pierre le Petit, Richard Durant, Colin Le Valeys, Colin le Noye, Mattieu le Valeys, Johan Aundreu, Thomas le Valeys, Colin Roussel, Colin Peset, Johan le Donoueril[?], Jurats. They declare on oath before the Bailiff, Thomas Blondel and John Floeres, jurats of Guernsey, that it would be worthwhile for the Crown to build the mill if peace lasted. An enquiry made in to 'une pasture apeleye le Mauncoys' in Alderney. Worth of wheat, herbage etc. in Alderney. Alderney measure = 6½ Guernsey. People of Alderney 'ravaged by war' and are bankrupt.

7. 1357/8. Abbot of St Michel as superior of the Priory of Vale has appointed Peter Guyon as sergeant-at-arms, Prior of Vale rejects him; had already appointed Jean Maucovenant seneschal, as he had had permission to do 'as long as he shall behave well' &c. 1359 March 20 Guyon appointed Keeper of Castle Cornet, for 'good service in England & in foreign parts.' Also granted fief Suart, i.e. Suart, Sotovart and la Carue, annual value 16 marks, cert. by Thomas de Beauchamp, keeper of Guernsey. [pp. 34-36] [EC: King makes various grants of money to Guyon, p. 7.]

[EC: November 1356. Appointment of John Maucovenant as seneschal to the Court of the Priory of the Vale by Gaufridius de Carcheret, Prior, with the assent of the Abbot and monks of Mont St Michel. Plea of Peter Guyon setting forth his appointment of Seneschal by the Abbot on St Laurence's day past and the refusal of the Prior to receive him.]

8. 1353. Appointment of Brother Gaufridus de Carcheret as Prior of Vale by abbot & monks Mont St Michel with full powers to administer the property of the Priory and to appoint a seneschal. [EC: 16 July 1335, Letter of Abbot of Mont St Michel appointing Brother Andrew du Port, monk, as Prior of the Vale and as his lProcureur in the island.]

9. June 8 1357. Grant of money from good men of Guernsey to King for building of fortress on the island [Tour Beauregard] shall not prejudice &c. [pp. 40-42]

10. Edmond de Chesney, Guillaume Le Feyvre. [p. 42]

11. Canon Bell's MSS. Christmas 1531/2. James Le Feyvre seneschal of the Court of the fief St Michel in Guernsey, present Guillot Ph[ilippo?]te, Pierre Le Patourel, Pierre Sauvary: Thomas Petiot, appeared before them, son of Nicolas of St Peter Port, by right of his wife Thomasse, daughter of Nicollas Sauvary by right of her mother Colenette Guille daughter of the daughter Phi[llippe?] Jehan[?], of the one part, & Collas Henry son of Olivier of St Saviour's, owner of a house that belonged to Collas Genemys [Jenemy], of the second part, [who] affirmed he sold to said Thomas Petiot &c.

12. 31 December 1519. James Guille Bailiff. Present Thomas de la Court and James Le Feyvre, jurats. John Hamelin and John Pelichon, Treasurers [Collecteurs] of St Michel du Valle, of the first part, and Cholas Le Telier son of Colin of St Saviour of the other. [p. 48]

13. Lee MSS Greffe. 1 March 1470. Pierre de Beauvoir Bailiff, in presence of Drouet Le Marchant and Thomas Blondel, jurats. Before them in person James Nicholas son of Pierre Nicholas of St Peter Port, of the one part, and Henry Basset son of Guilliot Basset of St Saviour's parish of the second part. Sold house &c.

14. 24th May 1585. Thomas Wigmore Bailiff. Nicolas Carey, Guillaume de Beauvoir, Thomas Le Marchant and Jean de Saumares, Jurats. Ruling on the dispute between Jean Le Patourel and parceners, fee farmers of the Mare de Noirmont, and the King's Officers, re the watercourse of the said Mare.[p. 48]

15. 20 February 1545. John Haryvell Bailiff, John Martin and John Blondel, jurats. Collas Brehaut son of John of St Pierre du Bois appeared before them and declared he had sold a certain courtil to Vincent Le Tellier son of Collas of St Saviour. The courtil is in St Pierre du Bois in an area known as the Windmill [Moulyn a vent]. Heirs Edouard Naont and Thomas Lohier. Anne de la Marche.

16. 22 March 1543. Thomas Compton Bailiff, John Le Mesurier and John Effart, jurats. John Brehault son of André in right of his wife Christyne daughter of Collas Le Tellyer Le Favyre of St Saviour of the one part and Collas de Lereye son of Collas of the parish of St Saviour of the second part. John Brehault sold land in St Saviour including a certain courtil called the Courtil du Fillage formerly the property of Collas Le Tellyer, excepting the strip of land belonging to [Christyne's] mother and the strip called Norgeot. 17 February 1544. Thomas Compton Bailiff. John le Mesurier and John Le Feyvre jurats. Against Colas de Lereye in favour of Collas Renouf son of Collas in right of his wife daughter of Richard Vallée in right of his wife's mother daughter of Collas Le Tellyer Le Feyvre, as he could have inherited of John Brehault son of André in right of his wife daughter of the said Collas Le Tellyer.

17. 20 July 1568. Thomas Compton Bailiff. John Blondel, Nicolas Martin, jurats. Collenette de l'Estac daughter of Colas of St Martin, currently resident in St Saviour's, affirmed that in her own right, as an independent woman after the death of her husband John Preaulx, she sold, with the consent of Flocile and Collas Preaulx her children .... to Thomas Le Marchant son of Collas as attorney ... of Coliche Martin daughter of John of the parish of St Peter Port, in her own right following the death of her husband Collas de la Marche &c.

18. 15 March 1510. John Martin Bailiff. Guillot Le Marchant and Thomas de la Court, jurats. Thomas Le Marchant son of Colin of St Peter Port of the one part and John Thomas son of Guille of St Peter Port of the second part, John Thomas confirms he sold/exchanged to T Le Marchant a certain courtil in the parish of St PP called La Vrangue &c; the courtil Pierre du Rocuyer [du Rocher] called Le Cairdonnel, next the courtil belonging to the children of Colin Careye, that is the Courtil à trois Cornyons, John Martin in right of his wife daughter of Seincot Le Bougre &c. Endorsed Samuel Nicolle, Jean Martin. 21 February. For a quarter of wheat due from the heirs of Thomas Le Marchant [by exchange with?] Philipin Le Loreur in right of his wife heir of John Thomas.

19. 20 January 1537. James Guille Bailiff, Pierre Martin and Nicolas Careye, jurats. Edouard Naon son of John of St Pierre Port of the one part and James Bregeart of St Peter Port of the second part, Naon sold courtil in St Peter Port called La Couture on the north side of another of his courtils called Le Courtil es Frenes formerly belonging to John Le Hougues &c. [p.54]

20. 19 May 1632. Royal Court Judgment. Jean de Quetteville Bailiff. Pierre Gibault, King's Procureur, amerci to Michel de Saumares, King's Prevost, re weights and measures. Enclosed in previous, 8 May 1621, Jean Bonamy, Bailiff's Lieutenant, presiding. Philemon Mauger indebted to the King's Prevost is ordered to have measures for coal, salt, wheat, a barrel for charcoal with iron hoops[?] made, as many as are required, and he must sell them to whomever needs them, and may keep the proceeds to cover expenses.

21. Bills of partage, estate of Andre Monamy son of Etienne. Here in full.

22. 30 November 1531. James Le Feyvre seneschal of the Court of the Priory of St Michel du Valle, present Guillot Phelyppotin, Pierre Du Port and Pierre Sauvary, vavasours. Appeared before them Raulin Henry, as guardian of John Chichire [Cheshire] son of John of the Vale, of the one part, and Collas Sauvary son of Pierre also of the Vale, of the second part. Raulin Henry sold to Sauvary a house with two enclosures, and its paths and drives, to the west of Thomas Henry's house on the douit, being in the Vale parish, along with the courtil to the east of Thomas Henry's garden, as well as a small courtil to the north of the said Henry's Courtil es Ruelles[?]. Also a campart [i.e. cultivated] land lying to the west of the rue aux Quatre Chemyns and a small parcel of land in the Valle de Gabellin &c. Collas Saumares, Thomas de Vic by right of his wife Marie de la Mare; heirs Michel Nicolle, heirs Jannequin Le Marchant, Collas de la Marche in right of his wife daughter of John Martin du Bosq, Catherine de la Mare daughter of Collas. Collas Saumares sold a courtil which once belonged to Marie[?] Sauvary, to the west of the garden which used to belong to Collas Le Prevost in the said parish. See Vale Livre de perchage, 1624, house called La Philippoterie &c. [p. 64]

23. 11 November 1578. Court du Comte, John de Saumares seneschal. Noell Lyhou [Lihou], Collas Le Petevin, Edouart Le Feyvre and James de Havilland v[av]asours. Collas de Garis son of Collas (St Saviour) and his parceners in default, amerci as proved and admitted, to Pierre Bonamy son of Collas in right of his mother, daughter of John Blondel, acquired from John de Garis son of John debt to Bonamy &c. [p. 66]

24. 15 December 1591. Louis de Vic Bailiff, Nicolas Careye, Jean de Beauvoir and Pierre Careye, jurats. Appeared in person Edouard Gagnepain (for full text of this and two following) son of Henry as legal representative of his brother Pierre Gagnepain son of Henry, of the city of London. Moullin de la Mer. Guillaume Ollivier son of Collas, Collas being son of Jean, of Les Hubits, St Martin, Jean Le Page son of Guillaume of St Martin, Samuel Le Feyvre, guardian of Collette Le Page daughter of Pierre son of Guillaume, Jean Alles son of Collas, of St Saviour in right of his wife Marguerite daughter of the aforesaid Pierre Le Page, Jean Effart son of Thomas; Gyrard Bayeulx of Normandy, in right of Catherine his wife daughter of Richard Mancell in right of her mother Cecille Petevin, Jean Saumares son of Nicholas of St Peter Port. [pp. 66-68]

25. 1570. William Blundell son of Nicholas and Vyncent his wife deceased, while he lived of the Isle of Guernsey, contract, London. [pp. 70-76]

26. Act, 1 April 1783. Regular Troops of Militia, congratulations to them via Paulus Aemilius Irving on good conduct in face of the mutinous 104th. [pp.78-84]

27. Royal Court. 4 November 1648. Pierre de Beauvoir Bailiff; Jacques Guille, Jean Blondel, Josias Le Marchant, Thomas Careye, Jean Careye, Jean Fautrart, Josué Gosselin, Jurats. Monsieur Jean Bonamy sworn in as Jurat, to fill vacancy left by the death of his father, the late Monsieur Jean Bonamy senior, see MacCulloch, Actes des Etats, Vol. I pp. 316.

28. Royal Court. 29 January 1650. Jean Bonamy elected to replace Peter Carey as Judge Delegate, see MacCulloch, Actes des Etats, Vol. I pp. 391 ff.

29. Thomas Whyte, Mayor of Poole, James Havyland, John Stulloche, Sleuyns Jarden, John Spadard, William Mesurer, Nicolas Jehan, John Croke, William Slehe Burgers of said town of Poole &c. and Richard Havyland there being Baylyff &c. [p. 92]

¹ The National Archives has a petition by Benoîte, or Benedicta, Choffyn, who had killed her husband, Peter Owar [Var], with a knife in self-defence. She abjured the island for Normandy in 1302; she had been pardoned and allowed to return by 1309.

[Edith Carey: Assize Roll 1309 p. 142. 'They present also that Benedicta Choffyn ... abjured the islands in the Church of this Town for that she acknowledged that she had killed Peter Var her husband in [...] Normandy, & afterwards she returned with letters of pardon of ... the king.']

² A William Germain petitioned the King c. 1311 concerning his grandfather, Henry Everard's, bordage, 'Germain requests grace for him and his co-parceners as his grandfather died seised of a bordage of 4 virgates with the service of carrying summonses to another bordage called 'le grant mester' but his heirs were too poor to do the service and the bordage was taken into the king's hand. They are the issue of the heirs and are prepared to do the service;' and again in the same year.