Occupation ephemera: bureaucracy

A small selection of our collection of blank forms and regulations issued by the German military and Guernsey civil authorities. Some printed by Banks, Boosey & Co., Ltd., Guernsey. Click the links to see the items.

Registration form for locals, to obtain identity card (and back of form)

Declaration, German military, in German: [contents] 1) no previous convictions (if I have any, describe them); I have never been a member or official, of any Marxist party; I support the current regime unreservedly; a false declaration may render me liable to punishment etc. 2) I promise to keep confidential all my dealings with the Fortress Pioneer Corps 19 and not to reveal anything as long as I shall live. 3) I will communicate to the Fortress Pioneer Corps 19 even the most minor piece of information that comes to my knowledge which might compromise the security or military operations of the Corps. 4) If I contravene these Orders I may be subject to immediate discharge and may be liable to prosecution under the Unfair Competition Laws of 1932. 5) I am aware that my oath of confidentiality is a matter of national security, according to National law.

Request for leave and minor travel pass [kleiner Wehrmachtfahrschein], German military, in German: [contents] Valid for free travel on the minor military travel pass. Military permit for leave. To be completed: Rank, regiment, dates of leave. Travel from [first] station to [next] station with changes, as required. The holder is travelling on a minor military travel pass. Tickets for military or public transport in the areas covered by the permit are forbidden. The relevant orders have been explained. Completed [date], [regiment], [Signature, rank, location]. The permit must be shown at customs. Present yourself within 48 hours of arrival to the local military command, where the permit must be signed. Follow military or local curfews where they apply. Keep military secrecy at all times. In case of fever, visit the nearest military doctor immediately. List of money, food (value of), travel expenses, washing soap and shaving soap being taken with the holder while travelling. Food vouchers for the journey and period of leave, including the return trip; obtain and sign for the vouchers on arrival at the destination. Hand in the permit on return. Other remarks, e.g. wearing civilian clothes at destination. Signature and stamp of military command at destination.

Register, German military, in German. [Name of unit] [date] [location]. Divided into three columns: Officers, sub-officers, private soldiers. Expected numbers. Actual numbers. Enumerate missing a) excepted commanders b) included commanders c) on leave d) Sick e) In custody f) in military detention g) At their post. Further comments overleaf.

Controlling Committee of the States of Guernsey: Clothing and Footwear [1st part] [2nd part]

Fish return

Lack of telephones (Guernsey Press & Star)

Shillings for Gas Meters (Guernsey Gas Co.) NOTE: Similar items can be found illustrated in John Carman's Civilian transport during the German occupation of Guernsey: Part 1, Civilian transport, Guernsey: John Carman, 2011, especially in Appendices A-C, where illustrations are sourced from the States of Guernsey Archive Service.