A list of the partages transcribed in the notebook Partages No. 1, Staff.

1. Guillaume Henry 1512.

2. MSS belonging to Col. De Garis:

I. Letter under seal. 1503. Guillaume Henry son of Collin of St Saviour's. Colenette Lenfestey sold him a parcel of land of 30 perches in the place called the Haute Croute to the east of the fields belonging to John Le Lacheur &c.

II. 4 December 1529. Under seal. Thomas Henry son of Collas of St Saviour sold rents to John Le Mesurier (SPB); Simone Hamelin &c. 3.

III. 17 March 1486. Under seal. Collin Henry of St Saviour bought a rent from Richard Roussel (C); owes rent? to Roussel on a piece of land in St Saviour to the south of the Vaux Rogers which Roussel had sold to Thomas Lenfestey (or Henry) &c.

IV. Under seal. 1646. Thomas Tramailler son of Timothy (SPP) sold to Samuel Le Roux junior (SPP) and to his wife Elizabeth Fiche[?] a yard, part of a house &c, house that belonged to Marie Hamel, in Fountain Street, house of Jean Hubert &c, house of Guillaume Journeaulx, the alley that leads to the Tour between them; Nicollas Le Mesurier of the Vrangue in right of his wife Rebecca daughter of Nicollas Mancel &c. 4.

V. May 1632. Estate of Nicollas Brehault [Brehaut] son of the late Mr Pierre Brehault (SPB), in right of his mother Michelle Jenemie daughter of Richard. Distributed between Richard, Jean, and Pierre Brehault, the guardian of Marie Brehault, all of whom are children of the said Nicollas. First Bill, belonging to Jean Brehault: ownership of the Courtil des Quevillons; will receive income from Matthew Massy (SPB) and Jean Allaire junior son of Pierre (sic) (SSav); will pay out to Jean Le Mesurier son of Leonard (SPB). Second Bill belonging to Richard Brehault: will receive income from Jean Le Mesurier son of Mr Nicollas Le Mesurier, Jean du Mont, Helier Rougier son of Jean, Thomas Roland in right of Elizabeth his wife, the daughter of Helier Bailleul, Collas Langlois son of Roger, Jean Massy son of Jean. Third Bill belonging to Marie Brehault: will receive income from Pierre Rouget in right of his wife Anne daughter of Thomas Lihou (SA), Thomas Moulin (C), Jean Renouf junior (SA) in right of his wife Michelle Le Poitevin &c.

6. V. 14 November 1638. Under seal. Pierre du Port junior in right of his wife Anne daughter of Guillaume Hallouvris (SS) sold to Collas de Garis junior 'd'aupres l'Eglise de St Sauveur' the Courtil du Sud in the area known as Les Hougues (C) with its farm track, which belonged to the said Anne &c. Item. The said Collas de Garis acknowledged owing Pierre du Port, now guardian of his children in right of their mother Anne, the rest of the rent on the said courtil, to be taken from James Tourode [Torode] from the assignation of Daniel du Mont, from Collas Le Normand, Daniel Tourode, Jean Doray [Dorey] (C), Helier de Jersey junior (C), all rents owed to de Garis in right of his wife Marie, daughter of Jean Rougier.

VI. 4 October 1711. Second Bill of partage of estate of the late Michel Corbin and his wife Lorence Corbin (SPB), between Jean Corbin, eldest son, Piere Allere [Allaire] in right of his wife Rachel Corbin, and Jean Le Huray in right of his wife Marie Corbin, the three Corbins being the children of the late couple. Through the Bill they will own first, the three Courtils and yards of St Briocq; the Noeuf Courtil and the Camps below it; the Courtil des Marets; the Long Camps du Caudray; the Petit Camp Dollent; the pièce des Trapes; La Pointe de Caudray; the Camps du Baaton. This Bill pays out to Sieur Jean Tupper, Sieur Josue Corbin, and Thomas Tramaillier &c.

9. VII. 9 August 1576. Second Bill of partage of the third Bill of the inheritance of Cécile Carey, daughter of Lorens, from her father and mother, which is to be distributed between her sons and daughters. First: They will receive income from the heirs of Jean Le Cras and the heirs of Berthelemé Gallienne. [Endorsed: This Bill belongs to Messrs de Sausmares, John Severet, and James de Havilland in right of their wives the daughters of John Blondell son of Thomas in right of their mother.]

11. IX. 10 June 1741. Mr Nicolas Reserson eldest son of Dame Marie de Garis, Sieur George de Garis, eldest son of Dame Elizabeth de Garis, Mr Jean Guille eldest son of Anne de Garis, and Mr Charles Andros in right of his wife Rachel de Garis, all four also in right of Dame Suzanne de Garis, herself in her own right, as well as because of her status as the widow of Sieur Thomas Le Mesurier; they are heirs of their late father Mr Nicolas de Garis, the eldest son of the late Sieur Nicolas de Garis senior and Dame Marie Rougier, of the one part. And Sieur Nicolas Le Messurier, Dame Marie Le Messurier and Jean de Garis in right of his wife Judith Le Messurier, heirs in part of their mother Dame Suzanne de Garis, who was heir in part of the aforesaid Nicolas de Garis senior and Marie Rougier, their mother and father, of the second part. Reserson, De Garis, Guille and Andros claim the undistributed part of the estate of Marie Rougier &c., that Nicolas de Garis junior claimed he was owed by his sister Suzanne &c. Present: Sieurs Nicolas and Thomas Le Messurier and Rachel, wife and proxy of Sieur Jean Le Messurier.

X. Under seal. 28 October 1512. Nicolas Le Beyr [Le Ber] junior (C) of the first part, and Pierre Le Mesurier junior and Nicolas Le Vecheux, guardians of the children and heirs of Guillaume Henry of the Groing [Gron] (SSav) of the second part; guardians owe Le Beyr rent following an exchange and sale of a courtil to the west of le machon belonging to their wards with a pièce at the Courtil de la Haulte Croute which belongs to the children, the debt to be paid by Nicolas de Garis junior &c.

XII. 28 October 1693. Contract produced before the court of which the tenor was as follows: on 24th December 1638 Thomas de Jersey (SSav) appeared before the court as guardian of his children in right of his late wife, the daughter of Jean Allaire du Hamel, and declared that he had sold Pierre Martel son of James (SSav) a courtil in the said parish called the Courtil à Trois Cornières, next to the courtil of Colas de Garis of Mont Saint along the Bosq de Trois[?] and abutting the track belonging to Colas de Garis son of Richard, and along the Rue de l'Eglise &c. Debt to be paid by Jean Brehault son of Nicollas (T), Sieur Pierre Priaulx (SPP); Martel assigned de Jersey to take the remaining debt from Jeremie Le Pettevin (SPB) according to Letters under Bailiwick Seal, the first of which was dated 1st May 1568 and the other 9 November 1569 and the third 1st April 1573, which Pierre Martel gave to de Jersey [as evidence].

16. XIII. 25th October 16xx. Elizabeth Henry daughter of Jean (SSav) declared she had sold rents, parish measure, to Nicolas de Garis junior 'd'aupres le temple,' which she transferred to him and which were owed to her by Abraham de France son of Thomas (SSav). The rents were on the Courtil des Lohiers (SSav) to the NE of the Pré de la Porte owned by the heirs of Mr Jean Blondel and to the west of the Clos des Vaux belonging to the said de Garis. Signed permission for the sale granted by Sr. Pierre Priaulx, the Seigneur of the Fief Le Comte, was shown to the Court.

XIV. Dame Marie Le Mesurier, widow of Mr Reserson and guardian of their son; Reserson was the eldest son of Dame Marie de Garis; Sieur George de Garis eldest son of the late Dame Elizabeth de Garis; Dame Suzanne de Garis, Mr Jean Guille of St George, eldest son of Dame Anne de Garis, and Mr Charles Andros in right of his wife Dame Rachel de Garis. The women are the daughters of the late Mr Nicolas de Garis and of Dame Marie Rougier, and acknowledge that the following rents are due on the partages of the deceased and that they have not been distributed: To Mr Pierre Bouillon in right of his wife heir in part of her grandfather Mr Wiliam Le Marchant Senior, due following the seizure [of the estate of] Jean Brehaut. Item: George de Garis, in the right of his mother, on the house and land that belonged to Dame Marie Rougier, to the Receiver, which his[?] late father in right of the said Dame Elizabeth de Garis, had been adjudged to owe. Item. Dame Suzanne de Garis owes the heirs of the late Marie de Garis rents that her late husband Sr Thomas Le Mesurier was adjudged to owe in her right in order to pay the said Marie de Garis her part of her mother Marie Rougier's estate, following a Court judgment of 3 March 1728. Suzanne also owes the equivalent of campart on a plot in the Campagne des Hougues, called the pièce de la Longue Raye, to Pierre Le Page, in right of his wife Rachel L'Enfestey daughter of the late Pierre L'Enfestey, who was heir in part of her mother Laurence Anquetil. Item. Mr Charles Andros owes rent in the right of his wife to the heirs of the late Dame Rachel de Garis, who was the wife of Sr Thomas Le Messurier of the Couture, and to the Receiver the equivalent of the campart owing on the Courtil du Sud belonging to Nicolas de Lisle and his wife (SSav) de la Contrée des Frances.

XV. Partage of the estate of the late Mr Thomas Le Mesurier son of Thomas, shared between Mr Nicolas Le Mesurier, and Dame Rachel Le Messurier, wife and executor of Sr Jean Le Mesurier, Nicolas and Jean being brothers and heirs of the said Thomas. They met and agreed with Dame Susanne Le Tessier, widow and dowager of the deceased (signed and terms agreed): that Nicolas will pay her half her dowry in instalments for life every 10th October and she will receive the other half in rents &c as set out below: 20 March 1756. Nicolas Le Mesurier's Bill. Owed rent by: First, Sr Abraham Corbin Junior. Item. Pierre Brehaut Junior called Du Puis. Item. Jean Gallienne son of Nicolas des Marchez. Item. James De Lisle Junior. Item. Sr Daniel Le Prevost. Item. Sr Jean Le Mesurier in right of his wife Rachel Le Mesurier. Item. Sr James Martin. Item. Pierre Ferbrache. Item. Pierre Le Page de la Fosse. Item. Sieur Pierre Sarre (T). Jean Le Mesurier's Bill. He is owed rent by: First James de Garis, bought by de Garis from Matthew Tostevin. Item. Pierre Tardif son of Nicolas. Item. Thomas Tourode in right of his wife Marguerite Corbel. Item. Nicolas de Garis son of James. Item. Sieur Pierre De Lisle. Item. James Tourode son of Charles. Item. From Judith Guillebert. Item. The daughters of Daniel De Lisle. Item. Sieur Nicolas Le Mesurier de la Fontaine. Item. Daniel Le Ray son of Matthew, small measure of the Fief Thomas Blondel. Witnessed: Pierre Bouillon, Jean Roche. Signed: Nicolas Le Messurier, Rachel Le Messurier, Susanne Tessier.

XVI. 17 February 1691. Third Bill. Distribution of the estate of the late Mr Hellier Mancel (SSav.) and his wife Susanne de Garis, shared amongst their children, that is, Leonard Le Messurier in right of his wife Rachel Mancel, Mr Amice Andros in right of Magdelaine Mancel, the daughter of the late Sr Nicolas Mancel, who was the eldest son of the deceased couple, and the Sieurs Pierre and James Mancel, Nicolas' brothers, together with the seizure of the estate of Daniel Le Clercq and its dependancy. And this Bill comprises: first, the extensive outbuildings next to the garden, portière and stackyard of the Mont Varouf house. Item. The Courtill Dozanne, Courtil Buzardierre, and Courtil à Roque next to it. Item. The Camps es Ormes next to the Courtil à Roque. Item. The Daval farm beside them. Item. The Pré Daval next to the farm. Item. The Mont Varouf furze-break that used to belong to Jean Le Messurier son of Colas. Item. The Courtil or Valley de Haut above the Neuf Chemin. Item. Half of the Courtil du Grand Maresq. Item. Land above the Pre du Bas Maresq abutting Les Ottillons. Item. The Courtill des Lohiers. Item. Le Courtil de Mont Saint. Item. The Courtill de la Rivierre. Item. The Grande Mare Giou. Item. Les Eisilliers. Item. The Pré du Cattiroc that belonged to Sr Henry Blondel. Item. The Pré du Clos Cuitty[?] with the pointe de terre of the Camp Ozouf. Item. The Grand Pre du Bas Maretz which belonged to Daniel Le Clercq. Item. The Courtil Rigni, Pré des Houches[?], and Camp de la Marette which also belonged to Le Clercq. And the Bill will receive income &c: from Jean de Garis called du Douit assignation of Jean de la Mare; Nicolas de Garis junior through the estate of Jean Brehaut des Lohiers; Jean Massy called du Coullombier; Pierre de Garis des Adams in right of his wife daughter of Pierre Brehaut of the Clere Mare; Jean & Collas Tostevin, brother and child of Pierre Tostevin in right of their mother; the heirs of Colas Brouart (T) assignation of Michell Le Ré son of Pierre; Henry Machon; the heirs of Jean de Beauvoir son of Mr Thomas de Beauvoir; Sr Nicolas de Garis Jr in right of his wife daughter of Jean Rougier; Leonard Brehaut guardian of his children in right of their mother Marie Le Messurier; Jean called du Douit; Thomas Le Mesurier de la Ville; Ollimpe Robert widow of James Fallaize as guardian of her children (Sr Henry Blondel assig.); Henry Allez purchaser of rent from Nicolas Guille (F); Pierre Allaire son of Jean; Sr Thomas Le Mesurier seized of estate of Jean Tachon by assignation Thomas Forest in right of his wife; Massey de la Rue. The Bill owes to: Mr Jean Martin; Mr Thomas De Lisle; Sr Samuel Dobrée; the Minister of SPP; Sr Nicolas de Garis Jr; Mr James de Beauvoir; Abraham L'Enfestey in right of his wife via the assignation of Thomas Massy; Mr Eleazar Le Marchant in right of his m other; Dame Rachel Perchard via the assig. Mr Thomas De Lisle; Mr Thomas De Lisle; Elizabeth Le Mesurier; Pierre Rabé in right of his wife herself in right of Pierre De Jersey and DJ in right of Pierre le Bayr; Sr Nicolas Allez (SSav); Leonard Le Messurier and Mr Amice Andros in right of their wives; Rachell de L'Espine as dowager of Jean Dobrée.

XVII (p. 26). 20 February 1732. Assignation of rent. Abraham Le Messurier son of Richard (SPB) to Jean de Garis, may draw income from Dame Catherine Careye, having inherited from Jean Le Messurier son of Nicolas through the sale he made to Mr Henry Mauger of a debt included in the Billet of Elizabeth Careye, widow of the late Nicolas Le Messurier son of Richard &c.

XVIII. 22 February 1700. Sale. Sr George de Garis, son and heir in part of Sr Jean de Garis of the Pommare, to Laurens de la Mare Junior, a Courtil called Les Huchettes (SPB) in the Contrée de la Pommare in the Fief Pommare, lying to the south of the Huchettes belonging to Aune Guille who bought them from Sr Thomas Le Messurier and th the north of the Courtil Pommare belonging to Sr Pierre de Garis in right of his wife daughter of Sr Pierre Le Messurier &c.

XIX. 22 December 1759. Sale. Letter (copy so has been corrected). Richard Gore Esq & his wife Dame Marthe Fiott sold to Sr Nicolas de Garis son of George of Dessous L'Eglise (SSav) a rent he owed them which he inherited from his late mother Dame Elizabeth de Garis, who was heir in part of her father the late Mr Nicolas de Garis, rent owed to Marthe Fiott as the heir in part of her late father Monsieur Jean Fiott. George Rose Receiver &c.

XX. p. 28. 21st September 1737. Authorization for the auction of house and land belonging to late David Naftel, at request of Sr Nicolas Blondel, the guardian of the deceased's children &c.

XXI. 14th May 1777. Sale. Daniel Du Maresq, Jean De La Mare, Treasurers of the Church of SSav. Rev. Jean Godefroy, Rector. Permission to sell rents from Church to Charles Andros Ecr., guardian [tuteur absolu] of the children of the late Sr Nicolas de Garis de Dessous L'Eglise (SSav), rents owed by Demoiselle Rachel de Garis &c.

XXII. P. 29. 4 April 1748. Bill of Ransom.

XXIII. P. 31. 15 August 1764. Rental. Damoiselle Rachel de Garis daughter of George, to her brother Nicolas, the Courtil du Grand Ménage and the Pré de la Fontaine (SSav) &c.

XXIV. 5 May 1739. See No IX above. Parties wish to avoid disagreements concerning non-distributed rents from the estate of the late [Nicolas] De Garis Senior and wife, so agreed &c.

XXV. 7 April 1543. Under seal. Thomas Compton Bailiff, John Effart and John Martin Jurats. Collas de Garris son of John (SSav) in right of his wife, daughter of Henry Basset, of the first part, and John Le Mesurier son of Pierre (SPB) of the other; De Garris acknowledged a debt to Le Mesurier in right of Le M's wife, the daughter of Guillaume Henry (SSav) &c.

XXVI. 15 July 1471. Under seal. Pierre de Beauvoir Bailiff. Phelippin Johan and Nichollas de Gary Jurats. Nichollas Macy son of George & John Le Vecheus both of SPB of the first part, and John L'Effart son of Jannyn[?] of SPP of the other; L'Effart acknowledges having sold to the said Macy and Le Vecheus rent that the said Macy owed to L'Effart in right of Guillemet Vasse on the Courtil Roux Lemont; John de Lisle, guardian [tuteur & meneur] of the children of Olivier de Lisle had sold it on their behalf to the said Nicollas Macy the younger &c.

XXVII. p. 33. Letter under seal. 12 January 1520. Initials of James Guille Bailiff. John Blondel and James Le Feybvre, Jurats. Pierre Guillebert Junior son of Collas (sic) (SA) of the first part and Leonard Brehault son of Pierre of the second, G. sold rent to B., rent owed by Pierre Le Roy[?] of SPB &c.

XXVIII. Letter under seal. 3 March 1490. John Blondell Bailiff. Pierre Le Marchant, Guillaume Le Marchaunt, Nychollas Fouaschin & John Martin, Jurats. Edmond Cheney, Seigneur d'Anneville on the one part & John De Lisle son of Nychollas (SPB) of the other. Cheney freely acknowledges having sold De Lisle the Clos Vivier (SSAv) with the little Clos to the west of it &c.

XXIX. P. 33. Letter under seal. 17 July 1515. Jamez Guille, Baillif. Guillaume Le Marchant & Jamez Lefeyvre, Jurats. Against Pierre Le Mesurier Junior in favour of Philippin[?] Gallienne (T). Retrait and share of a rent. Nichollas Massy de la Pommare, John Revell &c.

XXX. Letter under seal. 5 September 1518. Collas Corbin Jr (SPB) owed rent to Pierre Le Mesurier Jr (SPB). He sold Le Mesurier a pièche of land at Les Mares de la Pommare, between the pièche called Les Pynettes belonging to Le Mesurier and the Camp James Le Mesurier, running along the Chemin [au lonc] du Douvre, and in so doing settled his debt. Item. 18 April 1519. Guillaume & Jannequin Le Marchant, Jurats. Nicollas Corbin acknowledges having sold to Pierre Le Mesurier certain plots, listed below, a hill [eurel?] measuring 1 vergee seven perches in the Fief Suart, fees underwritten, in an area between the Le Mesurier's land and that of the heirs of Johan Le Truan[?], and another similar plot in the same area between Le Mesurier's land and the Camp Pierre Effart, in right of his wife.

Allès MSS

27 October 1689. Partage of the estate of the late Sieur Elie Brett, divided between Sieur Elie Brett, [eldest (not necessarily)] son of the said deceased, and Elizabeth Brett his sister ... Elizabeth de Jersey, widow of the deceased. [Transcribed Guérin, loose page 11.]