Perchard judgments

26th October 2015

Two interesting judgments from the 1760s. Library Perchard file.

Le Marchant MSS

23 February 1762. Dame Susanne Perchard heir in part of the acquests purchased by her sister, Dame Elizabeth Le Marchant (née Perchard), vs. Sr Henry de Jersey junior, guardian of the children of the late Sr Jean de Jersey, who while he lived was the heir of Dame Marie Perchard his late mother, the [sisters being] heirs of their mother Dame Elizabeth Bevis, [paid for with the] the sum of £333 sterling which was left to her by the late Mr Thomas Bevis, her grandfather on her mother’s side, according to his will of 18 September 1721.

The Court adjudges that they should share equally the sum of 11 quarters 3 denerels and one eighth of a denerel that Mr William Le Marchant and the said Dame Elizabeth Le Marchant (alias Perchard) his wife bought from Dame Marguerite Bonamy according to a contract of 9 May 1730, for the sum of £2500t., part of the said testamentary legacy, given that in the said will of the said Mr Thomas Bevis he bequeathed to Damoiselles Susanne, Elizabeth and Marie Perchard, his grand-daughters, the sum of £333 sterling each, on condition that the said sums were employed in acquiring an estate on behalf of and in the name of his grand-daughters and their direct descendants; and if [one of] the direct lines should go extinct, that the remaining grand-daughters then living, or their descendants should inherit it, each person as representative of the line from which he or she is descended. Dame Marie Perchard is considering whether to appeal this judgment before the Privy Council.

10 May 1760. Mr James Perchard the eldest son of the late Mr James Perchard against Sr Jean Jacques Condamine King’s Sergeant, attorney of William Hawkins, formerly the Captain of the privateer the Falcon, for £1175.19.4 tournois, for which the late Mr William Le Marchant had stood surety on behalf of the said Hawkins. They are adjudged to have to pay the said Reverend Mr James Le Marchant heir to the estate of the said Mr William Le Marchant. [William Hawkins in the Falcon in 1710.]