Peter Girard's Guernsey

15th November 2023

A list of chapter headings and photographs in Peter Girard's Guernsey: a miscellany of Guernsey history and its people, by Peter J Girard. Published by the Guernsey Press in 1986. The owners of the photographs are to be found in the acknowledgments, including those photographs belonging to the Priaulx Library Collection.


1. Ancient Document dealing with the Government of Guernsey

2. Castel Church

3. Calvinists

Interesting properties:

4. Maison de Haut, Pleinheaume, Vale (Mr Albert Roussel) (Smuggling)

5. La Maison Du Neuf Chemin, St Saviour's (The Royal Oak)

6. Cruelty in an Old School (Little Theatre) (Central Hall) (National School) (Sunday School)

7. Havilland Hall

8. Le Catioroc (Barry Jones)

9. Le Guet (Charles Mollet) with Environs of Le Guet (Albecq School, Cobo Hotel) (Road)

10. Cobo Farm and Cobo Granite (Jean Guillaume Girard) (St Matthew's) (Quarrying)

Horticulture and Agriculture:

11. Review of the Past (Varieties) (Nurseries) (Vineries)

12. Mr Raymond Falla, OBE - Reminiscences

13. Evolution of New Ideas in Farming (Cattle, cows)

14. History of the Tomato and Cultivation in Guernsey

15. Wheat (Mills) (Camparts) (Rents)

16. 'Le Bouan Vier temps', The Good Old Days (Vraic) (Cider) (Milk)

17. Cider Making in Guernsey and Jersey

18. An interesting old document marking the end of Strip Farming in Guernsey (Helier de Jersey) (Jean Girard) (Le Tertre)

19. Seaweed (Vraic)

20. Life of a Country Family 100 Years Ago (de Garis) (Girard) (Robin) (Lenfestey) (Brehaut) (Les Vinaires) (Les Menages) (James de Garis) (Jean de Garis)

with Boat-building; Guernsey's Ships and Sailors (Daniel Girard) (William Le Lacheur) (Costa Rica)  La Barranca; (John Toll); (John Le Lacheur); (Thomas Ferbrache); Diary of a Guernsey Sailor; 

21. A Four-Legged Friend

22. Conservation

23. Vazon Bay

24. Parish Procureurs

25. The French Threat: a Fortications. b. Gunners

26. Dovecotes

27. The Island Stone Industry


28. Georges Métivier

29. Mr Thomas De La Rue - Mr Thomas Moullin

30. Mr Thomas Grut

31. Christmas Holidays: Visit to Home of Hilary Le Lacheur

32. At Grandma's on New Year's Day

33. Smuggling

34. Occupation Memories


1. Seal of Thomas Blondel, jurat

2. Seal of the Fief of St Michel

3. Stones at foot of Menhir at Castel Church said to be a Fief seat of the Fief St Michel

4. Proiry of St Michel du Valle

5. Menhir outside Castel Church

6. Low side window at Castel Church

7. Medieval Church Paths

8. Mutilated Cross - St Saviour's Church

9. Maison du Haut, West Wall

10. Maison du Haut - Interior Staircase

11. Maison du Haut - Entrance ot Cahcette

12. Maison du haut - Guernsey bank

13. Maison du Neuf Chemin

14. Hougues Mill - Remains

15. 'Little Theatre' now burnt down, once a school

16. Extract of Committee Meetings indicating cruelty to children

17. HavillandHall

18. Gounds of Havilland Hall

19. Grounds of Havilland Hall

20. Le Catioroc - German-built Tower

21. Le Catioroc - dwelling seen from west

22. Catiporic - original Watch House

23. 'Mon Guet' ancient engraving

24. Guet with House among Group of Trees

25. Ancient Footpath at Lande du Guet

26. Cobo Hotel destroyed by German Forces

27. Changes made by German Forces at north of Guet

28. Painting of Guet before Trees were planted

29. La Rocque au Veau

30. Cobo Farm - built of Cobo Granite

31. Quarry below Guet, showing Granite Chimney

32. Victoria Tower, built of Cobo Granite

33. St Matthew's Church, built of Cobo Granite

34. Tubular boiler being cleared of Clinkers

35. Oldest type of Greenhouse built for Grapes

36. Oldest type of Greenhouse built for Grapes

37. Raymond Falla, OBE

38. Family labour: packing flowers and fruit

39. Daffodil pickers at work

40. Picking tulips

41. Thinning and tying of grapes

42. Cow, winner of First Prize in 1904

43. Champion Cow of 1983

44. Champion Guernsey Bull

45. Steaming of Trenches

46. Deleict Old Greenhouses

47. Modern Greenhouses

48. Possible yield from Modern Varieties of Tomato

49. Tomato Stems arched over Paths

50. High Wire method of Growing Tomatoes

51. Water Mill at Les Niots, Talbot Valley

52. Corn Sheaves in stooks or 'terziau'

53. Threshing at King's Mills ('La Batterie')

56. Seignorial Mill of Se Saumarex, St Martin's

57. La Grande Querie (the big plough)

58. Set of milk crocks

59. Mr John E Le Lacheur

59a. Winnowing Machine

60. 'Poulain d'grange' used to separate grain from straw

61. End-over-end churn

62. Dough being inserted into open oven

63. Guernsey weeder

64. Cider apple crusher

65. Cider Press

66. Circular stone troughs for crushing cider apples

67. Ancient 'low cart' used for transporting cider barrels

68. Official Seal of Royal Court

69. Collecting seaweed in Jersey

70. Arrival of seaweed on the farm

71. Load of seaweed ready to be drawn from beach

72. Modern method of gathering seaweed from beach

73. Tomatoes grown in soil and fertilised with seaweed and seaweed ash

74. Tomatoes grown in soil and fertilised with seaweed and seaweed ash

75. Les Vinaires

76. Les Menages

77. Large boat built at Les Vinaires

78. Large boat ready fo rlaunching

79. Guernsey ships rounding CApe Horn

80. Horse 'Irish Eyes' being ridden and used for drawing a van

81. Horse 'Irish Eyes' being ridden and used for drawing a van

82. At the Battle of Flowers

83. 'Bob' Froome winning a Point-to-Point on 'Irish Eyes'

84. Course of Point-to-point at Pleinmont

85. Large orchid in National Trust property

86. 'Ladies Smock' growing in marshy field

87. Orchid from Les Vicheries Reserve belongin to La Société Guernesiase

88. Bee orchid form Grandes Rocques

89. Orchid from Les Vicheries Reserve

90. First pieces of wood from submerged forest, Vazon

91. Map showing ancient ponds and lakes

92. Deposits at Grande Mare, Vazon

93. Schoolboys sitting on peat at Vazon beach

94. Guernsey's largest water course at Grande Mare

95. Overlooking La Grande Mare

96. Method used to transform floor of pond into grassland

97. Digging out blocks of peat at Grande Mare in Occupation

98. Old Alms Box in St Saviour's Church

99. Clarence Battery

100. Fort le Crocq, now completely destroyed

101. Fort Houmet, Vazon

102. Watch-House at Le Guet, Cobo

103. Rear of St Saviour's Church

104. Building once used ot house parish gun

105. Torteval colombier, interior (dovecote)

106. Colombier of Manoir de la Hague, Guernsey

107. Seignorial dovecote or colombier, Torteval

108. Remains of Colombier on Lihou Island

109. Baubigny Quarry

110. Workmen in Bichard's Quarry at Beaucette

111. Griffith's stone crushing works at St Sampson's

113. Quarry at Carteret, Cobo

114. Georges Metivier

115. Mr Thomas Moullin

116. Mrs Thomas Moullin

117. The Grut family

118. New Year's Day 1984: food for ancient oven

119. Pans of food ready for oven at Mr Hilary Le Lacheur's home

119a. Cottage where family gathering was held

120. Snow-covered lane leading to cottage

121. Artist's impression of handling of contraband goods

122. Occupation Intermediate School 1945

123. Amateur dramatics at Castel School during Occupation

124. Boys at Occupation Intermediate School with teacher