Proceedings of Consistory of St Martin's, 1627-1655

Transcribed by Reverend George Lee. Personal names and reason for charge. For fuller details of the document please contact the Library.

1627. Mr Samuel De La Place, Minister. Sieurs Thomas Andros, Pierre Ollivier, Thomas Robert, elders of the parish.

Breaking and entering: Laurence Ollivier, Edmond Pitart, Jehannet Robert, Perotine Duquemin. disagreement about ownership of a pew: Jean Bonamy (elder). Collas Tourtel son of Jean, Pierre de Beaugy, Pierre Blanche, Collas Le Chevalier, Jean Tourtel. Temporary excommunication: Collas and Françoise Des Perques; David Le Lièvre (miller); Pierre Sauvary and wife (bakers).

1628. David Le Lièvre readmitted. Pierre Sauvary and wife readmitted. Collas Des Perques and wife still excommunicated; Collette de Calles excommunicated. Readmitted. Collas Des Perques and wife readmitted. Dancing and partying on Sabbath: Perotine de Bretran [Bertran], Jenette Pitart, Aune Mauger [Anne], Elizabeth de Bretran. Dancing on Sabbath: Aune Dorré [Anne Dorey] wife of Pierre Marche, Magdelaine Guille. Sent to Colloque for persistent offending: David Le Lièvre. Scandalous talk: Jean Pitart, Messrs les Gibautz; sent to the Colloque. Anne Dorré wife of Pierre Marche, Perotine de Bretran, Jenette Pitart, Aune Mauger readmitted. Unruly behaviour: Pierre and Jean Pitart, sons of Jean, Guillaume Le Lacheur. Stealing milk: Katherine Pitart wife of Pierre Sandre, Pierre Maindonal. Thomas de Beaugy, Elizabeth Hugues his sister-in-law; Collas Mauger du Moullin and wife Katherine Ollivier.

1629. Guillaume Jehan, verger.

1630. Collas Desperques son of Jehanet, his sons Thomas, Pierre and Collas Desperques, Andry Martin [André], excommunicated and censured.

Vouarouverie. Guillaume Ollivier, Pierre Tourtel, Collas Mauger son of Thomas, James Le Retilley son of Mich[el?], James le Retilley son of Coll[as], Collas Robert son of Thomas Robert ['le grand Thomas Robert']. Excommunicated: Jean Le Page son of Henry.

1631. Quarrelling: Jeane widow of Jacques de la Rue and daughter Elizabeth, Magdelaine Pezet. Drunk in church: Pierre Heaume. Scandalous behaviour and witchcraft: Catherine wife of Pierre Sandre, Susanne wife of Samuel Collas.

1632. Collas Mauger son of Thomas, Jammes Le Retilley, Abraham Sandre, Thomas Blanche, Daniel Rabay, Thomasse Guignon.

1633. Richart Thommes. [Guillome] Guillaume Jehan. Thomas Marche daughter of Collas, Elizabeth wife of Collas Guille.

1635. Pierre Rabay son of Jean, Elizabeth Bot. Elizabeth Blanche. Insult: Guillaume Ollivier, Perotine the wife of Pierre Ollivier des Hubits.

1636. Scandalous talk: Christine du Froc wife of Jean Le Retilley, Pierre du Froc her brother.

1638. Oppostion to marriage: Sieur Pierre Brehaut, Michel Blanche, Perotine Vaucourt, Catherine Tourtel; to Colloque. Quarrel: Jean Le Retilley, Collas Tourtel son of Hellier.

1640. Marguerite Le Sauvage, her husband James de Havilland.

1646. Jean de la Place Minister, Nicolas Guille, elder, Helier Roubert and Nicolas Retilley, Deacons [Diacres]. Paillardise: Margueritte Hiaume [Heaume] of St Peter Port, David Le Lièvre. Bad behaviour: Marie Pillou. Broken promise of marriage: Jean Dufroc son of Jacques, Collas Maugeur called 'Gros Doigt,' [i.e. 'Thumb,'] Catherine Maugeur his daughter; sent to Colloque. Daniel Rabai and wife, Catelinne Maugeur daughter of Collas, Jean Du Froc.

1647. Thomas Le Marchant, Minister. Jean Le Retilley son of Jean. Jean Tardif and wife and daughter Michelle wife of said Le Retilley. Jean de la Place minister. Charles de la Marche, minister. Jammes Gouan [Gauvain], Jean Thomas. Unruly behaviour: Jean Pilou, Pierre Rabay, Jan Sovari [Jean Sauvary], Thomas Vocourt.

1648. Nicolas Novel minister. Daniel Thomas, Catherine his wife. Thomas Martin and Marie Thommes his wife. Pierre Le Page and Judith his wife. Excommunication: Jammes Gouain. Objection to elections of elders: Jammes Gouain, Jean Nicolle, Collas Maugeur, Thoumas Marche, Pierre [Hanry] Henry; to colloque.

1649. Samuel de la Place, minister; Thomas Robert, Nicolas Guille, elders. Jean le Retilley junior and Michelle Tardif his wife.

1650. Paillardise: Laurence daughter of Collas Thoumes. Unruly behaviour: Collas Tardif.

Officials of St Martin's Church. Minister: Mr Thomas Le Marchant. Elder: Mr John Bonamy, & Sr Helier Robert deacon [diacre], with responsibility for watching over the area [quartier] of La Villette. Elder: Sr Thomas Robert & deacon Sr Thomas Falaize, over the area of Fermains. Elder: Sr Nicolas Guille & deacon Sr Nicolas de Mouillepied for Saints. Elder: Sr Nicolas Le Retilley & Sr Jean Thommes deacon for La Belleuse and Les Hubits.

1652. Broken promise. Thomas Germain of St Peter Port, Marguerite de France.

1654. Jean Mogeur [Maugeur] son of Jean of Saints, Jean Le Retilley. Nicolas Blanche, Anne wife of Jehannet Desperques; to the Royal Court.

1655. Broken promise. Pierre Le Page son of Jean, Helier Robert and Michelle his daughter.

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