Proper names from Livre des Jugements

Modernized list of people mentioned in legal cases, from a transcription of p. 223 of Livre des Jugements, Vol. I, in History of the Guernsey Churches scrapbook.

8 October 1557: Nicolas De La Court, Pierre Henry, John Le Tocq, Collas Massey, John La Loë, Pierre Mahaut, Thomas Effard son of John, Collas [Nicolas] Carey, Collas [Nicolas] De La Court.

22 February 1556/7: John De Beaucamp son of Richard,1 Noel Lihou, John Mollet, Thomas Coquerel.

1551: Richard Maindonald son of John, Nicolas Martin son of John, James De Havilland.

1549: Pierre Falla, Etienne Falla.

1549: Nicolas Blondel son of Thomas, Jeanette Baudains, Emet {Esme} daughter of James Blondel, Pierre Brouard, Margueritte daughter of John Clouet, Gautier de Mouilpied.

1541: Etienne Salmon son of John, his daughter Collette, John Queripel son of John, Pierre Le Breton, Michel Le Petit, William Le Marchant.

1 See E B Moullin, 'The Old House of Les Beaucamps,' Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society, XI (1), pp. 17-18; for Marguitte (de Beaucamp) widow of Jehan Tiaut and Thomas de Beaucamp son of Pierre, see Colloque June 1599, p. 165, and QRGS XXIII (1) Spring 1967, p. 15; house demolished but 'arched doorway sold and will remain in the island.'