Properties owned by the States

9th June 2021

From the 'Press' Directory and Almanack, 1912, p. 39. 

The most valuable properties owned by the States are the Harbours of the Island. The Harbour of St Peter-Port has an extent of about 73 acres. The new Harbour was constructed under Orders-in-Council of 1851 and 1858. The original estimated cost was about £195,000, but it is estimated that about £350,000 has actually been spent. New berths have been constructed at St Julian's Emplacement, the States having voted £10,000 for the purpose on September 13, 1905. An additional £3,000 was voted on February 6, 1907. The origianl debt was extinguished on December 31, 1903.

St Sampson's Harbour is about 22 acres in extent.


Canton No 1: Salerie Battery, l'Hyvreuse Estate (sixteen vergeés), St Julian's Gardens and Plantations, Candie Grounds (11 vergeés), a strip of land in Candie Road, Old College (Laboratory) and garden, Smith Street Plantation, Elizabeth College with grounds (7 vergeés), Lukis Museum and garden, Victoria Tower, cottage and gardens at Les Pageots (3 vergeés), Town Arsenal (3 vergeés). 

L'Hyvreuse Estate, purchased from the Fund of the Bailiff and Jurats, is registered in the Cadastre as States property. Elizabeth College was transferred to the States in 1568. The Lukis Museum, acquired in 1908, has cost the States £2,500. The Victoria Tower was erected in 1848 at a cost of about £2,000. For the erection of the Town Arsenal the States on February 9 1849 voted £4,500, and on December 7, 1849, £500.

Canton No 2: Record room (Greffe) and land, houses and land in St James' Street, Telephone Exchange and Stores, Clifton (see Telephone Council), Intermediate School for Boys (4 vergeés 9 perch).

Canton No 3: Plantation in Church Square, the French Halles, the King's Weights, reservoir and land in Victoria Road.

Canton No 4: House at corner of Church Hill and Quay, Markets, plantations, houses and shops in Fountain Street (2 vergeés 12 perch), the States Offices, land at Contrée Croix (Mill Street), plantation Trinity Square, land in Bordage, plantation Tour Beauregard, store at South Esplanade, Vallette Plantations (7 vergeés32 perch), Park Street Plantation, de Putron estate.

The rental value of the Markets and Fountain Street property is estimated at £1,000 per annum. The de Putron estate was acquired in 1907 for the erection of an Island Asylum. The purchase price, £3,500, was voted on Febraury 6, 1907, and on OCtober 30, 1907, an additional £250 was voted for the purchase of adjoining War Department land.


Foreshore at Les Banques (13 vergeés 28 perch). Weighbridge at South Quay, Harbour Offices (house and offices), the de Saumarez Monument, and Delancey Park (15½ acres), plantation at L'Islet Road (5 vergeés37 perch), the Baubigny Arsenal (7 vergeés 20 perch). The de Saumarez Monument was erected in 1876 as a memorial to Admiral Lord de Saumarez.

The States on October 5, 1910, authorised the Supervisor to purchase Delancey Park from the War Office for the sum of £2,250 British, and to incur the necessary expenses.


Two stores at the North Side, Carrefour des Cinq Rues (Route des Coutures). Patent Slip with house, machinery etc., the Bridge, planation at Pont St Michel.


Land at Hougues, Fair Field (2 vergeés 34 perch), Isolation Hospital and land (4 vergeés 18 perch), land at Hougue Lane and Villocq Road, house and land (Telephone Department), Beauchamp (sic) Encampment (19 vergeés 16 perch), Dunes, disused batteries etc., (about 140 vergeés).

The Isolation Hospital was opened in December, 1902. On January 4, 1901, the Sttes voted £1,780 for the site, and on March 20, 1901, £6,500 for the erection of the necessary buildings. The Beauchamps Encampment was built for the accommodation of the Militia when re-organised. On February 13, 1901, the States voted £18,000 for the erection of the huts.


Islets Arsenal (5 vergeés 35 perch. Only 17 perch is in St Peter's, the remainder being in St Saviour's), battery and land at L'Eree, land and house at ROcquaine (Telephone Council), land at Rue du Camp au Pretre, Rocquaine Castle (2 vergeés 32 perch), Dunes at Rocquaine (about 6 vergeés), Fort Brock, Dunes de la Tourquetil (11 vergeés 39 perch), Guard House, Rue des Corbinets.


Islets Arsenal, plantations at Route du Mont Saint and Route de la Grande Rue, Cromlech Mont Chinchon.


Land at Route d'Icart, plantation Les Croutes, Doyle Column and land (2 vergeés 12 perch). The erection of the Doyle Column was entrusted to a Committee named on August 29, 1816.


Les Naftiaux Arsenal (5 vergeés 32 perch). The States on July 6, 1880, accorded a credit of £1,000 per annum for 12 years, and on Febraury 17, 1882, a credit of £500 per annum for 12 years for the erection of the Country Arsenals. There was a supplementary vote of £340 for the Beauchamps and Islets Arsenals on April 5, 1883.