Provision of Beer and Cider, 1862

30th June 2020

List of publicans, 1862

Extract from the Order of 16 September 1856.

Article 1. No-one may retail Beer or Cider to be drunk upon their premises, unless they have previously obtained a license, on pain of a fine of no less than 14 livres tournois; if the party is a Stranger, they will in addition be required to provide a guarantee, in case they reoffend, or to leave the island. A second infraction will render them liable to a fine of up to 140 livres tournois.

Article 2. It is absolutely forbidden for Licensees of Beer and Cider to sell Spirits and Wine: and any Spirits or Wine found upon their premises will be confiscated.

Names of those who hold Licenses for the sale of Beer and Cider for the current year:

St Peter Port Parish.

S-M Maindonald, Bordage.

A Le Briseur, Fountain Street.

William Trambath, Commercial Arcade.

Amos Chick, idem.

F-B Nicolle, idem.

The widow Biddlecombe, idem.

Alfred Weston, the Quays.

John Blackler, South Esplanade.

Martin Brady, Cornet Street.

M-A Mackey, idem.

Desirée Le Conte, idem.

James Lennon, Fort Road.

Thw widow of Charles Mauger, idem.

Margaret Digman, Hauteville.

Thomas Smith, Charrotterie.

Goerge Warr, Ruettes Brayes.

Thomas Hine, Park Street.

Jacques Orange, Vauvert.

Joseph Hutchings, Gravees.

Nicolas Robilliard, St Jacques.

Ellen Allen, Couture.

George Webber, Fosse André.

John Hardy, Havilland Street.

William Warr, St George Street.

John Jory, idem.

Mary Pasquier, Contrée Mansell.

Mary Crimp. Paris Street.

Thomas Edwards, idem.


St Sampson.

Robert Gibbon, Delancey.



The widow Le Poidevin, Grands Ponts.

James Long, Braye.

George Wheadon, Pont Allaire.

Nicolas de Jersey, Moye.

Veuve Bougourd, St Magloire.



Daniel Logan, Grandes Rocques.

The widow Le Page, Cobo.

Jean Mahy, Vazon.



Thomas Bourgaize, Basses Vallees [Gouffre]

The widow Le Tullier, Landes.


St Martin.

John Thomas, Bouvees.


St Andrew.

Nicholas Priaulx, Bailiff's Cross.