The Queen's Birthday, 1803

9th June 2016

From the Morning Post, February 1, 1803.

Guernsey, January 19 1803

Yesterday, being HER MAJESTY'S Birth-day, it was celebrated here with every demonstration of loyalty and respect. The morning was ushered in with peals of joy bells; the colours were displayed from all the forts, and at noon a royal salute was fired from the batteries, and answered by a feu de joie from the troops. A grand entertainment was given by our new Commandant, General DOYLE, to the High Bailiff, the principal Officers of the Royal Court, the Field Officers of the Regulars, and of the Militia, with the Heads of Departments: many loyal and appropriate toasts were given—The King—The Queen—Prince of Wales—Duke of York, and the Army—Duke of Clarence, and the Navy—Lord Grey, and prosperity to the Island of Guernsey & c &c. The whole was enlivened by military music, playing loyal and national airs. The General's house was most brilliantly illuminated, and in the centre were placed Her MAJESTY's Cypher and Crown, in transparency, and variegated lamps. At night there was a grand ball given by the Gentlemen of our island. The country dances were begun by the Commandant and Lady SAUMAREZ, and lasted until one o'clock, at which time 250 persons sat down to an elegant supper, after which the company were entertained with charming singing from the Ladies and Gentlemen, occasionally relieved by martial music. At three the company retired, highly delighted with the entertainments they had received.

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