Ralph Durand: Africa cuttings book

15th April 2016
Boer War Encampment from Ralph Durand's Africa Cuttings Book, Priaulx LIbrary Collection

A list of the contents of one of the former Chief Librarian's cuttings books, articles by Durand which he contributed to various publications, concerning his travels in Africa and elsewhere. The photograph above is one of several pasted into the book, and shows an abandoned Boer encampment.

‘Droving in the dark continent.’ By Anthony Raddle (in pencil = Durand)

The Sketcher, March 25 1899.‘ Droving in the dark continent II.’ By Anthony Raddle

‘Droving in the dark continent III.’ By Anthony Raddle (in ink = R A Durand)

Two outline drawings: Sketch of operations. First days fighting at Vaalkrants. With extract from pocket book ‘written on that and subsequent days.’ Dated 5 February 1900 until 12th.

‘With the TMI into Ladysmith.’ Accompanied by original photographs of Boer encampment.

Notice of a Lecture, Ozanne Hall. Guernsey, May 12 1902. British Central Africa.

Newspaper cutting describing the lecture.

‘In England’s youngest colony.’ Re British Central Africa. 2 photographs of groups of men.

St Michael’s Chronicle (Michaelhouse, Balgowan, Natal). Review of ‘Reminiscences of Batavia.’

‘Reminiscences of Batavia.’ Chamber’s Journal, April, 1903.

‘In Central Africa with a Rifle.’ June 21 1902.

‘Pot-shooting on the Ruenya.’ July 19 1902.

‘Cattle-droving in Central Africa I.’ September 12 1902.

‘Cattle-droving in Central Africa II.’ (n.d.)

‘Cattle-droving in Central Africa III.’ (n.d.)

‘Scalp and fur hunting in Queensland.’ January 3 1908.

‘Zambesi canoes and canoemen.’ Land and Water April 11 1903.

‘Richard Cobden. The man and his policy.’ No., 48.

‘On the Cape to Cairo road.’ The British Realm, November 1903.

‘What, no alligators?’ Letter to unidentified newspaper.

‘The curse of the cromlechs.’ Letter, St James’ Gazette, 17 June 1904.

‘The case for the Congo officials.’ The Monthly Review, August 1904.

Review of above. Morning Post, 5 May 1904.

Discussion of above: ‘What should be done on the Congo.’

‘As mad as a hatter.’ Letter dated November 29.

‘Depopulation on the Congo.’ Special Congo supplement to the West African Mail.  November 1904.