Regatta, January 1952

From the Guernsey Press, 5 January 1952; the projected revival of the Town Regatta.

If hopes materialise, the Town Regatta will cease to be an almost forgotten memory and will return to its rightful place in the Guernsey calendar of annual events. In the near future a public meeting is to be held when the question of this function's revival will be discussed, and we have a feeling that the answer will be 'Pour.'

Up to about a quarter of a century ago aquatic events numbered among the big attractions of the island. Water Carnivals were rare, but Regattas were numerous. They were held annually at St Peter Port, St Sampson's, Grand Havre and Rocquaine (the Sark Regatta was also another yearly event), and mighty popular they were. The decline of sailing fishing boats contributed towards the gradual cessation of these contests, and one by one they dropped out of the calendar. Many islanders believed that they had gone for all time, and shook their heads in regret.

Last year the tide turned. The popularity of the Liberation Day Water Carnival prompted the States to stage two more during the summer, and so successful were they that this attraction has come to stay. In equal measure, the venture of Northeners in reviving their Regatta has met with well deserved support, and this, too, has resumed its place in the year's entertainments. Encouraged, no doubt, by this, St Peter Port is to consider bringing back its Regatta to life, and we hope and believe that if this is attempted it will meet with support.

With our excellent harbour we have a ready-made stage for all types of aquatic entertainment. In our fishermen, yachtsmen, boat-owners and swimmers we have the actors. Ring up the curtains, then!