Rental of Andre Monamy, Jurat, 25 January 1564

Notes taken by Edith Carey from the De Guérin MSS and the Lee MSS. 

The Etur family

Les lettres No 25 sont d'une mesme teneur et contiennent comme Nicollas Ettur fils Pierre bailla a Nicolas Ettur fils Nicollas pere de ma grand mere la moitié du jardin de la Rue Cachevassal sceant entre la grange de Nicollas le Cornu qui fut aux hoirs Jacques Petiot et la grange es saisis de l'heritage Jean Blanche qui fut a Toussainct Vaudin, Qui estoit escheu au dit Nicollas Ettur fils Pierre pour sa part du vingtyesme p. le pris de Cinq boisses et cabotell de ffroment de Rente, Que le dit Nicollas Ettur fils Nicollas luy tourna et assigna de recepvoir de Piere Navetele de St André les dittes Lettres datées du 25th Jour de Janvier 1564. Et le dit Jardin est escheu en partage a Dame Bertranne Ettur (fille du dit Nicollas Ettur fils Nicollas ma grandmere ...)

The contents of letters No 25 are similar and show how Nicolas Etur, son of Pierre, sold to Nicolas Etur the son of Nicolas father of my grandmother, half the garden in the Rue Cachevassal situated between Nicolas Le Cornu's barn, which previously belonged to the heirs of Jacques Petiot, and the barn belonging to the estate of Jean Blanche, which formerly belonged to Toussaint Vaudin. It came to the aforementioned Nicolas son of Pierre as his part of the vingtième for the price of 5 bushels and a cabotel of wheat rent, which Nicolas son of Nicolas turned over and assigned to him, to be paid to him by Pierre Naftel of St Andrew. The letters are dated 25 January 1564. And the said garden came to Dame Bertranne Etur (daughter of Nicolas Etur son of Nicolas), my grandmother, as part of her inheritance ...

Lee MSS, Greffe:

May 2 1617, suit concerning Partage of estate of André Monamy son of Etienne. Shared between Jean Guille in right of his wife Marie, Pierre Bonamy, in right of his wife Elizabeth, these ladies being the daughters of the said André Monamy; their late brother being Elie Monamy.

1st Bill: ownership of small garden in Berthelot Street between Nicollas Patron's house and that of Jean Alles son of Edouard; rents due from Collas Naftel (Navetel) of St Andrew's; Jean de la Marche, seized of the estate of Robin Moulin; heirs Helier Tourtel; Thomas Mauger of St Saviour's; heirs Guillaume Beauvoir du Bosq; Philippe le Poitevin pour Herivel (Jersey measure). 2nd Bill: from Ollivier le Prevost on behalf of the heirs of Nicolas de la Marche ex sale Thomelin Etur; from Collas Vaucourt; from Jean Le Feuvre son of Olivier; heirs Gautier Agenor; Collas Ahier of St Saviour in Jersey (Jersey measure); heirs Perchard of St Saviour in Jersey (Jersey measure). Bills given one to each daughter. Jurats Thomas Beauvoir, Eléazar Le Marchant. [Staff, Inq. post mortem &c., XI p. 62]

Also from Hutchesson MSS:

Partage of Denis Le Marchant, 3 June 1393.

See 'Part extract of title; Maison Monamy' (St Jacques), Library Houses files, from 1732 on.

'Monamy Pedigree,' n.d. (prob. TWM de Guérin), misc. in Le Marchant family files:

The only André who might have married Rebecca Guille is André, born 11 June 1587, who died without issue. If so, this date must have been 1612 and the stone must have come from another building, as he never possessed the St Jacques house. His sister Mary (b. 1588) had married a John Guille, by whom she had a daughter who died unmarried. His other sister Elizabeth (b. 5 July 1584) married, 5 February 1608, Pierre Bonamy of Le Grand Carrefour, whose descendants still exist. He was son of Hellier Bonamy of Les Caches, St Martin's.