Report concerning the propositions of the Earl of Danbie Governor of Garnsey, 1627

12th May 2015

State Paper Office, December 18, 1627. Present: Earl of Totnes, Earl of Dorset, Lord Viscount Conway, Mr Treasurer, Mr Secretary Coke. From De GuĂ©rin's MSS notes in the Library's Forts and Fortifications file.

The Committee's report concerning the propositions of the Earl of Danby Governor of Garnsey.

1. They hold it just and necessarie to have an assignment presently made for the allowance of 3 months' pay as here demanded, because without it the 200 men sent to defend the island cannot longer subsist.
2. They conceave an imprest of six moneths pay to bee no less requisite, a less proportion, not affording meanes to supplie the soldiers with apparel and lendings.
3. They think fit the munition bee supplied from time to time by warrant from the Board to the master of the Ordinance, upon demands to bee made by the Governor of such wants as shall appeare by accompts to bee given of the expenses and remaines.
4. A magazin of 6 moneths victuals for 200 men, and an imprest to bee made, upon estimate therof made, is found necessarie, and not improfitable for His Majestie's being furnished at the best hande; and due defalcation being made out of the pay and lendings of the soldiers for such quantities as shall bee issued, and so as the remains (if any bee) may bee sold for His Majestie's advantage.
5. Able ingeniers are most necessarie and so bee found out and maintained.
6. It much importeth both the welfare and saftie of the people, and honor of the King, that the customs, tolls, taxes, and levies, which have been royally granted for publique uses should accordingly bee imploied, and therefore it is conceaved that the Governor, by his commission and authoritie, may provide that they bee otherwise diverted; and if by remissness or securitie of former times anie disorder hath crept in, a special instruction may now be given from His Majestie to the Governor and his Lieutenant or Deputie to call Mrs Bailif and Jurats both to understand by them the true state of their imploiments, and to take order with them for reformation of what hath been misgoverned, and to direct what may best conduce for the preservation and benefit of the Island in this doubtful times.

Concerning martial law, it is thought convenient that commission bee given to the Governor and his Lieutenant for execution therof in martial causes, as shall bee limited by instructions under the King's hand.
7. The sending of ships thought verie important; and therefore they recommend it to the wisdom and care of the Lord Admiral.
8. The stay of all manner of shipping in case of danger and necessarie defence they conceave to bee already in the Governor's commission, or els fit to bee added by instructions to be given.
9. For salt peter, it is approved that as much as may bee had bee sent over from thence to bee converted here into powder and sent back for the use of the Iland.
10. For the powder house, it is agreed that a hundredth pounds is a reasonable sume for that necessarie use.