Rozel Terrace School

6th August 2015

BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, conducted by Mrs S SPURGEON. From the Comet, February 1853.

Mrs SPURGEON intends to open a school for Young Ladies on the 27th March next, and, in making this announcement, begs to assure parents, that in her Establishment they will find conscientious and parental attention paid to the pupils in their several departments, and a deep solicitude for their moral and religious training.

The course of education comprises the English and French languages; History, Ancient and Modern; Mental and Slate Arithmetic; Geography, Modern and Ancient (especially that which is illustrative of the Holy Scriptures); the use of the Globes, &c. Particular attention will be paid to the inculcation of religious truth and the acquisition of Biblical knowledge. Plain and Ornamental Needlework, Samplers &c &c &c.

Terms (including all the branches specified above except French), one guinea per quarter. French, Drawing, and Music, 10s each. Boarders, £22 per annum; Weekly Boarders, £18; Daily Boarders, £12.

Mrs SPURGEON hopes to enjoy a measure of public patronage, in consequence of her long experience and particular method of imparting instruction, it being eminently calculated to draw out the minds of the young and make them think and enquire after cause and effect. This end once accomplished, it is astonishing to see the rapid progress a child makes. The pupils will be examined annually in the presence of their parents and friends.

Hours of attendance, from 9 till 3 o'clock, with an hour's relaxation at noon.

NB No communication whatever with Mr Spurgeon's pupils, there being separate entrances.


Madam,—From my knowledge of your long and extensive experience in the education of young ladies, I shall willingly meet the enquiries of parents or friends whom you may wish to refer to me. M SCOTT.

MRS SPURGEON, I may soberly say, possesses high and combined requisites for conducting a Ladies' Seminary. An aptitude to teach, a genial disposition, a large amount of maternal and moral influence, also other varied and acquired facilities for useful instruction and training. H WATTS, Minister at Zion Chapel.

Dalston, London. Dear Madam,I can truly say to any one who should enquire, that I consider you particularly well qualified, not only by information, but by a certain natural aptitude, for the new task you intend to impose upon yourself. J A SHARP.

Heston, 13th February, 1853. I can conscientiously testify that I know no person better qualified to instruct and guide youth than Mrs Spurgeon; and there cannot be a better example of natural, and consequently graceful, deportment than her own daughter. T FRASER, Capt. EIC.


Thomas Le Retilley, Esq., Jurat of the Royal Court, Mrs D Scott, Reverend J S Hine, Reverend H Watts, Dr Collenette, Colonel Lacy, Mr William Maillard, Editor of the Comet, and Peter Brouard, Esq., Guernsey; James A Sharp, Esq., Dalston, London; Reverend George Boddy, Rector at Woolwich, and Mathematical Tutor at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; Mr Thomas Jones, Carmarthen, Wales; Reverend Thomas Burdett, Haverford West, Wales; the Misses Ramsay, (sisters of the late Lady Fairfax), Brighton.