Sark names

A list of Sark surnames, from Cachemaille's The Island of Sark, originally published in 1874-76, ed. Laura Hale, 1928.

A list of the names of the first inhabitants of Sark, who came with the Seigneur of St Ouen, or soon after. Taken from the Registers from 1570-1603. [These are copied by Reverend Cachemaille as written in the registers, rather than modernized, as Slowly, Brevint, Romeril etc.]

Hamon, Brevin, Poindextre, Griphon, De Carteret, Guille, Le Conteur, Christin, Rogier, Dolbel, Vaudin, Gueste, Mahier, Pipet, Masurier, Gaudin, Noel, Huc, Dubois, Nicole, Baleine, Rhoe, Alexandre, Dupré, Vibert, Le Broc, Le Bouvier, Jagau, Tanqueray, Le Cerf, Martin, Quedey, Hotton, Sloly, Romery, Des Claudes, Des Landes, Smith, Bayer, Paychin, Chevalier, Gregory, Le Gros.

Only seven names of this list still in the island in 1875. [These are in italics. As only six are picked out, one assumes that Laura Hale meant to include Guille in the seven.] P. 241.


Lefèvre, 9 families; Drillot, 5 families; Baker, 14 families; Hamon, 27 families; Carré, 14 families; Guille, 16 families; De Carteret, 16 families; Hotton, 5 families; Des Caudeville or Cook, 4 families; Vaudin, 5 families; Le Masurier, 2 families; Henry, 1 family; Gascoigne, 1; Mollet, 5; Godfray, 2 families; Massey, 2 families; Collings, 1; Mauger, 1; Rowe, 1; Cachemaille, 1; Grut, 1; Le Page, 1; Girard, 1; Hazelhurst, 1; Palot, 1; Remphry, 1; Any Brechou, 1. P. 293.


Marden, Durand, Platt, Taylor, Ladler, Mason, Lamb, Henderson, Campbell, Riley, Picthall, Crampton.

P. 294.