Second Bill of Partage of Guillaume Henry's estate, 1512

Transcribed in Partages No. 1, Staff.

Second Bill of partage of the estate of Guillaume Henry, distribution made between Pierre Le Mesurier and [Ni]collas Le Vecheux, guardians and Protectors [tuteurs et meneurs] for the late Guillaume Henry's two daughters &c.


The house that used to belong to J[ohan?] Jermiye and the cottages.

Item. The gardens top and bottom and all the land associated with the entrances and exits [=inlets and outlets]. Item. The grand Courtil de la Maisonette. Item. The Courtil du Maresquet. Item. The Courtil à Jaon de Beau Regart. Item. The Carreaux de dehors la porte. Item. The Grand Courtil de la Flaquée. Item. The Grand Courtil de la Haute Croute. Item. The Camp Caboterall which belonged to Collas Guillebert. Item. The fields that belonged to John Le Janne. Item. The Courtil des Basses and the garden. Item. The two Courtils de la Touraille [where grain (barley) is dried]. Item. Half of the Courtil Montgressyas above the road. Item. The Courtil des Crabbes. Item. All the land of the Maison Johan[?]. Item. The pièches at the Rue Aubreye. Item. The pièche de 'au long de Pierre Le Mesurier.' Item. The two Camps des Choffyns.

And this Bill will receive income: firstly from the heirs of Collas Symon of Torteval &c. Item. from John de Garis in right of his wife Christine &c. Item. from James Langlois &c. [Bill completed page 13.]

13. XI. Second part of second Bill. Item. From Pierre Le Prevost, Collas Rougier son of Michiel, the heirs of Collas Bachelier, Pierre Alles, John Symon son of Collin, Richard Jermye, Philippin Paint, the heirs of Collas de Lereye, Thomas Gyffart. The Bill pays out to the heirs of John Maindonald (SSav.), the heirs of Pierre Nicollas in right of John Cartier, the heirs of Collas du Val, the Fraternity of Notre Dame of Saint Saviour, to Collas Carypell, the minister of the Forest, the Fraternity of Notre Dames des Clercs of St Saviour, the heirs of Collas de Lereye, Thomas Henry son of Guillaume, Jammes Le Huray, Collas Brehault son of John, the heirs of Jean du Maresq, Pierre Le Prevost, the heirs of Maturin Payn, John Le Mesurier, John Davy, the Fief de Longues.

Le Vecheulx, Jean Jeremie, Collas Guilbert, Choffin, Collas Simon, Collas Queripel, James Le Huray, Jean Quertier