September 1806

Alderney Races, among other things, featuring Mackenzie's brown mare, called Snowball!

Arrival of vessels into Guernsey I; after-grass from Mount-Durand; Berné Blanche; ship Greyhound, cutter Dart, ship Mary-Wright; Dews, Knight; James Lihou, Moulin de l'Echelle; Rose; Alderney Races; Smith, New Town; Le Lièvre, Rose; Arrivals II; Hubert, Heathfield, Tourtel; cutter General Doyle; Nicolas Naftel, Colleton; Arrivals III; lugger Resolution, cutter Lively; Sarchet; Zachary Mahy; Vaudin, Dews, Scott; Nicolas Le Breton; F Tarone; Sohier, Allez; carts to work on the Braye du Valle; Arrivals IV; Jones, Vaudin; Cochran, Helier De Putron, Sakisson; Torode; lugger Sandwich, ship Hope, Giffard, ship Fame, privateers Minerva, Lord Nelson; Platon, Robilliard; 56th Regiment.

Gazette de Guernesey, Saturday 6th September 1806.

Arrival of Vessels into Guernsey, from 29 August to 3rd September.

Princess Augusta, Captain Clarke, of Weymouth, with cattle. Brilliant, Captain Court, from Weymouth, ditto, cattle. Two Friends, Captain Gaudin, from Weymouth, cattle. Trafalgar, Captain Chamberlain, from Lyme, cattle. Ranger, Captain Wincey, from Swanage, stone. Little Arthur, Capt. Burridge, from Southampton, various. Active, scout, Capt. Bazin, from Cowes. Phoenix, scout, Capt. White, from Portsmouth. Dart, pivateer, Capt. Touzel, from a cruise, no prizes. Mary, Capt. Denis, from Southampton, various. Aeolus, Capt. Domaille, from Southampton, various. Property, Capt. Durell, from Jersey. Industry, schooner, Capt. Coker, from Jersey, wine. Amiable (sic) Betsy, Capt. Philip, from Jersey, various. Rose, scout, Capt. Pierway, from Jersey. Intrepid, privateer, Capt. Berryman, from a cruise, no prizes. Chesterfield, packet, Capt. Wood, from Weymouth. Abeona, scout, Capt. Cook, from Alderney. Two Brothers, Capt. Taylor, from Torbay. Lilly, Capt. Jolly, from Fowey. Peggy, Capt. Carre, from Jersey. Diligent, Capt. Grut, from Southampton, various. Good Advice, Capt. Curtis, from Gweek. Speculation, Capt. May, from Mevagissey. Idas, Capt. Wingfield, from Hastings. Susan, Capt. Full, from Exeter, cargo flour, etc. Heed, Capt. Furze, from Fowey. Austin, brig, Capt. Hornet, from Jersey. Charlotte, Capt. Le Marchant, from Weymouth, cattle.

The after-grass from the following fields is available to rent, until the 14th November next, with immediate possession; they are situated near Mount Durand; viz. Petite Croûte, containing 6 vergées, 32 perches; Grande Croûte, 8 vergées, 18 perches; Blanchelande, 6 vergées 30 perches. These fields are also for sale, as a whole or part; they are very well situated for building.


Berné Blanche gives notice, that his House situated in Berthelot-Street, now occupied by Mrs Poidevin, is to be given to rent. The said house has between 8 and 9 perches of ground and well calculated for a public House; Bowling-green or Skittle-Ground, can be made at a very small expense.

Sale by public auction. John La Serre gives notice, that on Monday next, the 8th inst. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, he will expose to public sale, at his cellars, at the Bordage, all the warlike stores and provisions, belonging to the private ship of war, Greyhound, lately commanded by Captain Grout.

Sale by auction. Messrs C. Priaulx & Co. will on Monday the 8th inst. expose to public sale, on the South-Pier, between the hours of 11 and 12, the cutter DART, inventory of which may be seen by applying to the said C. Priaulx & Co.

Sale by auction. By virtue of a Commissionof appraisement and sale, addressed to Sir Claude Crespigny, and Carteret Priaulx, by the High-Court of Admiralty; on Monday the 15th instant, will be sold by public auction, on the South-Pier between the hours of 11 and 12 in the morning, the ship Mary-Wright, sent into this island by the Speculation Privateer, John May commander; and condemned as a droit of Admiralty. For particulars apply at Messrs C. Priaulx and Co.'s counting-house, where the inventory of the said ship may be seen.

Apartments to let. Thomas Dews gives notice that the apartments at present occupied by Mrs Knight, in his house, No. 190 Fountain-Street, consisting of a front shop, cellar, kitchen, bed room and parlour, the use of a yard, are to be let, for Michaelmas next.

To let. Sr. James Lihou, owner of the Mill, with its adjoining barns, stables, garden and meadows, situated at the Echelle in St Andrew, and a furze-field apart, [gives notice that they] are available for rent, for Michaelmas next, for cash and/or assigned rents. [For the Moulin de L'Echelle, see J.P. Warrens' 'Streams of Guernsey' in the Rep. & Transactions of the Société Guernesiaise, 1948, pp. 252-3, and his letter in the Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society, XVI, Winter (1960), p. 76. He quotes the Extente of 5 Edward III, 1331: the King held in the parish of St Andrew 'Two watermills called the moulins d l'Echelle, to wit the upper mill and the lower mill... which mills are situated together.' Warren suggests that an échelle, or ladder, connected the two mills, but points out that the mills were owned by different millers. By 1581 there appears to have only been one working mill. A photograph of the house called Le Moulin de L'Echelle, taken by S. Henry in 1954, can be found in the Autumn 1960 volume.]

To be given to rent. Hilary Rose, son of John Rose, of the Câtel Parish, near the Fauxquets, gives notice, that on Wednesday next 10th instant, he will give to rent, to the highest bidder, altogether or separately, his House, Barn, Stables, Garden and Land fit for tillage, the whole containing about 23 vergees; also, his field called the Petite Hure, and a furze-field joining; the whole is situated in the Câtel parish. The sale will begin at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.


Commencing MONDAY 15th September 1806.

The annual Subcription Plate to be run for, by the following Horses, best of one mile and a half heats.

Orange and cap Black.Governor Le Mesurier's Bay Horse.Leader.
Willow Green, cap ditto.Lieut.-Col. McKenzie's Chestnut ditto.Matchless.
Black and white stripes, cap do.Brigade -General Major Jessop's Black ditto.Forester.
Green and cap Red.Lieutenant Stewart's Brown Mare.Yuen min yuen.


Buff and Cap Blue.Major Copson's Brown Horse.Lion.
White and Crimson Cap.Captain Bennet's Strawberry Horse.Chillaby.


A HANDICAP-PLATE, best of one-mile heats.


Sky Blue and cap Black.

Brigadier-General Mackenzie's Brown Mare.Snow Ball.
Black and White Cap.Major Emes' Brown Mare.Bopeep.
Plaid and cap Sky Blue.Captain Murray's Chestnut Mare.Betsey.
Gambouge and cap Green.Doctor MacMahon's Bay Horse.Pestle.

On TUESDAY 16th September 1806.

The Hunters Sweepstakes, the best of one mile and half heats, by

Black and cap Orange.Governor Le Mesurier's Brown mare.Queen Mab.
Pink and Green stripes and cap Blue.Captain Adam's Chestnut Mare.Harriot.
Green and cap Red.Lieutenant Stewart's Brown Mare.Yuen min yuen.

Will be run for a SILVER CUP by

Black and white stripes and Cap Red.Captain Losack's Chestnut Horse.Go-between.
White and Cap Green.Brigade Major Jessop's Grey Gelding.Jerry.
White and Crimson Cap.Captain Bennet's Strawberry Horse.Chillaby.

Between the Heats will be several private Matches, also a JACK ASS Race. And a Watch to be run for by 12 Island Ponies, with a Smock Race and various other diversions.

Marquees will be pitched on the Ground for the accommodation of the Ladies; close to the stand, where every Delicacy the season affords will be provided.

On Tuesday Evening there will be a Ball at the Rooms, under the Patronage of the Governor.

For sale or rent. A House, ready for completion, belonging to Lieut.-Col. Smith (the most easterly of his four houses in the New-Town), together with the adjoining land, is for sale or rent: contact Pierre de Havilland, Ecuyer.

Thomas Le Lièvre's house, No. 1538, at present occupied by the Miss Le Merchant (sic), is to let, for Michaelmas; for particulars apply the said Le Lièvre No. 1538, Glategny.

Pierre Rose gives notice, that his house, with a small back-garden, in Mount-Durand, is to let; interested parties apply to him, at his shop in Cornet Street, No. 872.

Gazette de Guernesey, Saturday 13th September 1806 (No. 36)

GUERNSEY. Arrival of vessels in the Island, from 5th to 11th September.

Alert, Capt. De Putron, from Weymouth, cargo various. Chesterfield, packet, Capt. Wood, from Jersey. Charwell, H.M. corvette, Capt. Dumaresq, from Jersey. Defender, H.M brig, Lieut. Nopps, from a cruise. Abeona, scout, Capt. Cook, from Alderney. Brilliant, Capt. Mourant, from Southampton, various. Viper, H.M. cutter, Lieut. Carpenter, from Plymouth. Greyhound, Capt. Wilkinson, from Weymouth. Phoenix, scout, Capt. White, from Lymington, with troops. Die Schevalbe, Danish, Capt. Cruse, from Falmouth, brandy. Flora, Capt. Barnel, from London, sugar and madelles. Rover, packet, Capt. Quirk, from Weymouth. Albacore, H.M. corvette, Capt. Byrne, from a cruise. Resolution, privateer, Capt. Williams, from a cruise. Haabet, Danish brig, Capt. Dahb, from Norway, with pine planks. Maria, Capt. Johns, from Love (Looe?), in ballast. Unity, Capt. Stevens, from Plymouth. Union, American schooner, Capt. Baker, from Baltimore, with sugar and coffee, captured by the Alarm, Guernsey privateer. Hope, Danish brig, Capt. Nelson, from Cowes, brandy. Property, Capt. Durell, from Jersey. Brilliant, Captain Court, from Weymouth, cattle. Princess Augusta, from Weymouth, cattle. A Spanish chasse-marée, with a cargo of cider and coal, captured by the Guernsey privateer Lord Collingwood. Laurel, Capt. Walker, from Lyme, cattle. Abeona, scout, Capt. Cook, Alderney. Rover, packet, Capt. Quirk, from Weymouth. Fortune, Capt. Ollivier, from Plymouth. Alert, bye-boat, Capt. De Putron, from Weymouth, various. Phoenix, scout, Capt. White, from Weymouth. Mary, privateer, Capt. Knight, from a cruise. Agenoria, Southampton, various.

For sale or rent. Dame Judith Hubert, wife and representative of Anthony Heathfield, Écuyer, gives notice that her house in Cornet Street is for sale or to let.

To let. André Tourtel, gives notice that he will let to the highest bidder his house and garden, and also his field Fermains, all in the area of Callais, in the parish of St Martin. He will accept cash or assigned rents.

PUBLIC SALE. On Thurday next, 18th inst., between the hours of 11 and 12 in the forenoon, will be exposed to public sale, on the South-Pier, the cutter GENERAL DOYLE, lately commanded by Capt. W. Tardif: inventory of which may be seen on applying to Mr. Dobrée, High Street. [See June 1811.]

And on the following day, will be sold at Mr Mourant's Cellars, in Volorens-Lane, the Warlike Stores, Provisions, &c belonging to the said vessel, The sale to commence at 10 o'clock.

HOUSE TO LET. M. Nicolas Naftel, gives notice, that his House in Haute Ville, lately occupied by Lady Colleton, is to let.

[The Gentlemen's Magazine, 1801, p. 769. The remains of Sir John Colleton, Bart., late commander of the Swift cutter, on the Guernsey station, who died at the age of 26, were this day interred at Weymouth, carried to the grave by six seamen, and the pall supported by six naval officers. Dying without issue the title, which was given as a reward for the eminent and signal services of that ancient and loyal family to King Charles I and II, descends to James Nathan Colleton, Esq., late of the Secretary of State's office.] For Nicholas Naftel, see Edith Carey's 'The Beginnings of Quakerism in Guernsey,' 1918, p. 11. A prominent Quaker clockmaker and businessman, he left Guernsey in 1804, returning in 1830.

Gazette de Guernesey, Saturday, 20th September, 1806.

GUERNSEY. Arrival of vessels in the Island, from 13th to 18th September.

Phoenix, scout, Capt. White, from Jersey. Speculator, privateer, Capt. Valpy, from a cruise. Princess Augusta, Capt. Clark, from Weymouth, cattle. Johanna, Capt. Cocks, from Plymouth. Abeona, scout, Capt. Cook, from Alderney. Aeolus, Capt. Domaille, from Southampton, various. Mary, brig, Capt. Wallsmith, from Gothenburg, cargo wood and iron. Welcome Friend, brig, Capt. Walker, from Neufchâteau, coal. Centurion, Capt. Richards, from Milford, collum. Peggy, Capt. Bichard, from Jersey. Duke of York, H.M. cutter, Lieut. Mott, arrived after providing three days' escort to Mr E Le Page's sloop. Bridget, Danish smack, Capt. Zemormen, from Cette, brandy. Sheldrack, Capt. Nicholls, from Portsmouth. Nelson, Capt. Langlois, from London, various. Ranger, Capt. Davison, from Neufchâtel, coal. Britannia, H.M. cutter, Lieut. Tatham. from Jersey. Chesterfield, packet, Capt. Wood, from Weymouth. Little Arthur, Capt. De Lisle, from Lymington, salt. Heede, Capt. Furze, Fowey. Brilliant, Capt. Court, Weymouth, cattle. Conquest, H. M. brig, Lieut. Boswell, from a cruise. Ingermarete, Danish galliot, Capt. Aslagsin, from Rotterdam, in ballast. Lady Saumarez, schooner, Capt. Simon, in ballast. Trafalgar, Capt. Chamberlain, from Lyme, with cattle. Phoenix, Capt. White, from Alderney, with troops. Active, Capt. Bazin, ditto, ditto. Dart, schooner, Capt. Le Pelley, from Ste Croix, rum. Echo, Capt. Jolly, From Fowey. Property, Capt. Durell, from Jersey, with livestock. Chesterfield, packet, Capt. Wood, from Jersey.

Sale by Auction. On Tuesday next, the 23rd inst. at noon, will be sold to the highest bidder, on the South-Pier, the Lugger RESOLUTION, 83 tons per register. Inventory of which may be seen by applying to Jefferys, Rougier, and Le Mottée, who will on the following day, sell by auction, the warlike stores, provisions &c. of said vessel, at their Store, Country-Mansell.

Sale by Auction. William Jones gives notice, that he will sell by public auction, on Wednesday next, at 11 o'clock in the morning, on the South-Pier, the cutter LIVELY; (unless prior to that time she is sold by private contract). The inventory to be seen by applying to the above.

For sale. Jean Sarchet, son of Pierre, gives notice, that he has some Guernsey honey for sale, at his house, No. 1785 at the Bouët.

Houses, Brick-Kiln, &c., to be sold. Peter Sarchet, senior, gives notice that his two houses, Bake-house (Boulangerie), and yard (yarde) situated near the Piète, at Glatney; And his Brick-Field situated at the Bouet; are to be given to rent, at present, altogether or separately. [Pierre Sarchet was selling up to enter upon one of the two great emigrations from the island that took place in 1806, to Ohio; the other was to Prince Edward Island.]

Public sale. Zachary Mahy, of the Rouvées, Vale, Vingtaine de l'Epine, gives notice that next Tuesday at 10 a.m. he will sell to the highest bidder the following items: a bull; three cows, two with calf; a one year old calf; a filly; two old and two young pigs; sheaves of barley; hay by the hundred; after-grass; parsnips and turnips, by the perch; apples; a bullock-cart and accessories, a plough; empty barrels; a butter-pail, brassware; pottery; an eight-day clock, and several other items of household furniture. Mr Mahy will also give to rent, for 1, 2, or 3 years, a house with outbuildings, garden, and the follwing fields: the Courtil Bisson; the field called de la Parchonnerie; the field and furze-field called The Portes; the field known as the Acre, and a piece of land in the Arguilliers area. Part of these lands and fields are in the aforementioned vingtaine, the rest in the parish of St Sampson.

Thomas Vaudin gives notice that from next Monday he will be offering for sale at 10 a.m. at Sieur Thomas Dews' house, formerly Mrs Scott's, in Fountain Street, the following items: feather beds and accessories; camp-beds; tables, benches; plates and other household items; all for cash.

Public sale. Next Thursday, the 25th, at 10 a.m., there will be a sale at Nicolas Le Breton's former house, in the Pollet, of various items, viz: two feather beds; two camp-beds; a spit, and various household items; barrels for publicans, and cases; cooper's tools; barrel moulds, and pub supplies; several dozen bottles and barrels of Liqueurs.

For sale. F. Tarone has the following Articles for sale, at his Lodging, No. 296 near the Market: viz: Day and Night Telescopes of different descriptions; small portable (or Military) Telescopes; also one large ditto very good, with a Brass-stand in a mahogany case, Looking-glasses, Barometers, and Thermometers, at reasonable prices.

To be let. Charles Sohier gives notice, that he has a shop and two rooms to be let, at present, at his house near the Four-Gun Battery, at Glatney.

PUBLIC SALE. On Thursday the 25th inst. Mrs Catherina Allez, widow of the late Hilary Allez, will expose to public sale, her dwelling Houses, with a large Cellar, and out-houses; situated near the Beau-Regard: to be sold together or separately.


Guernsey, 18th September, 1806. Notice is hereby given to those persons, who made a free tender of their Carts, Horses, and Boats, to assist in the works carrying on at the Braye du Valle; that their services would now greatly contribute to the advancement of the work, before the season is too far advanced.

The Commander in Chief, therefore feels himself bound to claim the assistance of the Inhabitants, and he trusts they will send their Carts, &c., to the works without delay.

Gazette de Guernesey, Saturday, 20th September, 1806.

GUERNSEY. Arrival of vessels in the Island, from 19th to 26th September.

The Swift, Capt. Lytton, in ballast. Ranger, Capt. Doyle, from Galway, in ballast. Diligent, Capt. Grut, from Southampton, sundry. INO, Capt. Southgate, from Mevagissey. Laurel, Capt. Walker, from Lyme, cattle. Industry, schooner, Capt. Coaker, Alderney. Rover, packet, Capt. Quirk, from Weymouth. Phoenix, scout, Capt. White, from Jersey. Helena, H.M. frigate, Capt. Worth, from Jersey. The transports Le Rodin, Capt. Bain, Obrian, Capt. Wilson, Sultan, Capt. Suddact, & and Le Clemenateson, Capt. Keel, all arrived from Jersey. Peggy, Capt. Bichard, from Jersey, with livestock. Idas, Capt. Wingfield, from Fowey, in ballast. Sandwich, privateer, Capt. Giffard, from a cruise. Lord Collingwood, privateer, Capt. Le Bair, from a cruise. Lord Duncan, Capt. Wingfield, from Hastings. Ranger, Capt. Wincey, from Southampton, sundry. Victory, Capt. Le Febvre, from Exeter, sundry. Diamond, Capt. Messer, from Gweek, in ballast. Rover, packet, Capt. Quirk, from Jersey. Union, Capt. Taylor, from Mevagizey. Alert, bye-boat, Capt. De Putron, from Weymouth, sundry. Race-Horse, H.M. brig, Lieut. Forbes, from Portsmouth. Lion, Capt. Carpenter, from Portsmouth. Rebuff, H.M. brig. Lieut. Shackelton, from Portsmouth. Speedwell, Capt. Anderson, from Neufchatel, coal. Ceres, Capt. Duncan, from Leith, bottles and coal. Minor, Capt. Ord, from Sunderland, ditto. John and Susan, Capt. Adams, from Plymouth. Industry, Capt. Stragnell, from Southampton, sundry. Betsey, Capt. Gavet, from Jersey. Mediterranean Packet, Capt. Le Lievre, from Gibraltar, brandy and wine. Uraye, French lugger, from Bordeaux, with brandy and wine, captured by the General Small, privateer of this Island.

To be let. William Jones, Guardian to Mr Laurence Vaudin, gives notice, that the house of the said Vaudin, is to be let, the whole together or separately. Nevertheless the preference will be given to those who will take the whole.

House and Store to be given to rent. W. Jones, Attorney to Mr James Cochran, gives notice, that on Monday next 29th inst. he will give to rent, (without reserve), the Houses and Store, belonging to the said, situated near the new Court-House.

Slates for sale. Hilary De Putron of the Pierre Percée, gives notice, that he has for sale, Slates, lately arrived from Port Isaac.

House to be given to rent. Francois Sakisson gives notice that his house at the Contrée-Mansell is to be given to rent, for immediate occupation.

Apples for sale. Thomas Torode gives notice, that he has cider apples for sale by the barrel, at his house No. 1752 at the Bouët.

Sale by Auction. On Monday the 13th October next, on the South-Pier, (unless previously disposed of by private contract), the fast sailing lugger Sandwich, with all her warlike and other stores, an inventory of which may be seen by applying to Capt. F. Giffard.

Sale by public auction. The owners of the Ship HOPE, give notice, that on Monday next, 29th inst. in the morning, they will sell the above ship on the South-Pier. Inventory of which may be seen by applying to Mr Nicholas Giffard.

PUBLIC SALE. On Thursday 2nd October will be put up to public sale, on the South-Pier, the Ship FAME, now laying at St Sampson's Harbour, with all her Stores. The sale will take place at 12 o'clock, and the ship will be sold without reserve.

NOTICE. Those persons who have furnished any articles to the Privateers Minerva and Lord Nelson, who have delivered their accompts, are desired to leave the same at Mr Tupper's offices.

For sale or rent. The Garden of the Platon, belonging to Mr. Thomas N. Robilliard, is for sale or rent: apply to Jean Arnold.

Notice is hereby given that the Officers of the 2nd Battalion 56th regiment, will not be responsible for any debt their Mess-man (Traiteur) may contract, during the time the Battalion is stationed in the Island.