September 6 1826: The loss of the Sir Francis Freeling packet

Gazette de Guernesey, 30 September 1826. From the French.

There is now very little doubt that the packet Sir Francis Freeling has been lost. A Swedish brig came upon a vessel of a similar size to the packet in the evening of the 6th of this month, near Portland, and did not have time to change tack to avoid colliding with her. The Swedes made every effort to save the passengers and crew, but whether because the vessel sank straightaway or because of the darkness and the violence of the storm, they were unable to save anyone. The brig called in at Cowes and made the report we have published here. Taking into consideration the time the packet left Weymouth, and the circumstances just related, there is every reason to believe that the sunken vessel was the Sir Francis Freeling. There were sixteen on board, including the passengers. We received further news yesterday, that debris had been found on the island of Portland that has been identified as coming from that unfortunate vessel.