Ship movements, 1762

A selection from the London Chronicle, 1762.

COWES, February 17th. On the 15th came in the Rodney, Henry, from Guernsey to St Eustatia. This morning sailed to Spithead the Young Isaac, Gilbert, from Guernsey, to Guadelupe.1 SOUTHAMPTON February 20th. Arrived the Phoenix, Falle, from Jersey; Montague, Delarue; Providence, Lihou; and Running Neptune, Judas, from Guernsey.DEAL February 21st [sailed the] Seaflower, Knapp, for Guernsey. See Captain Knapp and the Mayflower, 1762.

FALMOUTH, May 15th. Wind W. Arrived the Expedition, Watters, from Neath, with coals for market. Sailed the Escort, with the trade for Milford and Bristol; and Charming Nancy, Hocking, and Fortune, Dobrée, for London, under convoy of the Savage sloop.

SOUTHAMPTON, May 17th. Wind N. N.W. Arrived the Three Brothers, Delarue, from Bristol; Running Neptune, Judas, and Montague, Delarue, from Guernsey; Phoenix, Falle, from Jersey; Success, Pelly, from Tenby; William and Anne, Merriot, from Exeter; Woods, Holliday, from Milford; Friends' Goodwill, Jones, from Carmarthen. COWES, May. Wind West. On the 16th came in the Cæsar, Grayson, from Whitehaven for Dieppe, with tobacco; and this morning the Friendship, Goguet, from Guernsey for London. Sailed the Heron, Crow, and Canada, Erskine, both from South-Carolina for Holland. Just now arrived the Telemachus, Balleine, and Nancy, Langdon, both from South Carolina, last from Plymouth.

ARRIVED, Anne Gally, Smith, at Bristol. Three Friends, After, from Guernsey, at ditto.

LONDON. The Young Prince, Hendrick Jansen Plighter, of Amsterdam, bound from Rouen to Brest, and laden with timber, is sent into Falmouth by the Expedition privateer, Capt. Andrews, of Guernsey. COWES, April 19th. Came in the Guadelupe Trader, Cary, Mayflower, Knapp, and the Adventure, Marett, all from Guernsey for the West Indies. SOUTHAMPTON, April 20th. On the 17th arrived the Industry packet, Brewer, from Guernsey; she brings advice of the Mary and Alice, Kirkby, and Endeavour’s Increase, Postgate, both from Newcastle, arriving at Guernsey. On the 18th arrived the Susannah packet, Balliau; Providence, Lihou; and Montague, Delarue, from Guernsey; and Jersey Flower, Chevalier, from Jersey. COWES, June 5th. Came in the Four Friends, Meriton, from London for Guernsey. Sailed the Vrouw Johanna galley, Lond, for the West-Indies, from Guernsey; on the 4th came in the Trimmer, Burridge, from Guernsey for London. June 7th Also sailed the Four Friends, Meriton, for Guernsey. SOUTHAMPTON, June 7th. Sailed the Expedition, Adams, from Guernsey for London; Clapham, Naftel, and St. John, Blanche, from London for Guernsey; Industrous packet, Brewer, for Guernsey; Phoenix, Folly, for Jersey.

1 For information on similar Guernsey privateering vessels and traders see Raban, Canon Peter, 'War and Trade in the Eighteenth Century,' Report and Trans. of the Société Guernesiaise, XXII (1), 1986, pp. 131 ff.