Sir Stafford Carey's MSS

3rd February 2017

In a MSS book in the Library (Staff). 'Sir Stafford Carey's MSS. Taken by the Smiths and, after being kept in an barn, handed over by them to Wilfred Carey. March 1921.'

1. 3 July 1389. Fief St Michel. Perrot Le Marchant, Seneschal. Jean La Loe, Richard Bellassart, vavasseurs. Simon Le Cauf (SPB). Johan Sauvary Receiver. Guille Davy Prevost. Simon owes money because of certain property that used to belong to Michel and Thomas Falle in SPB, seized by Dom André Maret former prior through default of payment &c. In dorso, 'Por le Roi,' ( evidently after Priory sequestered as 'alien' in 1418.)

2. 15 June 1437. Thomas de la Court, Bailiff, Oliver Le Feyvre, Nicolas de Sausmarez, Thomas Blondel, and John de Garis [Garrys], jurats. John Philippe otherwise known as 'Le Parmitor [Le Parmentier?]' vs Guille Hays[?] who had court's approval to sell the estate of his wife Johanne the daughter of the late Etienne Lohier. [ This is Johanne's writ of mariage encombré.] SPB. Seal so rubbed as to be indistinguishable. Endorsed. [Note EC: was Hays originally Helier, se my Early Documents p. 34.]

3. Copy 20 June 1447. Guille Cartier Bailiff. Nicolas de Sausmarez, Thomas Blondel, James Le Fevre, jurats. Guillaume Henry son of Nicoll of first part, Henry Baset son of Guillot of second part.  Henry Basset sells to GH rent on all the estate in SSav and other parishes escheated from Pierre Malconvenant &c.

4. 16 June 1452. Guille Caretier Bailiff. John de Garis, James Coquerel, and Simon Le Cauf, jurats. Pierre Le Forner as guardian and protector [tuteur et meneur] of the children of Simonet Blondel, of the first part, and John Marin of the second part. PLF sold to JM a small house to the NW of Simonet Blondel's house in SA, with two small courtils adjoining. Item as small pièce of land ... to the south of the house of Simon Le Cauf next to the said pièce which is next to the said small house ... the rent owed by Marin to Blondel's heirs &c. Fragment of seal.

5. 30 May 1484. John Blondel Bailiff. Nicolas de Garis, Thomas de Havilland [De Havelant], Nicolas Effart and John Martin, jurats. Jehan Marin son of John of ... SA buys from Collas Caripel in right of his wife Philippote, the daughter of Janequin L'Archier of ... St Andrew's ... assigned on the estate of Guillemyne Bailleul. [Queripel]

6. 15 February 1466/7. A tous ceulx &c. Pleas of Namps of low parishes. Thomas Blondel lieutenant of the Bailiff, Guille Cartier. Drouet Le Marchant and Pierre de Beauvoir, jurats. Michel de la Roque and Jan'quin de la Roque, awarded right to whole estate of Thomelin de la Roque es Rohes [?]... by default ... from the inheritance of their uncle James de la Roque &c. Bailiff's seal appended.

7. 14 January 1476. ATC. Pierre de Beauvoir, Bailiff. John Perin [Perrin], Nicolas de Garis, John Blondel, Thomas de Havilland and John Martin, jurats. Johan Marin, son of John of SA, buys from Thomas Alein, native of Jersey, currently resident in SSav, and his wife Johanne, daughter of Richard Holman ... on a pièce of land in the Castel, to the NW of the Fontaine des Boullanz [Boulains] and running up to the land of Guille Henry, and which belonged to the said Johane in right of her mother, who was the daughter of Jehan Geffroy, as she claims ...

8. Copy 23 November 1479. ATC. Pierre de Beauvoir Bailiff. John Perrin and Pierre Le Mesurier, jurats. Nicolas Effart, son of John, buys from Pierre Priaulx [le jeune,  fils ... ?] rent assigned on a certain courtil and garden [jardin] ... Collenette ... a vergee and a half of land ... situated at the Vaulorent and on the eastern side of the courtil of Thomas de la Court and to the west of the courtil of Pierre Le Bougre and John Pitart, La ruette de la Fontaine of the said Vaulorent between them ... [p. 4]

9. 31 October 1478. ATC. Pierre de Beauvoir, Bailiff. John Cartier and Nicolas de Garis, jurats. Joachim Georget, the son of Perrin Georget of St Andrew, buys from Martin Smyth [Smith] from England ... the complete estate comprising all houses, land, rents &c as at a parish hearing it was handed over by Olivier Le Lacheur [in right of?] Guillemine his wife, the daughter of John Bailleul of St Andrew ... and all the more so as Typhaigne [Tiffany] Bailleul, the daughter of the said John Bailleul testified she gave all rights to it to the aforementioned Joachim Georget, as Guillemine's estate was likely to escheat to her in the future. Same day, said JG confirmed he had sold the whole estate to Jehan Marin, son of John of St Andrew with all the attendant charges on it as he, Joachim Georget, had had it from Martin Smyth ... (Seal broken).

10. 3 May 1491. ATC. John Blondel Bailiff. Michel de Rossel [de Rozel] and Gaultier Le Prevost, jurats. John Brouart son of John of Pleynmount [Pleinmont] buys from Pierre Corbin son of Collas of SPB ... rent ... of Thomas Brehault [Brehaut] son of Johan of SPB (seal in fragments) [p. 5]

11. 7 September 1490. ATC. Michel de Rozel, seneschal of St Michel du Valle. In the parish church of Notre Dame du Chastel came before us the vavasseurs Richard de Beaucamp and Richard Estur. Denis Nicolle buys from his brother Guillaume, sons of the late John Nicolle, all of the inheritance in the island the said Guille had from his mother and father ... (Seal of St Michel, no counter seal.)

12. 1 May 1495. ATC. John Blondel, Bailiff. Thomas de la Court and Michel de Rosel, jurats. Nicolas Effart and Guille Effart sons of John of SPP but from Sieur James Olivier, a priest, and principal heir of Nicolas Olivier of SPB, two cotils, part of the Fief de la Poumare in SPB, on of which is called Le Pré and contains 4½ vergees and lies to the west of the house of the said Sieur James and the other is called the Courtil Berthelot and contains 2 vergees and lies to the west of the said house &c.

13. 27 February 1497/8. ATC. John Blondel, Bailiff. Thomas de la Court and John Martin, jurats. Nicolas Effart and Guille Effart, son of John of SPP buys from Lubin Fallaize [Ffalleze] son of Robin of the Forest... rent ... on Courtil Le Jacquet to the S of the parish Church of Trinity [de la Forest]. [15 January 1498] John Martin and Thomas de Sausmares jurats. LF assigns to the said Nicolas and Guille Effart [p. 6] [rent] assigned on Nicolas Chyvret of the Forest &c

14. 15 November 1499. ATC. John Martin bailiff. Jenequin Le Marchant and Thomas de Saumares, jurats. John de la Court son of Thomas of SPP buys from Sire James Guillemot, priest, son of Lorans [Laurence] of St Martin ... in right of his mother two esterlins of rent ... . Seal much damaged.

15. March 10 1500/1. ATC. John Martin, bailiff. Janequin Le Marchant and Dominique Perrin, jurats. Johan Ollivier son of Nicolas of St Martin buys from John Jehan son of John (SM) ... two camps of land situated at the end of the Rue John de la Rue, between the camp of the said Johan Olivier and the franc boundary stone, and at the end of the Rue au Cannus (sic) &c.

16. May 2 1500. ATC. John Martin bailiff. Jenequin Le Marchant and Dominique Perrin jurats. James Viel son of Richard of the Castel buys from Colin Jehan son of Jannin of the Castel at present living in SPP, [who] sells to the said James Viel and Jamette his wife ... rent on Guillaume de Esquerrel [?] who owes it to the said Colin in right of his [Guillaume's] wife the daughter of Noel Neel, on a courtil lying between the Rue des Esmereys and the courtil belonging to the said James ...Item. GDE sells to JV two camps, one of which lies next to JV's house to the East running up to the courtil 'Des sers F--' and another in the land known as Le Maresquet in a NW direction, both next to the camp Thomas Esmerey ... Item. Same day. Said Desesqueres sells to said Viel a camp of land in the Fief de Careteret up as far as the Chemin des Croes de Bellevoie alongside the camp Collas Simon to the East. Seal and counter seal arms of 'Martin,' head of St Martin?

17. 8 January 1509. ATC. Jehan Martin, Bailiff. Nicolas Effart and Dominique Perrin, jurats. Nicholas Guille son of Nicolas of the Town of SPP buys from Peronelle de la Roque, the daughter of Philippine de la Roque and Perotine du Roquier of the said Town ... her inheritance, including all houses, land and rents which belong to her in right of her father and also those in right of her mother &c. Item. John L'Estournel son of Guille of the Castel, as the guardian of the daughter of Jannequin Cousin in right of her mother, the daughter of Guille Effart of SSav, buys from Nicolas Guille Jr a rent on a pièche of land in the Croutte [des?] Rohez, adjoining the land that belonged to Philippin Le Feyvre, and the Rue [des[--]?] Rohetz facing the North of the said road ... Seal, arms of Martin. [Rohais]

18. 29 June 1501. John Martin, Bailiff. Guillaume Le Marchant and John Phelippe [Philippe], jurats. James Viel son of Richard of the Castel buys from Guillaume Hallouvris son of Guillaume of St Saviour all of his mother's inheritance that she holds both in right of Johan Ozanne, the father of Perotine the mother of the said Guillaume Hallouvris and in the right of Jenette Ettur, the mother of the said Perotine, along with everything that may be due to come to GH in right of his mother, for a certain amount of money &c. Seal.

19. 30 May 1501. ATC. John Martin, Bailiff. Edmond Cheyney, Guille Le Marchant, Janequin Le Marchant, Thomas de Sausmares, Dominique Perrin, John Phelippe and Pierre Martin, jurats. Nicolas Guillebert son of John and Martine his wife, the daughter of John Forrest, living in St Andrew, sell her whole inheritance [not forced, was to pay her debts]. Item. 14 June. Nicolsa Effart and Dominique Perrin, jurats. Said Nicolas Guilbert [Guillebert] in right of his wife Martine daughter of Johhn Fourest sells to Piers Phelippe [Pierre Philippe] of the Castel rent on land in the lands of the Fourest in the parish of the Trinty de la Forest between the courtil Nicolas Breton and the Courtil Guille Anquetil. Item. Same day. Nicolas Carupel [Queripel] son of Nicolas of St André sells to said Pierre Philippe rent assigned on his whole inheritance. Seal. Counterseal, Martin.

20. 18 March 1503/4. ATC. John Martin, Bailiff. Thomas de la Court and Thomas de Saumares, jurats. John Mychel [Michel], son of Thomas of the Vale, sells rent to Robin Sohier of the Castel. Seal clipped. Martin counterseal.

21. 15 May 1507. ATC. John Martin, Bailiff.John de Garis and Thomsa Blondel, jurats. Nicolas Le Beyr of the Castel buys a rent from Johanne Mayngy daughter of Reynouvet Mayng[y], an independent woman following the death of her husband, James Le Lourreur [Le Lorreur] &c. Seal . Very good counterseal of Martin.

22. 15 March 1507/8. ATC. John Martin, Bailiff. Nicolas Effart and John Le Feyvre, jurats. Robyn Sohyer [Sohier], native of Normandy presently resident in the Castel buys from Nicolas Ozanne son of Guillaume of the said Parish, certain lands, viz: two camps of land in the said parish in an area known as Les Bicqards. Item a c[ar]riel [?] running up on the west side to the Crois du Villoc. Item. Another ?carriel at the porte du Villoc. Item. The courtil des Symequyns. Item. A pièce of land in the Fief au Cocq beside the courtil which was Fanigot. Item. A camperel in a place known as the Fond de la Bourse. Item. The Courtil à trois Cornières. Item. The pièce de la Canticny[--?] ... Robin Sohier ceded to the said Nicholas Ozanne the Courtil de l'Espine ...  Seal. No counterseal.

23. 22 May 1500. ATC. John Martin, Bailiff. Dominique Perin and John de la Court, jurats. Robin Sohier son of Raulf and his wife buy from Collas Ozanne son of Guillaume .. the entire estate of CO's father .. having previously bought the Prés Gervaise ... Item. 1 February 1511/12. James Le Feyvre and John de Garis, jurats. Collas Le Roy son of Pierre of the Castel in right of his wife Collette, the daughter of  Jehennet Cohu, sells to Robin Sohier a pièce at the Fond de la Bourse next to the Courtil Fanigot. Seal. No counterseal.

24. 27 October 1509. Pleas of the Court of St Michel held au pied de l'Eglise parochielle de Notre Dame du Chastel. James Le Feyvre, Seneschal. Nicholas Blondel and Guillaume Lihou vavasseurs. Against John Maryn in favour of Nicolas Guillot son of Colas of the Castel. Guillot swears under oath that Maryn owes him rent on the entire estate of the said Maryn ... Item. Same year. Guille Lyhou and John de Gareys [de Garis], vavasseurs. [Le Febvre, Marin, Lihou, De Garis]