St Barnabas and the Plateau, June 1932

The philanthropic Reverend Mignot and his Plateau, from the Guernsey Evening Press of June 13, 1932.

When the States of Deliberation assemble on Wednesday, June 15, the members will have an opportunity of making a big step towards the realisation of the scheme of utilising St Barnabas and plateau for public needs. The whole subject is capably reviewed in the Billet d'Etat by Jurat Julius Bishop, CBE, Lieutenant-Bailiff, and President of the Board of Administration.

St Barnabas Church and its site was transferred by the necessary legal document to the States on April 9 of this year, on conditions specified in the Order-in-Council. The States Engineer has reported favourably on the condition of the church, and certainly in reassuring terms on the stability of the tower. Let us quote from his official report: 'I am of opinion that nothing short of violent earth tremors will disturb its stability for a very long time.'

The work of restoration will cost about £850. But side by side with this has to be placed the very generous offer of £500 from the Reverend P T Mignot towards putting St Barnabas as a building of the States into repair. So, this accepted only £350 will be required as a credit vote for the work to be completed.

At a recent meeting of the States the members spontaneously suppoprted the suggestion that the de Putron-road should in future be known as the 'Mignot Road', but the Bailiff has a better idea which he puts before the States. The de Putron-road has been identified as such for many years. Let it remain so. But let the plateau over-looking Cornet-street, bearing no name at present, be called 'Le Plateau Mignot.' Mr Mignot is giving a further £500 towards work for the unemployed, and much of his previous gifts has gone in providing for the clearing and levelling of the plateau. So the recognition of his kindly and generous gift will be very 'well placed' if the States agree to naming the plateau after our Island benefactor. We trust that the proposition so to do will be passed by acclamation by a very responsive States.

There is a great future for the plateau, for it commands a splendid view of the Town and Harbour, the North of the Island, Castle Cornet, and up to St Martin's Point. At a very little cost the plateau can be made a beauty spot and become a favourite rendez-vous for islanders and tourists.