St Peter's Mill

10th February 2017

'Guernsey's unvisited valley, where a water mill is working.'  From Victor Coysh's scrapbook, and probably written by him, 1931. The wheel was demolished during the Occupation, but has since been restored by the National Trust of Guernsey.

It may be news to many Sarnians that there is a water-mill still in use in Guernsey, grinding corn, oats, and barley.

It is a fine well-preserved, black-tarred wheel at Mrs M L de Garis' fine farmhouse and estate, Le Moulin, St Peter's, and was grinding oats and wheat from 8 to 9.30 a.m. Monday, fed by the stream which runs down this picturesque and almost unvisited valley.

A party of well-known Sarnians who visited the Valley, agreed that here was a strip of very beautiful Guernsey quite away from the beaten track and almost unknown. It is reached from the sea by turning up a lane near Les Arquets, along the Rocquaine Road, situated about midway between L'Eree Hotel and the Imperial Hotel. It is a long winding lane, just allowing for the passing of one vehicle, and winds a tortuous course along the Moulin à Eau de Quanteraine, along the slope of the Valley to the Route des Sages, just below St Peter's Church. The place has suddenly become well-known to many workmen owing to the the States Water Board having constructed a 600,000 gallon reservoir there.

One might express a hope that a wider road leading along this rarely visited beauty spot of Guernsey could be laid down, providing relief work if required when the Ahier Valley-road at St Peter-Port has been completed.