Thomas Gosselin's servants

31st October 2016

From Thomas Gosselin's Livre des domestiques depuis 1811, in the Library collection.





1811 January 24

Grace1811 3 August
1811 July 8Betsey from Mrs Brabazon1811 10 November
1811 November 11Betsey Batiste¹1812 8 February
1812 March 2Marie Guilbert²1814 2 June
1812 February 10Betsey Catts1821 26 March: 'she left us to live with her Father & Mother.'
1815 September 11Marie Marquand11 September 1820: 'she left us to be married.'
1820 September 4Susan Martin15 April 1821: 'she left us on account of ill health.'
1821 March 26Hannah Effort26 June 1821
1821 June 27Mary Mauger20 January 1823: 'she left us to be married.'
1821 October 8Kitty Martel1 November 1823
1823 January 20Martha Guilbert13 June 1825: 'she left us to be married.'
1823 November 1Betsey Catts5 August 1824: she left us to live with her Father & Mother.'
1824 August 16Rachel Le Page21 May 1825: 'she left us to go and reside with her friends.'
1825 April 1Betsey Batiste7 April 1827: 'discharged her on account of sickness.'
1825 June 9Betsey Chidlay6 April 1826
1826 August 28Susan Batiste28 April 1828
1827 November2Mary Le Page28 April 1828
1828 March 1Mary Goslin20 October 1828: 'left us.'
1828 April 1828Mary Huray28 November 1828
1828 April 16Betsey Batiste-- April 1829
1828 October 22Susan Lihou20 July 1835: 'she left us to be married.' 'To Susan's nephew, January 1 1835, £1 by gift.'
1829 October 26Patty Robin26 March 1830
1829 March 2Martha Priaulx24 June 1830: 'she left us to be married.'
1830 16 JuneAnne Cornhill13 May 1835: 'she left us to live at Major Baynes'.'
1830 June 28Anne Simmons30 October 1830
1830 October 24Marie Le Cheminant10 January 1831: 'discharged her on going to Holland.'
1831 August 30Anne Cole³31 March 1832
1832 June 9Maria Cornhill13 October 1832: 'she sailed for Brixham on Sunday 14 October 1832.'
1832 October 20Marie Gallienne -- January 1834: 'discharged by Joshua during our stay at Rotterdam about January 1834.'
1834 June 2Sarah14 August 1834: 'she left us to return to the Misses Dobrée with whom she had resided on their return from Madeira.'
1834 August 14Maria Cornhill25 May 1835: 'she left us to live at Mrs Phillips', an English lady residing in Ross Place.' 
1835 May 25Sophie Marquand27 August 1839: January 4 1836, she became cook at Ten pounds a year.'
1835 June 22Rachel Guilbert22 December 1835: 'January 1 1836, £1 to cash paid her for New Years's gift, altho' she had left us being sick.'
1836 January 4Mary Le Page 3 March 1836 
1836 March 3Sarah Wilman 2 April 1844 
1839 August 29Betsey Catts alias De Jersey29 May 1844: 'she came to live with us on 29th August 1839 for £12 a year, beside £1 a year for New Year's gift. I also agreed to give her £2 a year for her children whilst she lives with us and until they can maintain themselves.' 'Left on account of illness and not able to do the usual work of the house.'
1843 September 21Judith David  She came to live with us as nursery maid for 13 guineas a year.'4
29 April 1844Martha Poidevin 25 May 1844: 'she left on account of ill health.'
1844 May 30Jane RanklerLong-term servant, still working for the household in 1876, when the ledger ends.
1844 June 26Mary Anne Williamson17 September 1844
1844 October 10Jane Smith 1 December 1849: 'she came to live with us at £12 guineas a year as cook.'
1844 November 26Mrs Jury (wet nurse) 19 March 1845: 'she left us ... the boy being weaned at 4 months.'
1845 March 19Nancy Rabey 9 October 1850: 'she came to live with us as under nurse for £7 10/- a year: she left us to go home to resume her trade of needlework.'
1849 December 1Charlotte Du Port 3 March 1855: 'she left us on account of having a bad hand.'
1850 October 9Sophia Martin 20 May 1854: 'she came to live with us as under nurse and working servant: she left us to go home.'
1855 March 19Anne Stockdale 8 November 1858: 'she left us to be married: gave her a tea caddy worth 12/6.'
1858 November 8Mary Galey 22 January 1872: 'she came to live with us as cook: she left us to nurse a sick niece of hers.'
1872 March 25 Margaret Girard  Long-term servant, still working for the household in 1876, when the ledger ends.

¹ 'She came to live with my Grandmother, & we had engaged a Judith on 11th November 1811 at seven guineas a year, but my Grandmother & us exchanged servants by agreement.'

² 'She came to live part of the time with my Grandmother & afterwards with us.'

³ 'April 2. Paid Mrs Mitchell for 3 nights and 2 days' board & lodging before embarking 3/9d.' Pasted-in note: 'Guernsey 31st March 1832. Received of Mr T Gosselin seven shillings for the passage of Anne Cole by the Unity to Brixham. [Signed] George Cornhill. In TG's Hand: 'The Unity sailed on Sunday 1st April at 8 o'clock in the morning, with Ann Cole on board.' Gosselin has also written in the account book: 'Sent her from whence she came by the Unity, Captain Cornhill, for Brixham, paying 7/- for passage.'

4 'April 9 1844: Harriet's first tooth. [Paid Judith David] 5s.' 'July 22 1845. Fred's first tooth. [Paid Judith David] 5s.' Loose note: '15 April 1846. Lent her for equipping her son going to sea, £5. 4th March 1847: on her offering me this day payment of the five pounds, I told her that she might keep them, and consider her quarter's wages of £3.13.6 due the 21st as paid to her. [She still owed the remainder.]'