Times Past, by Carel Toms

'In Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, and Herm.' A list of the chapters and personalities in this book, published in 1985; taken from his 'journalistic and photographic efforts of the last 30 years.' Many of these photographs are in the Library's Carel Toms Collection; please inquire for further information.

1. Ormering as it used to be. Photos: boy ormering, Fish market.

2. The seaweed collectors. Photos: Bertie J Le Lacheur, Douglas L Robilliard, Frederick Brehaut aka 'Seaweed Joe.'

3. Knitting Guernseys and baking for Christmas. Photos: Margaret Le Lacheur, knitter; Helier Le Lacheur using furze oven (1954).

4. Barry Jones of Le Catioroc (photo).

5. President Garcia (photos).

6. A great escape. Tom and Jack Le Page, Xavier Jolivet, (photo during occupation).

7. Grape grower. Dan Savident, C I Le Lacheur (photo).

8. Steam cutter for the Queen. John K Hayes (photo.)

9. Lone fisherman. Bill Domaille (photo).

10. Last of the cider makers. James de Garis, Les Fauquets, Sunbeam Cider (photos, 1973).

11. Critchlow's auction room. Idon Critchlow, W H Marquis & Co. (Photo.)

12. He enjoyed every minute. Arthur J Torode (blacksmith, Sandy Hook, photo).

13. Eighty years in business. Warry's 80th anniversary 1962 (photos).

14. Chevaucherie d'âne. 1975, photo of re-enactment.

15. Le Briseur's (photo.)

16. The Queen's weights (photos).

17. Bakery at the Bridge. Est. 1865 by Peter Collas; Ernest Collas, Martin Collas, Ken Hurford (photo).

18. 'Mr Rhubarb.' Frederick Veale (photo).

19. Guernsey cans. Morley, Arthur and Fred Russel, Walter and Charles Penney (photos).

20. A pigeon fancier. Cyril Lowe (photo, 1954).

21. The gunsmith. Walter John Ollivier.

22. Mine host at the Prince of Wales. Jimmy Travers and son (photo).

23. New lifeboat. The Euphrosine Kendal, 1954, Bert Petit (photo).

24. The bird lady. Miss Marjorie Ozanne, Les Cordeliers (photo)

25. Making crab pots. Bert Le Noury (photo).

26. The jovial butcher. Fred Best (photo).

27. Captain extraordinary. Captain Frederick William Noyon (photo).

28. He went to sea at ten years old. Pilot Charles Henry Corbet (d. 1959) (photo).

29. Gerrish the ironmonger (photo).

30. Home from the sea. 1959 photo of house in Bulwer Avenue made from barque Ella wrecked 1887.

31. The scissors' grinder. Alfred 'Derby' McKane (photo).

32. End of an era. Last horse-drawn cart to deliver tomatoes to harbour, Peter Le Feuvre (photo 1957).

33. Can-can. Harold Selby Wake Davidson (photo) (d. 1982 aged 92).

34. Vauvert cobbler. Paul Le Marquand (photo).

35. Vanishing lady. 'Milkmaid Brand' and 'Borwick's Baking Powder' signs removed (photo).


36. Life in a 400 year-old cottage. Jane and Alfred Hamon, Philp Hamon 'Peg Leg', La Ville Roussel de Bas (photos).

37. Walter James Hamon (photo).

38. A cut over the anvil. Henry Head, Florence Emily Le Feuvre, John P Hamon (barber), La Ville Roussel de Bas (photo).

39. Sark's bakery. Hubert H Lanyon (photo).

40. Island fire brigade. Harry P Bell (photo 1959).

41. Tractor-drawn ambulance. Hubert Lanyon, Mark Lanyon (photo).

42. Policing a royal visit. 1969, John Philip Hamon and Henry Carré (photo).


43. Burhou. Hut, 1953 (photo). Kay-Mouat, P Radice, B Hammond, C Richards, Jnr, K Green-Wanstall. R P Walker.

44. The Campania. Public house, Parmentier, Hammond (photo.)

45. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Town crier. Charles 'Pop' Rowe, 'Dickie' Hancock (photos).

46. Tom Batiste. Tom, Charles, Jack Batiste, brothers (photo).


47. The Wood family of Herm. Photo 1958.