Tipperary, February 1915

From The Star, February 11, 1915. To much apparent jubilation, permission had been granted in this month to form a new Double Company of the Guernsey Militia from existing recruits. The 227 members had to be decided by ballot on the 5th February, as there were over 250 eligible men. The new Double Company was to be attached to the 6th Service Battalion of the Royal Irish regiment and was to leave the island for Fermoy to train before proceeding quickly to the front.

The Guernsey men who go to Fermoy will scarcely be able to march there singing 'Its a long way to Tipperary.' The places are only about twenty miles apart. Why not substitute 'Guernsey' for the last word? It would be a thousand pities to abolish the melody which has come to be recognised as the marching melody of 'the men in khaki.' A propos, a well known local man is responsible for the following translation, which is decidedly good:

'La route est longue de Tipperary,
Longue pour y aller,
La route est longue de Tipperary
Où demeure ma bien aimée,
Adieu! Piccadilly,Au revoir, Leicester Square,
La route est longue de Tipperary,
Mais, là-bas est mon coeur.'

On the same lines: Dieu sauve la reine!