Two hundred years ago, in October

From the local newspapers. Mr French, Music teacher; Lost by William Bird; Finucane; Helier Allez; Monsieur Ferey; Valet position required; Chaumontel pears; wet-nurse; Hospital-Lane; Pierre Mansell; Daniel de Mouilpied, Nicolas Robert, Susanne Le Ray; Oysters.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 4 Octobre 1806


A. French, professor of Music, respectfully begs leave to acquaint the Ladies and Gentlemen, and the Inhabitants of the Island of Guernsey, that he intends teaching the PIANO FORTE, Violin, Viola, &c, &c on an improved Plan, and on reasonable terms, which he trusts will meet with general approbation.—Those PUPILS who honor Mr. French with their commands, may rest assured that the strictest attention will be paid to bring them forward in the Theoretical, as well as Practical parts of Music, and in endeavouring to make them good Temests, essentially requisite towards gaining a proficiency in the science of Music.

Mr. French accompanies the Piano-Forte, on the Violin while teaching, which gives the Pupil a juster sense of time than any other method can possibly do. October 4th, 1806, at Mrs De Jersey, Amherst Battery. N.B. Instruments strung and kept in tune.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 1 Octobre 1808

To let immediately, the house belonging to Mr. A. French, in Horn-Street, No, 882. Apply at James Arnold’s office, No. 4, near the Church.

Lost or Mislaid, on or about the 9th of Sept., from the house of Mr. Wm. Bird, High-street, a Porte-Manteau and Portable Desk, containing sundry articles, amongst which are Ship’s Papers of considerable utility to the owner, (but no other). Whoever will give information where the said articles may be found, shall (on reception thereof), receive Five Guineas Reward, by applying to said Wm. Bird, near the New Mill, Country Mansell. Guernsey, 30th September.


Mr Finucane will commence giving instructions in Drawing, at Mr. Seager’s Academy, the ensuing week. Terms, 1 Guinea per quarter and 1 Guinea entrance.

Mathias Finucane was a very well known Irish miniaturist and artist, who lived in Guernsey for several years, and died here in 1810. He also taught at the Reverend Thomas Grut's Academy, on the same terms.

Hilary Allez, respectfully informs the Gentlemen of this Island, that he has lately set up in the usefull branch of Painting, and will think himself highly honored if, by his attention he can merit their approbation. He has likewise Paint of all colors for sale.

John Caire, No 242, High-Street, successor to Mr White, from London, begs leave to acquaint the Ladies and Gentlemen, that he cuts and dresses Hair in the most fashionable manner, and manufactures every sort of Ornamental Hair, to match any colour, which he will keep constantly for sale, at his Shew Rooms, where Ladies may chuse [sic] their favourite colours. – The assiduity and attention that will be paid to every part of the business, gives him reason to hope that he will obtain the patronage of the Ladies in this Island.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 7 Octobre 1799

Mr. Ferey, French Priest, ancientely professor & principal in the Cherbourg College, has the honour to inform the public; he will teach French, and Latin tongues, in this town; if any body thinks proper to call him for the Education of their children, he lives at Joseph Night, in a street called, la Contrée-Croix: his terms are a guinea per quarter.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 7 Octobre 1809

A black-man, who can shave and cut hair in a superior style of fashion, à la Carrakola, Titus, &c., wishes to find a place as a valet-de-chambre, to any Gentleman who would travel to England. He understands little of English, but speaks very good French. Apply at the Printers, No. 328, Fountain-street. N.B. He can give satisfactory proof of his character.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 8 Octobre 1796

Curiosité en fruit.—On a cueilli dans le jardin de Mr. Dobrée à Beauregard, dix-huit grosses poires de chamontail, pesant dix livres, elles s'entre touchoient sur l'arbre si clos, que celle du milieu, n'ayant pas assez de place, croissoit en haut, supportée par les autres; dans cette étrange position!

The Chaumontel pear is a very old variety; it became a speciality of Guernsey and Jersey, and was exported to the mainland, commanding high prices.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 8 Octobre 1808

Wanted, a place for a Wet-Nurse, by a person whose Milk will bear the strictest examination, and whose character is unquestionable.—For particulars enquire of the Printers.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 15 Octobre 1796

Mr. Le Marchant the Bailiff having agreed with Mr. De Lisle for his ground in Hospital Lane, he gives notice that he will immediately cut a street through the said ground with an out-let at the upper end of smith-street, between Mrs. Ahier's house, and the said Mr. De Lisle's house of 20 feet wide and give the said ground to rent in parcells without disbursing any money, on the persons building on the premises.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 15 Octobre 1808

LOST, Three Bank Notes, whoever has found them & will bring them to the Printers, Fountain-street, will be handsomely rewarded.

Un bruit faux & calomnieux ayant été répandu dans le public, par des personnes mal intentionnées, portant que 'j’aurois été traduit davant la Cour Royal, et reprimandé, pour avoir voulu m’approprier trois billets de banque qu’Elizabeth Mauger trouve dans la boutique de sieur Budd, au Bordage, dans laquelle je suis assistant.'—je soussigné Pierre Mansell, offre Cinq Guinées de récompense à quiconque me découvrira les auteurs de la dite calomnie, de manière qu’ils puisse être convaincus en justice. PIERRE MANSELL Le 14 Oct. 1808 N.B. Les dits trois billets de banque appartenoient à Mrs Perry, cuisinière de l’amiral Saumarez, à qui ils ont été rendus.

Trans.: A slanderous rumour has been in circulation, spread by persons of malicious intent, to the effect that 'I should have been taken to court and reprimanded, for having tried to appropriate three bank-notes found in Mr Budd's shop in the Bordage, where I work as an assistant.' I the undersigned Pierre Mansell offer a 5 Guinea reward to anyone with information about the slanderers which results in their conviction. N. B. The three bank-notes actually belonged to Mrs Perry, Admiral Saumarez' cook, to whom they have been returned.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 16 Octobre 1806

Au public: Nous soussignés déclarons, que les bruits calomnieux, qu’on a répandus dans le public, contre lesieur Daniel de Mouilpied, recteur de la paroisse de St Martin, à notre sujet, sont faux, et le reconoissons pour un parfait honnête home, et d’une conduite irréprochable.Nicolas Robert.Susanne Le Ray.

Trans.: We the undersigned declare that those slanderous rumours going about against Mr Daniel de Moulpied, Rector of St Martin, which concern us, are false, and we freely admit him to be a perfectly honest man, whose conduct is irreproachable.

ORDONNANCE De la Cour Royale de Guernesey.

La Cour a ordonné, ouï la conclusion des Officiers du Roi, que tous ceux qui vendront et détailleront des Huîtres au public, seront tenus de les jetter à la mer dans deux fois 24 heures après leur arrivée en cette île, et de les y garder, & de les prendre de là pour les vendre & détailler, étant défendu, à qui que ce soit, d’en vendre ou détailler qui en auroient été hors de l’eau au de là de deux fois 24 heures; le tout sur la peine de 50 liv. Tournois d’amande, applicable, un quart au Roi, un quart a l’Etat et moitiée au délateur. Et sera cette présente Ordonnance publiée au cri du marché, et affichée aux lieux ordinaires, afin que personne n’en prétende cause d’ignorance.

The Court orders that all persons selling oysters to the general public, must put them into the sea within 48 hours of their arrival in Guernsey, and keep them there and remove them from there in order to sell them, and are forbidden to sell any oyster that has been out of the water for more than 48 hours, subject to a fine of 50 livres tournois, of which a quarter will go to the King, a quarter to the States, and half to the informer. And this Order will be cried in Town and put up at the usual places, so that no-one can claim ignorance of it.

Gazette de L'Ile de Guernesey, Samedi 29 Octobre 1791


Les souscrivans à la contribution faite pour dédommager une famille de la perte considérable qu'elle a encourue par une incendie naguères arrivée dans la paroisse de St. Pierre-du-bois, sont priées de se trouver chez le Sr. Sebire Vendredi prochain à 11 heures du matin, afin de convenir de quelle Manière on disposera du surplus de l'évaluation de la dite perte, lequel est d'environ dix Louis.

Trans.: Those people who subscribed to the fund to recompense a family for the considerable losses they very recently sustained in a fire in the parish of St Pierre du Bois, are requested to attend a meeting at Mr Sebire's next Friday at 11 a.m., in order to decide how to dispose of the monies left over in the fund, after disbursement to cover the loss, which has been estimated at 10 Louis.