Will of Anne Blondel, 1662

No. 4 in Edith Carey's Wills and Legacies (Staff). The film of the original Ecclesiastical Court records may be consulted in the Library.

Our help lies in the name of God who made the Heaven and the Earth.

24 December 1662. I, Anne Blondel, finding myself infirm of body but healthy of mind, thanks be to God, commend my soul to God and I ask my friends to bury my body in the Cemetery alongside the bodies of the faithful. I give the poor of the Castel parish 6 livres tournois, and those who will bear my body to the grave 4 livres tournois. And to my daughter Jammette a Corset and an apron and sheet and a shirt and a cap. And to her daughter Marie, a brass pan worth 9 or ten livres. And a chest and a length of fabric and a bedcover and a sheet, which I trust are still at the house of her father, Jean de la Rue. And besides that I give to Perotine Le Rey a wincey petticoat and a good shirt. In addition, I declare that Jean Tiault owes me 9 bushels of wheat from 1662. And that is part of my dowry. Item. Elizabeth Bailleul owes me 10 bushels of wheat as dowry from 1662. Item. Jean de la Rue owes me 3 bushels of wheat rent from 1662. And Thomas Lenfestey 2 bushels of wheat from my dowry from 1662. Item. Rachel Mansel a bushel of wheat of dowry. Signed: Jean le Bair. Hellier de Jersey.

Confirmed 14 December 1663.