Will of Clair Blanche, 1663

No. 3 in Edith Carey's Wills and Legacies. The film of the original Ecclesiastical Court records may be consulted in the Library. Claire's death is recorded by Elie Brevint of Sark in his Notebooks I. 488; the Noel family had a significant presence in Sark.

In the name of God. Amen.

I the undersigned, Clair Blanche, widow of the late Sieur Jean Noel [....] Item. To the poor of St Peter Port 10 livres tournois. Item. To each of my three daughters, this is to say, Claire, wife of Sieur [Jean crossed out] Isaac Gibaut, Elizabeth, wife of Sieur Richard Winne, Marie, wife of Sieur Clement Perchard, 700 livres tournois, on condition that the said sums are used to support their estates in Guernsey in their own name and individually; but this is not to say that their respective husbands individually may not invest all or part of these sums on their respective wives' behalf in order to bring some return on the money if they so wish. Item. I give to my daughters a third each of my personal clothes and linen. Item. I leave to my daughter-in-law Elizabeth, widow of my late son Philippe Noel, three pounds sterling (English rate), to buy herself a ring, which I ask her to wear out of love for me. Item. I give to Elizabeth, daughter of my above-mentioned son-in-law (gendre) Sieur Jean Gibaut, 30 livres tournois. Item. The same sum to Jean Winne, the son of my son-in-law (beau-fils) Sieur Richard Winne. Item. The same sum to Jean Perchard, son of my son-in-law (gendre), Sieur Jean Perchard. Item. Two thirds of the rest of my personalty to my son Samuel Noel, and to my granddaughter Claire Noel, the daughter of my late son Philippe Noel.

I wish that my most esteemed Relative and Friend, Mr Jean de Saumarez Senior, should be my executor; and as a token of gratitude I give and bequeath to him a silver beer cup [i.e. with two handles] weighing 12 oz. And finally I bless all my children, and ask that they manage to live their lives in the fear of God, and in peace and friendship with each other.

Drawn up in St Peter Port, 15th November 1660. Signed André Monamy, witness. Pierre Guille, witness. Claire Blanche.

Elie Brevint Fasc. XII, §488: 'Claire Blanche, the widow of Sr Jean Noël, died November 1663. Genette Blanche [Jeanette Blanche], the second wife of Thomas du Pré, [had already died].'