Will of Daniel Le Moyne, 1680

1st September 2016

From Edith Carey's Wills and Legacies, a MS transcription of early Guernsey wills from the Ecclesiastical Court records, p 112.

Au nom &c

I, Daniel Le Moyne,¹ native of Vitré in Brittany, and presently residing in ... Guernsey ...:

First, to my niece Alain [sic, Hélène?], the daughter of my late brother Samuel Le Moyne, 6 livres tournois. In addition, to each of the children of my late brother Jean Le Moyne, 6 l.t.  Also, to my brother Charles Le Moyne, 6 l.t. And I leave the rest to my dear beloved wife Jeanne Hardy,² whom I appoint executor. 

Drawn up in this Town of St Peter Port 6 November 1680. 

Signed: D Le Moyne.
Witnesses: Nicholas Lihou. Samuel Le Cocq.

Confirmed 24 November 1680.

¹ See also: A relic of the past: Jeanne le Moyne, 1625. 

² See Scandal! for links between the Le Hardy family and the De Beauvoir family, both families marrying into the family of Le Moyne of Vitré.