Will of Gillette Sampson, 1663

From Guernsey's Ecclesiastical Court. No. 7 in Edith Carey's Wills and Legacies, Staff.

May the name of God who made the heaven and the earth be our guide. Amen.

I, Gillette Sampson, in the throes of a long illness and confined to my sick-bed, but healthy in mind. First, I give to the poor of St Peter Port 6 livres tournois. Item. I give to Elizabeth Le Quesne my late husband's daughter, my purple kersey coat that I wore every day. I leave to her son Pierre Moulin 6 livres tournois. Item. I give to my daughter Marie Le Quesne, wife of Jean Thomas, who is at the moment in the city of London, 75 livres tournois to be taken from the sum of money that the heirs of the late Sieur Thomas De Rozel and his wife Marie Ettur owe me, as soon as the said sum is received. And the reason I am not giving my daughter Marie any more than this is because I gave her as good a marriage as I possibly could. And especially since I am expecting her to receive more from the distribution after my death.[?] Leaving the remainder of my personalty to my daughter Suzanne Le Quesne. And I appoint Jean Mahiel junior to be my Executor.

Drawn up at my house this 5th December 1663, in the presence of Mr André Monamy and Sieur Pierre de Beauvoir du Bosq. Registered 11th January 1663/4.