The will of Jean Moorhead, 1688/9

From the Ecclesiastical Court records, transcribed from the original (which can be seen on microfilm in the Library), by Edith Carey in her Wills and Legacies notebook.

In the name of God. Amen.

Thus do I, Jean Moorhead, Doctor of Medicine and Rector of the Parish of St Saviour, being infirm, desire that my body be buried amongst those of the faithful, or indeed in my brother's grave.

First, 50 livres tournois to the poor of St Saviour's; in addition, I give to our niece and godchild Rachel Carey, as my my dear and beloved wife wished, her wedding dress and best petticoats, all of which are at present in the keeping of and at the disposition of Madame Fautrart. Item I give her a silver beer cup, and a gold ring with a sapphire set in. In addition I give my two nephews James and Darrell Carey each their own small silver two-handled cup. Item to my godson Daniel Du Maresq a pistol (coin). Item to my servant Thomas Audoire a fitted coat and a silver écu. Item to Janette Noël 4 sheets. Item to my 2 maidservants 50 sols each. Also, to Bertranne Noël, 30 sols. Finally, to Thomas Tourode a black coat. The remainder of my belongings I give to my nephew Pierre Guille and my niece Rebecca Moorhead.

Made this 11th December 1668. Signed: Moorhead. Hellier du Maresq. Jean Rougier. Registered 2 February 1668/9, by Pierre Guille of St Peter Port. [From the French.]

In her notes, Edith Carey tells us that John Moorhead [or Morehead] was inducted as Rector of St Saviour's on February 4  1655/6. His wife was Anne Carey, daughter of Pierre Carey and Marie Germain; they had no surviving children. He was buried 3 January 1669/70. His brother, the Reverend Arthur Moorhead, however, former Master of Elizabeth College and Rector of St Saviour's before him, married Rebecca de Saumarez, daughter of Michael de Saumarez and Bertranne Fautrart, and produced a daughter, Rebecca Moorhead, who was married to Pierre Guille. Her family are discussed by E B Moullin in 'Jean Guille's Notebooks', Report & Trans. Soc. Guernesiaise (1950) pp. 45-6. Arthur Moorhead died in 1652, and his widow then also married a Pierre Guille, second son of Jacques Guille senior, des Rohais. Moullin has much more to say about this family in Transaction Soc. Guern. (1953) pp. 312 ff.; Arthur Moorhead and his baby daughter Catherine were buried in the same grave on the same day, 26 November 1652.