Will of John Chapman, 1703

23rd April 2015

From Vol. II of Edith Carey's book of transcripts, Wills & Legacies, in the Library (Staff).

Know all men &c, I John Chapman, now in the Island of Guernsey, doe constitute ... Susanna Tellier my landlady to be my .... Attorney ... to ... demand & receive all that is due in ye sd Island, specially what is due to me from Capne Daniel Navetel [Daniel Naftel] ... & in case I dye I give to Joseph Chubb my sute of clothes & my greene breeches of chach(?) & three silk handkerches & one in Gyn. And a coat & a waist wasker to Capn John Holland. And a white paire of Breeches & 3 silk handkerches & the bigest of my two gold rings to Marthe Knap [Martha Knapp], & the other Ring to Ester Rogers & the rest of my sea cloaths and whearin (sic: wearing) cloaths to John Griffin, & to my landlady 20 shillings to buy her a mourning ring, & to Mary Patmore one ring of ten shillings; & the rest of the money after all is paid to be distributed to all the poor of ye Parishes of ye sd Island, & for four shirts to give two to Capne Holland & the 2 others to Joseph Chubb. 7 April 1703.

My hand, John Chapman
Thomas Machon, witness, John Chubb. Reg.: 12 April 1707

In 1708 Joseph Chubb was the master of the privateer galley the Guernsey, owned by 'Peter Stephens, Nicholas Lobelly [Le Pelley], Thomas le Marchant, Nicholas Carey, Michael Falla and Widow Poundwell, all of Guernsey,' and the galley Prince Eugene, sent out by 'John Saumares, Fran├žois Martin, Peter de la Place and Joseph la Falle of Guernsey' and by 'Saumerye, Lawrence Martin and John Lewis of Guernsey, merchants;' John Holland was master of the Churchill galley, sent out by 'Peter Prigent, Francis le Couleur [Le Couteur], Clement le Mesurier and Francis le Brock of Guernsey, merchants,' and again by 'Nicholas Perchard, Michael Falla, Elisha Dobree, Peter Mangier [Peter Mauger] and John le Gruchy of Guernsey, merchants;' in 1707 Daniel Naftel captained the Marlborough galley, owned by 'John du Someris [Jean de Sausmarez], Thomas le Merchant, Michael Fuller, Nicholas Lepelly [Le Pelley] and Peter Stevens of Guernsey, merchants.' Several of the owners are Jerseymen; all the galleys were of 60 tones burthen, with a crew of 50-60, except the Guernsey, which was bigger, at 100 tons, with a 70-man crew. [From Guernsey Letters of Marque, see Useful links.] Daniel Naftel was both a captain and a privateer owner/manager.