Will of Marie de la Rue 1663

No.5 in Edith Carey's Wills and Legacies, Staff.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

I, Marie de la Rüe, widow of Jean Pallot, more than 80 years old and now too frail to move; at the moment ill in my sick-bed but still healthy in mind, thanks be to God: First I give to the poor of Castel 15 sous tournois as a cash sum. I give all the remainder of my personalty to my son Edmont Pallot, with nothing in reserve and owing nothing. In consideration of which, Edmont Pallot has promised and is obliged to look after his mother for the rest of her life, and to provide her with all the necessities for life.

Drawn up on the 5th January 1662/3. In the presence of these respectable witnesses, whose signatures are below: Pierres Le Marchant and Thomas de Jersey, witnesses. Proved 14 December 1663.