Will of Moses Chiley of Cornwall, 1707

15th January 2016

No 21 from Vol. II of Edith Carey's book of transcripts, Wills & Legacies, in the Library (Staff). 'Moss Chiley' was possibly a Moses Chellew of Lugdvan. If anybody has any further information on this man, please contact the Library.

Moses Chiley of Cornwall, but now an inhabitant of Guernsey, being at present very weak of body ... 1st to the poor of this Island, £10 sterling, that is to say 20/- per parish. 2nd to ... John Williams son of the late Joseph Williams and of Elizabeth Littlecutt, £1400 tournois, in ye hands of my Executors to be disposed of by them for ye advantage of ye said child and which money is at present in the hands of Mr John Bowden, one of my Executors. Item. To my father, if alive, £600 tournois, but, if dead, to ye above said John Williams over and above ye said hundred pounds, but if ye child should happen to dye before he should have spent ye above sd money, then what shall remain I bequeath to my Executors or their heirs. Item. I do give to ye sd Mr John Bowden's wife one of my Silver Tankars. Item. To my three sisters £500 tournois to be divided equally between them. Item. To Janne Collet my nurse a mourning sute and a soldier's cloake. And for the rest ... it shall be sold by my Executors and ye money whereof I give to ye above John Williams as also ye money which is due to me by Mr Robert Renouf's succession, if he doth live, if not to my Executors.

Naming Mr John Bowden and John Bonamy of St Martin's parish to be my Executors. And I doe desire them to take particular care of ye above said John Williams, to see him well brought up and want for nothing, as far as ye money which I doe by these presents give him can reach. At St Peter Port, 29th September 1707.

The mark of Moses Chiley who by reason of his weakness could not write his name, with a seale with red wax.

Samuel Le Cocq. John Munday. Charles Mayo(?)'s mark. Reg: 3rd October 1707.