Will of Thomas Le Conte, 1662

No. 1 in Edith Carey's transcriptions Wills and Legacies, [Staff].

In the name of God. Amen.

Well aware that there is nothing more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the hour of it, I, Thomas Le Conte, healthy in mind but considerably weakened in body, dispose of my estate as follows:

And first, I commend my body to God my Father &c &c and that it be buried in the cemetery amongst the faithful. As for the goods that God has given me: Firstly, to the poor of the Vale, a stack of barley from the Camp Dolent. Item I give from the whole of my personalty .... as much as is required to the Treasurers of the Vale to distribute the sum that the Treasurers owe to the poor of this parish. Item. To Jean Hallouvris son of Laurens, to settle all his accounts, the following items: First, a se[r]vice for 3 years (?une sevice, perhaps sieute (suit?) de 3 ans) known as the droite esuée, [or esnée =aînée]. Item. The big filly. Item. The small bed and a pillow. Item. A coverlet. Item. A brass cooking pot worth 12 livres tournois. Item. A bowl [bassin]. Item. A good dish (plat de dessus lais). Item. Another everyday dish. Item. The Bible. Item. A fork with three prongs. Item. My weapons (mes armes) and a chas lict. And that will cover his inheritance, so as to be quit except for two mortgages. Item. To each of my godsons and god-daughters, a Jerete[?]. I leave my wife and my co-heirs only as executors of my will &c.

Drawn up 18th December 1661. Signed Thomas Le Marchant, minister. Jean Hopin, James Falla, Nicolas Henry, Estienne Falla, Estienne Capelle.

Registered under Dean de Saumarez' signature, 2nd November 1663.