Will of Thomas Le Page, 1669

No. 49 in Edith Carey's Wills and Legacies books of transcriptions. 

2nd October 1669, I, Thomas Le Page, son of Pierre, [....] first to the poor of the Forest 2 bushels wheat rent. Item. To my grandson Thomas Le Page Jr., son of my late son Thomas, a one-year old black-and-white bull. Item to the daughters of my aforementioned son, that is, my granddaughters Thomasse and Marie, a large oak chest which is at the foot of my son James' bed. Item to my son Pierre Le Page, an oak chest which is at the side of my bed. Item. To my granddaughter Rachel, daughter of my son Pierre, a cow, 3 to 4 years old. Finally to my son James Le Page, a minor, because of all the help he has given me and because of how he has looked after me during my illness, and without whose help I would have most certainly died in the most wretched of cirumstances; for this and several other reasons I give and bequeath to him each and every one of my goods and chattels of what nature and condition soever. Signed: Matthieu Harivell (Rector of the Forest), Jean Rouget (Curateur). Registered 1669. [From the French.]