Wills of Edward Cotton, 1691, and Marie Cotton, 1693

15th June 2016

From Edith Carey's transcription Wills and Legacies I, nos 154 and 159.

I, Edward Cotton, some of Henry Cotton Esq. of Little Compton in Gloucestershire and now living in ye towne of St Peters Port in Guernsey, being weake of my body but sound in my spirit. First to ye poore of this Parish £12 tournois. Item to my brother Christopher Cotton £60 tournois. Item to my brother Thomas Cotton £60 tournois. Item to my nephew Henry Cotton £60 tournois. Item to my nephew Thomas Cotton £60 tournois.  Item to my nephew Edward Cotton the like sum. Item to my niece Jeane Cotton £100 tournois. Item to Edward Sbirell [Lesbirel] my godson £12 tournois. Item to my godson Edward Du Maresq [Dumaresq] son of Philip Du Maresq gentleman, £12 tournois. Item to Mary Cotton my god-daughter, daughter of Captain Andrew Cotton, £12 tournois. Item to my god-daughter Mary Du Pré £12 tournois. And as for the rest—to my beloved wife Mary Cotton whom I leave sole executrix. 

Dated at St Peter's Port.18 Feb: 1686; signed Edward Cotton.
Joshua Tramelier, witness. Peter Gosselin, witness

Confirmed 8 Feb: 1691/2.

Will of Marie Cotton

Au nom &c

At St Peter Port 12 September 1693

... to the poor of the parish 150 livres tournois, worth 20 sols. Item to the poor of each of the other parishes 50 l.t. to each parish. Item to my sister Jeanne Mauger 100 l.t. and six of my shirts and six kerchiefs. Item to my sister Susanne Mauger 100 l.t. and six shirts and six kerchiefs. Item to Mr Pierre Jannon, a golden guinea. Item to Mr Le Noë, minister, a golden louis. Item to Mr Carré, minister, a golden louis. Item to my nephew Jean Mauger, a silver salt cellar. Item to my nephew and godson Edouard Mauger, a silver two-handled beer cup, marked ECM, and 2 silver spoons marked with a double M on the handle, and with a PP on the one and TP on the other, and I also give him 50 silver livres tournois. Item to my nephew Pierre Mauger 50 l.t., each worth 20 sols. Item to my niece Marie Mauger (or Gosselin), 50 l.t. ... six shirts, six kerchiefs and a skirt and coat of crepe or of black serge (as she prefers), a long shawl and a cap. Item. To my niece Elizabeth, the wife of my nephew Edouard Mauger, a tablecloth of Dieppe lace 3 ells in length and a dozen napkins of the same work, which is of the hearts and flowers pattern.¹ Item to my niece Marie Ollivier (or Fougny) my small silver bowl. I give her daughter Marie Fougny my silver grater. Item. To my godson Edouard Sebirel [Lesbirel] 50 l.t. and a tablecloth, two traverses, a dozen napkins, and two pairs of bedsheets of the said [...]. Item to my my nephew Jean Sebirel, two golden guineas, a small Dieppe lace tablecloth of the hearts and flowers design, a good plain tablecloth, 12 napkins, six sheets and two pairs of pillowcases. Item to my niece Marie Sebirel, a bed, a bolster, two pillows, four pairs of sheets (two double size and two single),² a quilt and a bedcover; a tablecloth, six small towels, 12 plain toile napkins, two golden guineas and ten shillings to each of her children. And those of my clothes which are at the disposal of my brothers. Item to Madame Dumaresq of Sark, my silver tankard, six silver spoons (unmarked), a large copper pan,³ one of my large candlesticks, six of my biggest plates (three with a wide border and three deep ones with a narrow border), and a dozen large trenchers.

Signed: Marie Cotton.

Confirmed: 24 May 1694.

¹ 'qui est de Coeur Fleury.'

² '... deux à deux laizes et deux de laizes de demie.'

³ 'The first mention of copper.' Note by Edith Carey.