Guernsey's forgotten past, Carel Toms

17th September 2015

A list of the photographs in Carel Toms' book, Guernsey's forgotten past, published in 1992. Many of these photographs are in the Library's Carel Toms Collection; please contact the Library for further information.

'A section of one of a number of beautiful cast iron gates which adorn the Lower Vegetable Market, St Peter Port, which was completes in 1879 to designs by Francis Chambers.' Frontispiece.

1. Bordeaux House, at Les Grippos, Vale, c. 1915. Jean Brache, Nicolas Etienne Martin, Stephen Martin Le Conte, Pierre Mahy Le Conte, Stephen Le Conte, Mrs Mary Martin, Mrs Julia Le Conte.

2. Bordeaux House, carved door.

3. The Laurels, Vale Avenue, Vale, carved door.

4. Les Hautgards, Noirmont, Pleinheaume, Vale, decorated door.

5. Le Vallon, St Martin's, double door.

6. Ditto.

7. La Pompe, Le Contrée des Mouilpieds, St Martin's. Carved door attrib. Burgess. Datestone.

8. La Quinta, Rue Maze, St Martin. Carved door.

9. Glenview, Les Effards Road, St Sampson's. Carved door.

10. Meadow Villa, Route de Vaugrat, St Sampson's. Carved door.

11. Gypsland, Les Grandes Maisons Road, St Sampson's. Carved door.

12. Antigua, Les Grandes Maisons Road, St Sampson's. Carved door.

13. La Jaonière (formerly Mayfield), Route de la Croix au Bailif, St Andrew's. Carved door.

14. Knapp House, Rohais de Haut, St Andrew's. Carved door, porch, red granite steps.

15. 1 Escallonia, Mount Durand, St PeterPort. Carved door.

16. 1 Newlands, Mount Durand, St Peter Port. Carved door.

17. Emma Place, Pedvin Street, St Peter Port. Home of carver Richard Guille. Carved door.

18. Norfolk Lodge Hotel, Doyle Road, St Peter Port. Carved door.

19. Le Petit Manoir (formerly Le Haut), La Route de Pleinmont, Torteval. Carved door.

20. La Viltone, Rue de la Lague, Torteval. Carved door.

21. Richmond Cottage, St saviour's. Carved door.

22. La Roberge, former home of Denys Corbet, La Roberge Lane, Forest. Carved door.

23. Butter forms. Les Grands Moulins, Castel. Ernest de Garis of Myrtle Place (now Hotel Fleur du Jardin) and Ernest John de Garis, St Leddard's.

24. Mackerel drifter Rosalind, Elie Robilliard of Roseneath, Torteval. John W Savident, A de la Mare, Tom de Carteret.

25. The Casquets (house, now demolished). Emile Ashplant.

26. Henry Ashplant.

27. Mackerel drifters at Le Crocq du Sud by Peter Le Lièvre.

28. Les Issues, Rocquaine. Tom de Carteret (see 24 above.)

29. Edmund de la Mare. Drifter Souvenir. Crabpots. Le Couteur's yard.

30. Aldebaran (Le Couteur's). Le Coudré (La Halle). Bark House (tanning, cutch).

31. Drifter Marie Louise. George Henry Tucker of La Fontenelle Farm, St Saviour's. John Savident.

32. a. Le corne à breune (conch shell horn). b. Edwin Martel.

33. Mackerel drifters 1961. Ken Quentin, Dieu te Garde, Albert Dock.

34. Charabanc outing English quarry managers on a conference c 1925. John Mowlem's offices, North Side.

35. L'Ongrée, Les Monmains, North Side, 1898. The Maresquet. Ernest J Henry Ltd.

36. Hougue Noirmont quarry. Peter Falla c 1948.

37. Victor Hugo statue. Crève Coeur. N Pinchemain, D Bisset, D Renouf. Marine And General Engineers Ltd, North Side.

38. Peter Grisel. Granite setts.

39. A and F Manuelle's stone-cracking yards, crushing plant and windmill, Longue Hougue, South Side, St Sampson's, c 1900.

40. Morley Russell, tinsmith. Arthur Russell, Fred Russell. Guernsey milk cans.

41. Jim Martin. Brass bachin, La Mare, St Martin's.

42. Thomas Bichard, seaman. Brigs Reaper, Prince Alfred, The Sisters, steamers Rescue, Assistance, Helper. Thomas Bichard, grocer. Creux Harbour, Sark.

43. SS Tommeliten. Bordeaux Harbour. 6 March 1938.

44. Gervase Peek. Nancy. June 1938. Guernsey Sea Anglers' Club.

45. Dixie Dene. Hotel Beaulieu, St Martin, 1938.

46. Palace Theatre (Billy Bartlett's), St Julian's Avenue. February 1938.

47. St Sampson's Methodist schoolroom. Children of employees of Leale Ltd, January 1936.

48. Miss Muriel Luckie and Guernsey Junior Choir. Jersey Eisteddfod of 1935. D Luckie, F Bowditch, G Le Page, B Mollett, R Priaulx, Y Le Goff, D Jones, G Bent, G Lowe, I Robinson, N Le Noury, N Squire, M Wyatt. B Renouf. J Paul, G Torode, V Hammond, S Brouard, D Bowditch, D Barker, M Duquemin, G Paul, N Jones, Miss Luckie, E Zabiela, B Sheppard, B Cook, J Hamblin, G Gregg.

49. Two German guns, Victoria Tower gardens. January 1938.

50. Messrs S M and T Marquand, North Show and Battle of Flowers 1937. Sheila and Tommy Marquand.

51. Island Police Force 1936. Inspector W R Schulper, Sergeants A Howlett, C Le Lièvre, J Langmead, E Pill, A J Langmead, F Duquemin, F Banneville. Photographer J A Hamson.

52. Christmas Day at Town Hospital, 1935. Deputy Marie Randall, Mrs H Norris, F H De la Rue. Mr H Norris, Mrs S J Davidson and husband, John Davidson (son), Mr Cecil Stonelake, Miss Winnie Harvey.

53. Christmas Day at Country Hospital, 1935. Peter Le Maitre, James Martel, Master and Matron, Sister L Thorley.

54. Guy Fawkes' procession, November 5th 1935, St SAViour's. Les raies. F Hegarat, Cliffford Le Cras, G Torode.

55. Sir Charles and Lady Sackville–West, first reception at Saumarez Park. 1925. Sir Edward Ozanne, Bailiff. Baron de Coudenhove, French consul. George Kinnersly, Miqué Kinnersly, Mabel Kinnersly, Dr George Kinnersly.

56. Domestic Science Centre, Mount Durand. Teacher Miss M L Freeman.

57. Walter Ollivier.

58. William Brouard of Le Catillon, St Pierre du Bois. Thatcher. Wife Ann Esther Martel. 10 May 1930.

59. Fermain Bay Tearoom 1920s. Mr and Mrs W J Mallett. Ruby Mallett, Cecil B Ferguson.

60. Methodist Church Bible Study class (Western parishes). Reverend J S Norman c 1912. Frank Le Poidevin, John Allez, Wilson Le Lacheur, Ernest Le Page, Ernest Jehan, William Bourgaize, Randolph Robilliard, Edward Brehaut, William Le Lacheur, James Le Page, ? Le Sauvage, John Bourgaize, John Le Lacheur, Theo Allez, J S Norman, George Langlois, Alfred de la Mare, John de Garis.

61. Officers and teachers of the St Pierre du Bois Sion Sunday School, Diamond Jubilee, July 1922. Thomas A Bramley photographer.

62. Guppy's, St Clement's Road, St John's. 1922. W J Guppy, J Duquemin, E C Guppy.

63. Machon's, 45 and 47 the Pollet. C 1905. Alfred Machon. Woodworker and furniture repairer. Susan Le Poidevin (26 Cornet Street). James Collivet, cabinet-maker.

64. Analytical Tea Company, George Spong, 8 Smith Street, before 1910.

65. Staff of packing operation, St George's Hall (WWI).

66. a. RGLI, 4 soldiers relaxing, Bourne Camp. 1917. Photograph Charles Toms. b. Tomatoes from Guernsey at Bourne Park, WWI.

67. Breton onion sellers.

68. Fred Veale, rhubarb grower.

69. Rose Collivet, roasting chestnuts, 3 Market Place.

70. Mrs Langlois, Forest, photograph by Marion Saumarez c 1920. [Library Coll.]

71. Le Petroleur horseless carriage. Major A Thom, Salvation Army. Ernest J Henry.

72. General Barrington Campbell, Saumarez Park, 1903-8. Captain Campbell. Photograph by Aline Head.

73. La Forge, Rue du Videcocq, St Pierre du Bois. Cider press of 1848. W H Langlois. Arthur Dodd. Shoeing oxen.

74. a. Guernsey kitchen at turn of century. b. Farmhouse at St Saviour's 1912-13.

75. Albert Chick, Nelville, Les Dunes, Castel. Sent to jail 1943. Myrtle Le Page (Mrs G E Tolcher.)

76. Barge sunk in Careening Hard. Photograph L R Cohen.

77. Le Trépied, Catioroc, original position of capstone.

78. Prosperity, January 1974. Eric Sirett photograph showing timber at Petit Port.

79. French Halles 1886. J Parsons, florist.

80. Major Palmer, who posted himself to Alderney, February 1940.

81. Mrs Annie de Garis drawing water from well at La Cité, Route de Canteraine, c. 1900. [Library Coll.]

82. W Torode watering cows at abreuvoir at La Vallée, St Pierre du Bois, c. 1958. Photograph S M Henry.

83. Pump, La Houguette, Les Adams, St Pierre du Bois. Jean Robin, Marie Brouard.

84. Pump, La Couture, Les Paysans, St Pierre du Bois. Mary Robilliard.

85. Field well, Val des Paysans.

86. a. Parish pump, Bas Rouvets, St Saviour 's, 1885. b. Marguerite de Garis, Bas Rouvets well.

87. Field well and trough, Rue St Pierre, St Saviour's.

88. Pump box at Primrose Farm, 1831.

89. Windlass, well at La Belial, Rue du Belial, St Saviour's.

90. Well at Courtil Ronchin. Pump from La Ramée, St Peter Port. 1804. Ivan Robert, Jean Pritchard, John Bougourd, Denzil La Farge, 1985.

91. Pump box, 1881.

92. Monumental stone, parish watering place, La Villiaze, St Andrew's.

93. Farm well, La Houguette. Washing board stone.

94. Curative well at St George, Castel.

95. Pump, Folk museum, Saumarez Park, 1818.

96. Farm well, Le Tertre, Castel. Peter Girard.

97. Hospital pump, 1810.

98. Parish pump and trough, Route des Laurens, Torteval.

99. Wooden case pump, 1869, Hocart's Farm, Rue de Bas.

100. Pump, Thomas Ogier, 1823, Le Tertre, Vale.

101. Well, Les Grippios de Bas.

102. Well, Two Wells Cottage, Old Marais, Vale.

103. Paris pump, St Sampson's.

104. Well and trough, Les Grandes Maisons Road, St Sampson's.

105. Parish pump Le Bourg, Forest, 1831.

106. Windmill for pumping water, Les Houards Farm, Forest.

107. Well, Le Cas Rouge, Le Bigard, Forest.

108. Well, Chasse des Galliennes, Le Bigard, Forest.

109. Wishing well, Ville Amphrey, St Martin's, c 1906. Grace Clark (Grace Ollivier), Gladys Thoume, Rita Rose (Later Rita Brehaut), Edith Rose, wife of Arthur Stevens.

110. Well and trough Saints Road, St Martin's.

111. Pump, Les Maindonneaux, Bon Air, St Martin's. Info re estate.

112. Abreuvoir, Le Becquet, St Martin's.

113. Public well and abreuvoir, La Fosse, St Martin's.

114. Pump Box, 1810, States Prison, St James' Street.

115. Pump, College Street.

116. Pump, Le Marchant Street, purchased 1789.

117. Pump. Cambridge Park. C Vaucour, J H Guilbert, 1873.

118. Pump, the Pollet.

119. Pump, Candie House.

120. Pump, Mount Row.

121. Pump, Raglan House, The Queen's Road, St Peter Port, 1824.

122. Pump, Colborne Place, The Queen's Road, St Peter Port. Charles Andros 1835.

123. Double-sided pump, Trinity Square.

124. SS Channel Queen. Fishermen who helped in rescue. George Bewey, Adolphus Gaudion, Desiré Quentin. Ornament from ship. Medals presented. Bell.

125. Wilfred Gaudion (1888-1977).

126. Wilf Savident.

127. The Wonder, James de Garis, boatyard at Les Vinaires, St Pierre du Bois. E H and T H Gaudion, Roncefer, St Sampson's.

128. Tom and Jack Le Page.

129. The Pioneer. Frank Le Page.

130. Wilburt Ozanne with catch of conger.

131. Edwin Ozanne and shark, c. 1930.

132. Harry de la Mare, Helier Le Lacheur, boatmen provisioning the Hanois lighthouse.

133. Jean Jehan's cottage, Route de la Maladerie, Perelle. The Grace Darling. Harold Roberts, boat builder, Icart, St Martin's.

134. Ormonde, Peter Kinnersly. After 1927.

135. Beacon on La Mare de la Greve rocks, Perelle. Ross Ferbrache, M Le Lacheur, Gordon Ferbrache. Edwin Martel, Johnny Mallett.

136. Bertie Le Lacheur, Douglas Robilliard. Le Douit du Moullin, Rocquaine. Brurning seaweed, 1960s.

137. Frederick Brehaut, 'Seaweed Joe,' Perelle.

138. Art Le Page, St Peter Port, poniers-à-co (baskets).

139. Eddie Down, seine net, Albert Dock slipway.

140. Adolphus Saunders, Saints Harbour. Crabpot.

141. Bill Domaille.

142. Model boat. 'Modelle du bateau des Sr Corbin 1866; A du Batau A dela Mare du douit 1866; A du Bato de Daniel Ozanne Castel 1866; A du Bato de William Jehan St Sav 1871; A du Batau Pour Serks de 13 pids en 1881.'

143. Models of Guernsey potter and mackerel drifter.

144. Captain Fred Noyon SGM.

145. Bec du Nez, fishermen's hut, 1939. Courge (basket). Charles Luscombe. Janet II: Joe Leaman, Charlie Luscombe, Dick Leaman off Bec du Nez c 1936.

146. Harry Smith, Bec du Nez.

147. Joe Leaman, Bec du Nez, Hope.

148. Upturned boat at Castle Emplacement. Upturned boat at Sark, thatched.

149. The Morning Star. Built in Sark by Laurie Roberts for Miss Sylvia Lamb, 1950.

150. The Challenger. Len Langlois.

151. La Grunette, St Sampson. Jack the Sailor beacon. Guernsey Rowing Club.

152. Pepper Pot (Le Cocquelin.)

153. Les Beaucamps, Castel. 1954.

154. a. Bridge c 1880. The Ship Inn (Gillingham family) later Rockmount Restaurant. c. View in 1953. d. Martel's stores (built in front of old inn.)

155. Le Moulin de la Canteraine 1925. b. Photograph by Marion Saumarez.

156. Carving, barque, La Mare, St Pierre du Bois. Captain Nicholas Le Messurier.

157. Granite corbel, gallery, Victoria Tower. Matthieu and Jacques Tostevin.

158. Forge, junction between Rue des Caches and Rue Cauchee, St Martin's. Daniel Brehaut. c 1855.

159. Forge, Le Coudré, Nicholas Bourgaise.

160. Guille-Allès Library c 1958. S M Henry photographer.

161. Guelles Road c 1900. Aline Head, photographer.

162. Fort Le Crocq, St Saviour's. Painted Miss de Putron c 1890.

163. Fort Saumarez before 1942.

164. La Petite Fontaine, Victoria Road.

165. Mansell Court. John Henry Shayer, tinsmith, Mathias D Hawke's Co-operative Drug Store. Photograph Aline Head.

166. West side of southern end of Pollet before demolition in 1912.

167. Millbrook brickworks, Guelles Road, c. 1899. William Head. Photographer Aline Head.

168. Creux Harbour Tunnel before 1931.

169. Mont Crevelt and South Side, St Sampson's. The Daring. Photograph Aline Head.

170. Pelican Football team, 1906. W Golding, G Solway, B Denbany, S Solway, J Ozard, A West, H Trouteaud, F Jeffreys, G White, D Tolcher, D Martel, P Le Feuvre (sub-captain), C Bisson, G H Budge (captain) A West. Photograph A Laurens.

171. Guernsey Artisans' football club, 1908-9. A S Knight, A J van den Bergh, N Lihou, R West, J Sanson, Wm Middlevick (president) T Rogers, A West, E Marsh, L Maunder, C Baker (captain), F Nicolle, W Froome. W Sealley, W Elliott, D Martel. [See Guernsey Gossip 1908 for previous season's team.]

172. Guernsey Rotary Club, children's camp at Fort Houmet.

173. States' Intermediate School cricket team in 1935. W Elliott, J Dorey, B Bell, L Collins, ? Duquemin, ? Nunnerly, R C Mace, F J Naftel, W C Watling, J Hartland, H F Nicolle, E J Hillier.

174. Guernsey Junior Island soccer team, 1937. A Le Moignan, A Lawrence, H Roberts, W Coleman, M Bridle, L Frampton, T Pearson, Brother Donatien, A Foster, N Le Huray, W Martel, H Nicolle, H Falla, R Robilliard, H Le Poidevin. R Brown, J Rihoy, E Chick, W Falla, L Collenette.

175. Guernsey Hockey Club 1939. E Fisher, Tom Corbin, H Nicolle, A Cohen, R G Fletcher, O Jones, P Robilliard, P Martel, C Palmer, R G Davies, G Fisher, G Ingram.

176. Elizabeth College hockey team 1938. H T Bichard, P V Carey, H F Nicolle, G J B Green, J M Symes, E J Hillier, R C Mace, R H Gwyn-Williams, P de L Le Cheminant, H W Bisson, R L S Bichard.

177. Guernsey Swimming Club vs Royal Naval College, La Vallette, July 1939.

178. Elizabeth College Athletics team 1938. R L S Bichard, B W Rose, L C McKane, R V Burnell, [H F Nicolle, J M Symes] G J B Green, W C Watling, R C Mace, V M Baker.