Guille family contracts &c

From Guille family file in the Library. St Peter Port and St Martin 15th and 16th centuries. Typescript transcription.

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Letter 1465, 23 October. Colin Guille son of Thomas in right of his wife daughter of John Dicart [D'Icart].

1488. 2 August. Thomas Guille son of Collin of St Peter Port, Collenette de L'Escluse daughter of John, wife of Collin Guille and mother of said Thomas Guille, in right of her mother daughter of Collin Le Merre.

1488. 23 May. John Guille son of Collin of St Peter Port.

1462. St Pol's day (12 March). Nicholas le Vecheux son of John, Collin Guille, Guille's house and garden on Rue des Forges.

1506. 8 July. Thomas Guille son of Thomas of St Martin, James Guille (Bailiff), courtil of La Varde, St Peter Port.

1476. 11 August. Guille Estur son of Pierrot of St Peter Port, resident of Exeter, Collin Guille of St Peter Port, small field in SPP at the Grange Godel above the dolmen (au dessus de la pouquelaye).

1510. 14 December. Nicollas Marche son of Pierre of St Martin, sells to Philipin Asseline son of John of St Martin resident in SPP Collin Guille of St Martin's old house in St Martin's WNW of the house of Nicollas Maugeur Jr.

1524. 16 January. Thomas Guille son of Thomas of St Martin sells to John Tourtel son of John of St Peter Port a field in SPP at La Varde abutting John Martin's field, the which field Thomas Guille his father had sold to John Pesset son of Collas of St Peter Port.

1504. 18 March. Thomas Maugeur of St Peter Port guardian of the daughter of Thomas Guille son of Collin.

1476. 11 March. James Le Prevost attorney to Pierre du Roquier of St Peter Port, sells to Collin Guille son of Thomas of SPP a plot of land in SPP above the Grange Godel between John de la Forest's old field and John Perrin's fields between the plot which was Guille de Beauvoir's and the plot that used to belong to Thomasse Galiot.

20 October 1507. Bill of Partage of the estate of Thomas Guille of St Martin, shared between his sons Thomas & Nicholas.

Extente of the Fief Blanchelande 1488. Thomas Guille held land on La Prinse L'Englentine & La Prinse Robert du Camp. These lands were held temp. Extente 1691 by Thomas Guille son of Nicholas and the heirs of Nicholas Guille.

Guille Etur, Nicolas Marche, Nicolas Mauger, John Pezet, Pierre du Rocher, Galliot.