List of photographs in the Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society 1947-49

31st October 2018

This invaluable publication is available for consultation at the Library. A list of its photographic illustrations from vols. III-IV 1947-1949. Please ask for further information. The items may no longer be with the same owners or guardians.

April 1947 III (2). The Harbour, Guernsey. 12in Russian gun captured by the Germans and set up at the Frie Bâton, overlooking Vazon Bay. (Note: The camouflage coattage revolves with the gun). Radar installation set up by the Germans in Guernsey: L R Cohen. (Note: Note door at foot of photograph indicating size of structure.) Sunken bargek, brought over from France by the Germans, lying on the careening hard: L R Cohen. Rough sea at Moulin Huet: M C Carey.

July 1947 III (3). 'The Vale Mill has grown twice its original height:' M E Weatherall. Early spring at St Saviour's: M C  Carey. High Street 'Yesterday:' sketched from an old picture by the late A C Andros. High Street, Guernsey 1947: L R Cohen. 'Guernsey seems unchanged ...' [Harbour]: M C Carey.

October 1947 III (4). Gulpher Nedgem's Renown - Senior Guernsey Herd Bull (property of Mr and Mrs V G H Ramsay-Fairfax.) The 'Isle of Sark,' ('the new jetty takes up a great deal of the Pool where yachts used to lie in days gone by:') L R Cohen. St Peter Port Harbour, 1852, showing the Old North Pier: [Captain Amet?]. The Old Harbour, St Peter Port, 1947: L R Cohen. St Saviour's Reservoir. View during construction. Dam nearing completion.

Vol. IV No. 1 (Spring, 1948). Aerovan fitted for carrying cattle, showing adjustable compartments and covered ramp. Guernsey Airport, July 30th 1947: B C de Guerin. New air freight service for Guernsey produce. The Miles Aerovan which takes up to 2,000 lbs ... Passengers may drive thie car into the Aerovan or remain in their seats forthe jouney: B C de Guerin. SMith STreet, Guernsey 1870 :[Lemon Michel.] Smith Street, 1947: L R Cohen. 'Outward bound:' L R Cohen.

Vol. IV No. 2 (Summer, 1948). The ship 'William,' off Flushing, about 1833. Owners: Thomas Moullin & Co., of Guernsey. (From a watercolour drawing.) Street in St Peter Port, showing part of the Town Church, c. 1810 [Jones]. The remains of the old Moulin de la Mer. The Town Church, 1948: M E Weatherall.

Vol. IV No. 3 (Autumn, 1948). St Julian's Avenue, 1861 [date incorrect]. (From an old photograph). St Peter's Port from Castle Cornet. From a drawing by T Compton. Published by M Moss, Guernsey, 1830. St Peter's Port, 1948: L R Cohen. St Julian's avenue, 1948.

Vol. IV No. 3 (Winter, 1948).  Loading vraic to use as manure on the land. (A scene photographed over fortyyears ago): F W de Guerin. St Pierre Port, Guernsey. From an old print: C Stanfield, R A, W Finden, Sc. St Peter Port, 1948: L R Cohen. Cliffs at Icart: L R Cohen.

Vol. V No. 1 (Spring 1949). A fisherman and his family, showing the traditional 'guernsey', and a crab-pot in the making: W de Guerin. Le Huray, St Anne's, ALderney (from an old print). The Market Square and Little Street, Alderney: C H Coker. La Cour du Fief de Beauval, St Peter's-in-the-Wood: A Dobrée.

Vol. V No. 2 (Summer 1949). The King's Birthday Review, 1914; Belvedere. Castle Cornet, 1660. Castle Cornet, 1948: J West. German troops marching up the Pollet: A Machon.

Vol. V No. 3 (Autumn 1949). Mr A D Saunders, of Icart Point, aged 84, at work on a crab pot. The Royal College of Elizabeth, Guernsey, 1830. (From an old print). Elizabeth College, 1949: L R Cohen. The end of the summer: L R Cohen.

Vol. V No. 4 (Winter 1949). A gannet colony on Ortac, lLderney: J West. The Old Market Place, 1822. (From an old print [Finucane]). The Market Place, 1949: J West. Interior of the Royal Court, Guernsey (from an old print.) On stone by C Haghe; De Garris del.