List of photographs in the Quarterly Review of the Guernsey Society 1969-1972

24th August 2017

This invaluable publication is available for consultation at the Library. A list of its photographic illustrations from vols. XXV-XXIX, 1969-1972. Please ask for further information. The items may no longer be with the same owners or guardians.

XXV 1 Spring 1969

Fig. 1. Les Eturs School, Castel. By R Payne. 1968 [For Mr Payne, see XXVIII 1 p. 26.] 2. Two-handled cup made in London 1784 and Guernsey 1745 (see p. 12). 3. The same cups as in Fig 2, the Guernsey-made one being on the right. 4. Grandpère. From a drawing in the possession of the authoress [Claudine l’Abbé]

XXV 2 Summer 1969 (these are wrongly numbered 6-9

Fig. 5. Old print of Herm and Jethou. From a postcard lent by the Priaulx Library. 6. The house at Jethou from the hill above. Ditto. 7. External view of German Occupation Museum, La Forêt. By Richard Walker. 1966. 8. Inside German Occupation Museum; view of bunker living quarters. Photo 1967, reproduced by kind permission of the Guernsey Press.

XXV 3 Autumn 1969

Fig. 9. Gardner’s Royal Hotel in 1894. Lent by Carel Toms. 10. La Maison de Haut, St Sampson’s early in the century. Mrs E Lainé, second wife of Abraham Lainé, and Miriam, Margaret and Adèle Lainé, of L’Aumône, Castel. 11. Faydell, La Fosse, St Martin’s (belonging to Mr G W Kinnersely). Photo S M Henry 1957. 12. The original Candie House between 1870 and 1880. Sir Peter Stafford Carey, his daughter Miss Emily Carey and Ernie Le Pelley.

XXV 3 Winter 1969

Fig. 13. Prince Albert’s Statue. From letter-paper dated 1 January, 1866.14. Edwardian Guernsey, ‘Madame goes to Town’ [well-dressed lady driving a gig]. Photo kindly lent by Mr J Le Pelley. 15. Edwardian Guernsey, ‘Monsieur collects vraic’. Photo kindly lent by Mr J Le Pelley. 16. The Bailiff at Brock University, St Catherine’s, Ontario.

XXVI 1 Spring 1970

Fig. 1. Martha Le Mesurier, wife of Richard Saumarez. From an oil painting of about 1790, now in the possession of Mr La Trobe-Bateman, a descendant of her son Richard. (The sash and headband are green. The frame is the original.) 2. Belmont, the residence of Sir Thomas Saumarez in the early 19th century. From an oil painting kindly lent by Mr La Trobe-Bateman. 3. High Wycombe in the snow, February 1800. A sketch by Maj.-Gen. Gaspard Le Marchant. 4. Major-General John Gaspard Le Marchant, printed by C Hallmantel. Designed and drawn on stone by J H Harding. Photo kindly lent by Mr La Trobe Bateman. [Example in the Library .]

XXVI 2 Summer 1970

Fig. 5. The great plough. Notice the horses in front and oxen at the back; also the thatched cottage in the background. Photo lent by Mrs de Garis. 6. From a print of S W Reynolds after a painting by B M Porter of the Review of the Volunteers 4 June 1799. Paul Le Mesurier, Colonel of the Hon Artillery Company, passing the Prince of Wales, George III, the Dukes of Kent, Cumberland and York and Lord Warrington. Photo kindly lent by J S La Trobe-Bateman. 7. A photo taken about 1863. The three old ladies in the centre are the daughters of Anne Saumarez (daughter of Matthew) 1752-1845, who married Isaac Dobrée; they are left to right Martha, who married Colonel Mann and died 1872, Harriet who married her cousin Dr de Lisle Dobrée of De Beauvoir, Guernsey, and died 1872, and Anne who married Mr Routh (the older man standing at the back) and died  in 1876. The girl in the striped dress is Mary Harriet Dobrée, who died 1908; her sister Ellen, widow of Saumarez Routh, is on the other side. The lady sitting on the ground with her small son is Julia (nee Routh) who married first James Mann, RN, and second Thomas Lacy. Photo kindly lent buy J S La Trobe Bateman. [These are the writers of the Mann- Dobrée letters, transcripts of which are in the Library. P. 79 number 3, Julia de Lacy Mann explains that the ladies have been wrongly named and gives their correct identities, as well as naming Adèle and Agnes Routh.] 8. At the Liberation Ball, May 9th, 1970. Standing: Mr Edouard Le Maistre (Joint Hon Sec Jersey Society), Mr Maurice Ouseley (Hon Sec Guernsey Soc), Major Rex Carey (Chairman, Guernsey Society). Sitting: Mrs E Le Maistre, Dr A E Mourant, FRS (Chairman, Jersey Society), Mrs Carey, Mrs Ouseley.

XXVI 3 Autumn 1970

Fig. 9. The first portrait of Nerine sarniensis from Cornet’s Canadensium Plantarum, Paris 1635. 10. Thomas Ferbrache, born in Guernsey, Channel Islands 1796, died unmarried in Guernsey County, Ohio in 1879. He was brother to James. 11. Mrs E M Falla, wearing a dress over 100 years old, at Pleinheaume House, Vale. 12. La Haye du Puits.

XXVI 4 Winter 1970

Fig. 13. Le Gron, St Saviour’s, before the thatched roof was destroyed by fore 35-40 years ago. The small building on the right has since been demolished, and the farm buildings on either side of the entrance have sice been made into flats. Photo kindly lent by Miss Vidamour. 14. A bullock harnessed to a seaweed collecting cart. Photograph taken 70 or 80 years ago, kindly lent by Mr E M Falla. 15. In the fish market, early in the present century. [Guerin.] Photo lent by Captain G L O Davis, RN. 16. The two sides of the letter which went from Afghanistan to Cork in 1841. Exact size. From photographs kindly lent by Mrs Carey.

XXVII Spring 1971

Fig. 1. Les Touillets, Castel. From a photograph taken about 1850 and kindly lent by Captain P Johnston-Saint. The residence of William Mansell, 1780-1869. Note the whole family, staff and birds. 2. Coquel or the Pepper Pot, Fermain Point. This famous sailing point is a well-built sentry box designed to shelter its occupants in all weathers. Close by is an ammunitions shed and a small gun platform. R Payne, 1963. 3. Les Tilleuls, Castel, the home of Pierre Le Roy, 1600-75, the famous schoolmaster and diarist of St MaRtin’s. R Payne, 1966. 4. Four-wheel carriage known as a ‘King George IV phaeton.’ Photo lent Mr T F Priaulx, date 1918.

XXVII 2 Summer 1971

Fig. 5. The Wishing Well, Moulin Huet. From a postcard of 70-80 years ago. 6. Creux ès Faies, L’Erée. R Payne, 1963. 7. Mr M W J  Heaume’s farm, La Vrangue. From a photograph taken about 1900 by Mrs Harwood. Corrected in No 3 p. 91, to ‘The rear of the stables on the late Mr William Head’s farm, then called ‘Offspring’, at the Vrangue. Mr Head (1842-1921), is shown with his grandson, Kenneth Winterflood, who died in the Army in 1915 at he age of 16. His brother Duncan died in 1919 in the UN Navy, also at the age of 16, both claiming to be 18. Mrs Harwood, the photographer, was Mr Head’s youngest daughter &c.’ 8. Ann, daughter of Thomas Cary of Martock, Somerset, wife of Helier Rougier of Les Eperons (1765-1852). She died in 1823. From a portrait in the possession of Mrs E B Moullin.

XVII 3 Winter 1971

Fig. 9. Cottage interior with women at spinning wheel. From a painting, thought to be by Peter Le Lièvre, in the possession of Mrs M de Garis. [Le Lievre]. 10. Louise d’Auvergne Bonamy Collings, 1890-1960 [wartime nurse and ambulance driver]. 11. Frederick de Putron Robin, 1840-1937. 12. £1 note issued in 1810 by the Alderney Commercial Bank.

XVIII 1 Spring 1972

Fig. 1. Mrs Margaret Ann Neve. Reproduced from a magazine article of 1895. 2. Corn winnowing at a farm in St Pierre du Bois early in this century &c. Photo lent by Mrs M de Garis. 3. Le Pouqueleh, Castel, [Le Pouquelaye, Le Pouquelaie, Le Pouquelee, Le Pouquelah, a house] in 1959. Photograph by late S M Henry. 4. The water lane at La Couture early in this century. Photo lent by Mrs P Broome.

XVIII 2 Summer 1972

Fig. 5. Rouge Huis Hay Party, 28th June 1899. Photo lent by Mr C Bazille Corbin. 6. Arrival of mail boat form a postcard of 70 or 80 years ago, lent by Mr T F Priaulx. 7. Wheadon’s Travel Agency, exhibit in the 1935 Cavalcade (George V Silver Jubilee). Photo kindly lent Mr T F Priaulx. 8. ‘His work …his labour.’ Entry by Miss Aline Head in a photographic competition in Guernsey early in this century. The winning photos are preserved in the Guille-Allès Library. Kindly lent by Mr M Harwood.

XXVIII 3 Winter 1972

Fig. 9. Finlay’s map of Guernsey. Reproduced by permission of the PRO. 10. Collins’ Sweet Shop in the Pollet, before 1923. Photo lent by Mr T  F Priaulx. 11. Chapel of St Apolline, which it is hoped to restore. By kind permission of the Appeal Committee. 12. House in Fort Road where Thomas Le Page [brig Louisa] was born in 1820 [Chateau du Village.]

XXIX (1) Spring 1973

Fig. 1. Peter Le Lièvre self portrait. 2. Castel  Cornet by Peter Le Lièvre [Guille-Allès Library.] 3. Guppy’s Maxwell lorry in St Clements Road, St John’s, 1922. W J Guppy & E C Guppy. Driver J Duquemin. Photo lent by Alan Guppy. 4. Notice board in German and Georgian. Photo lent by Mr de Lisle Funnell.

XXIX 2 Summer 1973

Fig. 5. Royal Court in session for the inauguration of L-G Sir Charles Mills. Sir William Armold (Bailiff). Photo Carel Toms. 6. Millwheel at Les Niaux, December 1896. [Judith Clarke?] Guille-Allès Library. 7. Haymaking in Guernsey, 70 or 80 years ago. (Photo Mrs (sic) Aline Head, lent Mr M Ouseley.). 8. Old cottage at Fermain in 1896. Guille-Allès Library.

XXIX 3 Winter 1973

Figs 5-8 repeated in error.